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Anti-immigration fervor may be waning

Imagine that. The economy in slow recovery and Americans stop demonizing the Other. Surely there is some sort of correlation.

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Should evolution be taught in schools?

Yes. It's called Lamarckian inheritance and we've been doing it a long time. While strictly biological evolution continues to shape us, we achieve evolutionary change much more rapidly in a social context. Through transmission of knowledge, skills and tools to the next generations we are effectively evolving our own selves faster than nature can.

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Should evolution be taught in schools?

You make my social life sound much more exciting than it is.

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Who taught you how to tie your shoes?

I thought my parents had taught me, but then I watched this TED talk:

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Islamic victory looks likely in Egypt

That doesn't appear to be working out for us. I don't know that it moderates either side, in fact.

They'll have to figure out their tradition themselves. It's not like we did a particularly good job of it ourselves for the first 100 years or so. Slavery was still legal under our constitution, we committed a genocide and, in one of the more oft over looked violations of delegated constitutional authority, we purchased a large parcel of land from the french that now constitutes 1/3 of our landmass.

If Egypt is anything like America or France then it will get sorted out. Eventually. The people know that want something different and are working towards that. They just haven't got it all sorted. The question is how messy will they be in the process. If we're any indication it will be messy as hell.

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Islamic victory looks likely in Egypt

You guys do realize that the article points out that the liberals lost and the conservatives won, right? Egypt will now be ran by the North African / Middle Eastern equivalent of conservative christians.

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Jostens moving Topeka production work to Tenn.

Boycott is the only option everyday citizens have when faced with "free markets".

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Westside Lawrence Farmers' Market called off

That's the free market, duh. It's not like the free market is only things that benefit business.

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Santorum to visit Lenexa ahead of GOP caucuses; Gingrich cancels Kansas appearances

While Ron Paul is in town we should ask him to come over to the special collections library and autograph all those newsletters he published.

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