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Parents suing Leavenworth County in effort to learn about disappearance of their son 29 years ago

Cub Feriani, I was a classmate of Randy's from kindergarten - senior year & don't recognize your name.

The reason Randy was never found is that The Leavenworth County sheriffs department destroyed the investigation through negligence and incompetence at an early stage.

On the 4th day of his disappearance, an unnamed member of the local McCollum family filed a report with investigators, making bogus accusations stating that two of Randy's classmates were part of a "satanic cult" & had sacrificed him. Days later, Derek McCollum, (same family, also a classmate) made an identical false report. The Leavenworth sheriff's dept adopted these outlandish reports as the basis for their investigation & immediately pursued a ridiculous crusade against those falsely accused & further propagating the insane but sensationalized satanic cult conspiracy theories for several years. By focusing the investigation on such idiotic theories and ignoring any realistic investigation the case went completely off track- and because of that, Randy and his car have never been found after 30 years from between by Leavenworth County in the state of Kansas.

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Mind Matters: Learn to overcome imprints made as a child

Amazing. This story is the most pure, undiluted form of crap that can possibly exist anywhere in the universe.

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Have you or a family member served in the military?

U.S. Army, 10 years in Field Artillery (MLRS) then a couple more years in the National Guard (155mm Paladin)

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Kansans for No Income Tax hit the road to spread message of abolishing state income tax

people, for once try to consider an issue without your partisan views- I haven't studied this issue enough to advocate either way but all the partisan bickering and comments aren't exactly productive. There are plenty of examples to review for facts and comparisons...oregon has no sales tax but does have income tax; just across the border in washington they have sales tax but no income tax...there are positives and negatives to both...but in kansas you have both a sales AND income tax...seems like with a little better planning you could do better. do your homework before slamming an idea just because of petty loyalty to one party of the other

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Treasured service

it's definitely a positive aspect of in Portland the trash service is like an exaggerated negative version of the dmv or the irs: limited to one can of a specified volume, all trash must be placed into said can while retaining the ability to tightly secure the lid, must not exceed specified weight, any trash not fitting into can #1 must be secured in another can and this shall incur an additional fee, blah blah....a separate container is issued by the service for the mandatory recycling, again with numerous regulations. Now the idiots in charge have decreed that trash pickup will be reduced to twice per month instead of weekly. This is due to the new mandatory composting, where yet another container will be issued for compostable material. They say the reduction in trash volume will make up for the service cut, yet additional charges will be billed for the composting service. Despite the fact that the math on that only works if 50% of your trash is food waste / compostabe. It sucks but the tree huggers around here love the concept, as do the owners of the waste management be wary how you vote, lawrence. You've got much less problematic trash service- don't screw it up

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What technology did you use in elementary school?

we had to walk 7 miles through the snow, uphill (both ways) to get to and from school...we were the generation that used the first 'Trapper Keeper'

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Flawed approach

so....where's all your hope & change now, obama supporters? guess it's the appropriate time to say "told ya so"

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Can protests last without leaders?

Can protests last without leaders?

The answer is yes. All it takes to make the protests last is an abundant supply of slackers with zero accountability, no sense of self respect or dignity, and a unified belief that their problems are always caused by someone else and have nothing to do with their personal deficiencies....and glamorization by media outlets willing to pander to the subculture types

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Forgive loans use coporate bailouts as an excuse to plead that your also deserve something for nothing? Well, Ms. Lillian hyphenated-whoever you should re evaluate that crap. A lot of time and effort goes into providing that education for you; many people earn their paychecks providing it for you. Your irrepsonsibility, laziness, and personal greed seems to overshadow that concern however since you believe it should just be handed to you at no charge. You need to pull your own weight and pay your own bills. Too many deadbeats around already so please don't add more to the list. Get a job and pay your own bills.

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