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KU women advance to Sweet 16 with upset over third-seeded Delaware

Yes! What is the criterion for getting the "sports" section on the outside of the paper, with big, bold headlines? Thank you, LJW, for the headline on the front page of the "news" section about the women's game, but EJ got big bold headlines on the sports page, then that "sports" section was put on the outside of the newspaper, and they hadn't even played a game the night before!

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KU women lose Davis to injury, fall to K-State, 47-43

I appreciated how the team empathized with the pain (physical, for those who have experienced it, and emotional) that Carolyn was experiencing. But they didn't give up. In fact, it may have brought them even more together as a team. The concern of the K-State team and fans was also touching.

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Goodrich leads Jayhawks to strong Big 12 start

Game Saturday 1/7 at 7:00 p.m. against K-State. Come support your Lady Hawks!

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Former KU coach Turner Gill hired at Liberty University

They say when God closes a door He opens a window. I think it's great that he has found a place where living your faith is encouraged and expected. I wish him much success in life--and there's more to "success" than the number of wins you have!

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Man who killed Atchison police officer has Lawrence ties

I'm sorry for this loss in your life, Pastor Leo. Praying for you.

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What, if any, Kansas laws or regulations would you want to be repealed?

I think the law passed this year, allowing bikers and cycles to go on a red light (after a "reasonable" amount of time--how long is that?) should be repealed. Why don't we just take out stoplights altogether? It's been argued that folks have "common sense" about when it's safe to cross on red lights. If that's true, not having stoplights wouldn't increase collisions; it might even reduce them, since many of the accidents are AT controlled intersections. Maybe common sense isn't so common.

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26 cited in underaged drinking sting in Lawrence

Wonder if Lcpl had to obey his superior's orders? I mean, if he's old enough to die in battle, surely that would be an unreasonable expectation.

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What is the last gift someone surprised you with?

Two different individuals gave me cash for my birthday last week. :-) Surprised? You bet!

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Vinland Fair keeps old-fashioned feel

>>Brandon Newell, 10, took the extra challenge of sawing two logs in a row with two different friends. Afterward, Brandon retired to the stands, huffing and puffing. He said he had taken on the second log out of friendship. “He didn’t have a partner, so I said I’d help him out,” Brandon said.

Brandon, you are one cool dude! Thank you for being a true friend.

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Call to prayer

The link was not inconspicuous, and I did click on it. I wasn't sure if it was "you" or if you were sharing the reaction of someone else. Thanks for clarifying.

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