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I've had Randy out twice in the last two months: once for root infiltration on my sewage pipe and, more recently, for a badly clogged kitchen drain.

Each time he's been very accommodating on the schedule and fixed my problem(s) in quick and professional manner. Pronto-Rooters prices for the root clearing came out to be less than half of what I paid for Roto-Rooter to do the same thing less than three years earlier (I have a very long main sewage line coming out from my house... approx. 150 and rotorooter charged extra after 100). I can't recommend Pronto-Rooter enough.

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Letter: Distorting truth

I am not straddling the fence: I am against your Jesus.

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Would you shop at Menards if it came to Lawrence?

I don't have a problem with a Menard's but I will still shop at Cotton's unless I need lumber.

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Ex-residents say goodbye to Treece

Treece is a Superfund site, so the money used to clean it up isn't (usually) coming from your taxes.

Normally a Superfund site would be paid for in part by the company responsible for the pollution. Those companies no longer exist, so the the funds for this project come from chemical and petrochemical company taxes.

A portion of the Tri-State Mining District Cleanup fund came from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, so it's likely some of your tax dollars were used in this case. Wisely, I might add.

And the reason your tax dollars sometimes get used to clean up places like Treece or Love Canal or times Beach is because being environmentally responsible is expensive and companies are only concerned with making a buck. So we get to choose between our country having giant toxic waste dumps all over the place or having to sometimes dip into the public coffers to clean up the mess.

In America the only acceptable socialism is that granted to private enterprise; privatized profits and socialized costs.

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Do you know who Carrie Nation is?

She's the namesake of the best bluegrass band from Kansas, nay the world.

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Do you think Rep. Kevin Yoder's skinny-dipping incident distracts from more important issues?

It's not a huge deal. My circle of friends are making a big deal out of it on Facebook (I am as well) but that's because we all grew up with Kevin and have known him since his Democratic days.

Assuming he didn't do it where kids could see, I don't really care. I can only imagine how badly this sort of thing would have been received if it were a Dem. It'd be Anthony Wiener all over again.

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Assuming you survived, what would you want to have with you after a nuclear holocaust?

Something pleasant to overdose on. It's a nuclear holocaust and we all live in the northern hemisphere. You can either die strung out on morphine, crapping your own pants; or you you can die in pain, crapping blood and the lining of your intestines into your pants.

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Supreme Court ruling vindicates Obama on health care

Insurance held by healthy people, by default, subsidizes the unhealthy. That's how insurance companies stay in the black. Also by raising premiums faster than the rate of inflation.

You aren't taxed if you have insurance. You are only taxed if you DON'T have insurance. That tax pays for people who can't afford insurance.

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Supreme Court ruling vindicates Obama on health care

You can't default on student loans given to you by the government. The government doesn't have to guarantee anything. That's why they are so sought after in terms of private entities buying them, they are a guaranteed return on investment.

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Supreme Court upholds key part of Obama health law

It was voted in by the House and the Senate. That's representation.

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