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Kansas cuts food aid for illegal immigrants’ kids

An yes, the ever helpful "you're either with me or against me" comment. Compromise be damned.

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Kansas cuts food aid for illegal immigrants’ kids

Why don't some people see the problem with this? It's children that are affected, children that can't "go get a job."

Children that are US Citizens. Ridiculous.

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K-10 panel to request safety barriers

autie - cables will prevent crossover accidents, which are what is causing so many serious accidents on K-10.

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Should the amount of loans a student receives in college be tied to their potential earnings after graduation based on their major?

I agree. The problem though doesn't entirely lie (lay?) with the program. Colleges, especially for-profit institutions prey on people who are in crappy jobs or are unemployed. And they just say you can go here, get loans to pay for it, and when you're done you'll make a ton of money.

Then they get out and realize that more and more professions don't even look at resumes that list the University of Phoenix as a school. People need to know that in order to get a good job, you need a quality education and just getting the piece of paper doesn't solve all your problems and now your saddled with a large amount of debt.

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Have you ever been cited for not wearing your seat belt while driving?

I don't know why anyone wouldn't wear their seatbelt. It's just common sense.

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KU grads embrace future prospects, memories of time in college

Good luck, but it's not worth it! Stay in college, you'll always wish you could go back!

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Have you ever seen a tornado in person?

The one in Lawrence in May 2003.

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Eudora mayor asking Brownback to install median cable barriers after deadly crash on K-10

How many deaths must happen until they are installed?

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Royals Week In Review and Preview - 4/18/2011

Not a big deal, but weren't the Royals at an even 2-2 not 3-3 on the road trip before that second game at Minnesota?

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