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Sound Off: When is the first KU basketball game?

Buzz. Wrong answer... Of course, we all "know" that they're talking about the men's basketball game. However, since the question did not specify, and there have been stories about how this is the year to see the great women's team with Angel and Co., I feel compelled to answer: KU women's basketball plays on Sunday, October 28, at 2:00 p.m. Opponent will be Washburn Lady Blues.

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Report says driver of car hit by train legally intoxicated; no one injured

I have often wondered about that phrase as well. If one is intoxicated (more than .8), isn't that ILLEGAL? On the other hand, is a tea-totaller illegally sober???

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Tiller's abortion clinic sold

Fair question. I am not terribly knowledgeable about gestational diabetes, so I turned to Wikipedia. From what I read, this is generally not life-threatening for the mother, so I would not call that an illness requiring an abortion for its cure. In addition, the webpage for the American Diabetes Association does not mention abortion as a treatment for gestational diabetes. Yes, I would consider an ectopic pregnancy an illness related to pregnancy.

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Tiller's abortion clinic sold

I don't equate pregnancy with illness; therefore, I cannot call abortion "health care." I receive health care when I am sick.

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Jaywalking tickets

Agree 100%! But maybe someone should tell Red Dog. This a.m. he was at 9th and Mass. encouraging his little "puppies", many of them running across on red lights. When I asked him about this, as a retired police officer, he was only concerned that they be "safe." "Legal" didn't seem to matter. What about "running in place?" It may even be part of his warm-up exercises with them. Extend that to those red lights!

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Woman flown to KU Hospital after being struck by vehicle

Romans832 will help with those tickets! I have asked jaywalkers the same thing that Tomatogrower did--''Do you drive on red as well?" Although they'd probably deny running a red light (while driving), I do believe the two behaviors are connected.

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What did you want to be when you grew up?

When elevators were not self-service, I wanted to be an elevator operator. And I get a chance to fulfill my wish if I'm closest to the buttons when there are other riders. :-)

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Have you ever experienced water damage in your basement?

Flood in Oklahoma, October 1973. Sewer water backed up into the basement. (Fortunately, it was an unfinished basement.) The neatest thing was when a few people from church came over the following Sunday afternoon to help with cleanup. The water was gone, but walls still needed scrubbing, etc. I was so embarrassed (high school senior) when my father accepted their invitation to help. But I'll never forget what Christ-like love looks like! Unfortunately, the teddy bear I'd had since I was about 2 1/2 was one of the losses. :-(

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Did you find any good deals at the Sidewalk Sale?

Friday, in the aftermath of the sale, I found $1.91 in coins in parking spaces and sidewalks along Massachusetts. My charity is grateful.

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United Way agencies facing dramatic funding changes

I can't find a way to provide a link, but if you can get into the Green ed. (or find a print copy), look on page 2, bottom left. There is a list of each agency and how much they lost or gained, in terms of dollars.

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