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Tyshawn Taylor will make return to starting lineup

"Self said he'd seen improvement from Taylor over the last few games."
This ^^^

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City of Lawrence backs off issuing tickets over unshoveled sidewalks — until next week

Do the city sidewalks belong to the city or property owners?

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Baldwin City police arrest two men on marijuana charges

Up with hope!
Down with dope!

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Assault trial to have pool of 100 jurors

They drove right by LMH and never stopped
I wonder if they were going to kill that poor girl

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In wake of settlement, Boardwalk Apartment owners asking tenants to leave quickly

Years ago I worked at a steak house on Iowa Street. We had this really slow guy working there. Apparently he had been abandoned by his parents at a young age and had been living in some sort of foster care. He would always talk about how his parents were coming to visit him soon and that there were plans for him to be getting an apartment of his own in the near future.

One day we tried to let him change out the oil in the deep fat fryers by himself.

He understood that he could turn the deep fat fryer's oil release handle to release the scorching hot grease, but it wasn't in his capacity to use the oil filter pan to catch the burning hot oil. Hot oil went all over the floor(and his pant leg) for a good 10 seconds before anybody caught on and pulled the lever to stop the flow of hot oil. Such a menial task was way above his mentality.

I suppose I'll never know if his parents ever came back to visit him, but one thing is for certain- Jason Rose definitely got his own apartment. After I heard about the apartments the first thing I thought about was the fryer grease incident.

True story.

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City of Lawrence being asked to establish campsite for homeless people

This would be nice because if you ever needed a homeless person you would know where to look.

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2 arrested after knife attack at bar

Everything in Baldwin is within walking distance.

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What do you think the city’s biggest challenges are for 2009?

To make downtown more fabulous! *snaps fingers*

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Gunshots raise homeowner concerns

Not the whiskey!

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What would you do to improve transit services in Lawrence?

Definitely put in a subway or maybe even some sort of teleportation device. With teleportation, getting to the soup kitchen would be instantaneous.

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