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Palin Power

Clearly, lacking substance on the issues facing Americans, the Republicans want to make the election about cultural wars. It is their desire to pit rural vs. urban by trying to show the people who live is small towns as REAL and people in cities like San Francisco was evil, weird, intellectuals and un-American.This is a divide and conquer mentality while Obama and the Democrats are trying to say we are all one nation of Americans, McCain and Palin are engaged in cultural wars to whip of fear and foster hatred among Americans. No where is this more clear than on the internet where bloggers attack and engage in angry words.

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Country First

The word on the street here in Saint Paul is that the Republicans are going to fly in Baby Daddy (Palin's daughters bed fellow) to do photo opps with the Palin family and the now most famous Baby Momma in the country. Republican's say they want to keep family out of the public eye and yet they are flying Levi Johnston in for their convention. Hummm... isn't that hypocrisy? Let's just say the Republicans and their wholesome values message is rife with hypocrisy.

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Abstinence Education Fails the Palin Household

Bristol and Sarah Pelin are striking a huge positive image to girls in high schools everywhere who want to have a baby out of wedlock. These girls should do as they wish and their family should wholeheartedly welcome a new born as happy grandparents. Bristol has to become an adult sometime and being pro-life it is better she get started right away and learn the difficulties of being an adult and raising a child.God must have wanted this because he makes "Life Happen" In fact, the GOP is going to start selling campaign buttons here in Saint Paul that say, "Life Happens"When Johh McCain was told this he cried and said it is so beautiful that someone so young and innocent can make such a strong affirmation of life by getting pregnant and having a baby out of wedlock. "That is so so pro-ilfe, it makes me weep" he said. And McCain reminds girls everywhere that they don't need to be married to prove how pro-life they are and how willing they are to give themselves to pregnancy.

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First-time delegate wowed

Who runs this party: the McCain campaign or the Republican National Committee? Or is it Roger Ailes?

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Heading Home

Gov. Sarah Palin is McCain's surrogate for Hillary Clinton? You've got to be kidding. That would be like saying Anita Bryant is a stand-in for Congresswoman Barbara Jordan because they are both women.

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Live from Invesco Field

Listen pal, let's talk about brothers, half-brothers and as long as we are at it brothers-in-law.As Obama has said repeatedly, we must be responsible for ourselves and choosing our own paths in life. I have Republican friends who's brothers live in the mothers home on welfare and food stamps and suffer from diabetes and emphysema who smoke and drink heavily and scream profanities at the TV about how we should bomb the hell out of the Middle East and elect more Republicans so we can expand the war zone into neighboring countries. Who is his keeper? If he doesn't want to help himself, who should help him? Many have tried to come to his aid but he only gets worse. By comparison, Obama's brother is an honest man living and noble life. Your narrow-minded comments are rife with arrogance and self-righteous smugness. As Obama has said, individuals have responsibility to take care of themselves, keep their own house in order, and do for themselves what others cannot do for them.But when circumstances beyond the control of individuals (such as when hurricane Katrina destroyed homes, neighborhood and lives after the levee's broke) as a society we have a responsibility to "be our brothers keeper." Apparently, George Bush, John McCain and the Republicans did not feel the same way and still do not as they continue to vote against critical federal dollars to assist with rebuilding New Orleans and restore the infrastructure to keep us safe. Instead they are spending billions and billions of dollars a week (borrowed from the Chinese) for a completely incompetent war effort in Iraq.To further the shame of the Republican Party, the Canadians and Dutch had rescue ships in the Gulf of Mexico waiting to move in on Louisiana and Mississippi ready to move in and save lives three years ago. These highly trained rescue ships possessed special equipment, tools and trained personnel in water borne rescue and flood abatement. The U.S. government refused the foreign assistance being offered in rescue and restricted them from entering the 12-mile international boundary. People died whose lives could have been saved.Who is our brothers keeper? There seems to be a pathological ignorance or twisting of the truth by Republican extremists used to perpetuate their desperate control of power. Their thirst for power cares nothing about the well-being of our country and its people -- it simple exists to serve their irrepressible greed or their PR image.

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It's been an emotional journey

Good for you Tess! Welcome to Obama's bandwagon for change!On University Avenue here in Saint Paul there is a guy who parks his car on the road next to WalMart and sells Barack Obama t-shirts, posters, and signs and on the top of his car is a big banner reading: "Selling Hope not Dope!"After we drive past our Obama vendor, for the rest of he day, we find ourselves repeating at random moments or when hear a great quote from Obama to each other: "Selling Hope not Dope!"

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Reporting 101 at convention

Perhaps I wax nostalgic but I can't help but feel the coverage of the DNC in Denver is just awful. I've been primarily watching MSNBC, CNN, and NBC coverage and the intellectual level of the commentators and play-by-play men is so low. I recall the days of Walter Cronkite and Chet Huntley when they used to cover the political conventions. They were reserved in making comments and on the rare occasion they did, they were insightful and poignant.Not anymore. The babble and pointless talk from the sidelines is nauseating. When they have guests, their questions are stupid, blunt, and play to the spectacle rather than substance of the moment. It is symptomatic of the dumbing down of political discourse in this country. Everything is about posturing and the superficial appearances. It is almost as if they don't know how to sit and watch something and describe the detail; they don't know how to listen carefully to something being said and draw more out of their subjects. All they have is blunt opinions and broad simplistic overviews.I can't wait until I finally get the chance to see it all reported at 10PM (CST) on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" because, at least, Stewart and his cohorts bring some insight rather than the babble of platitudinous simple minded metaphors. She need to "hit one out of the park" and then after the speech, "She hit it out of the park." Don't they know how stupid they sound?

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Live thoughts on the Hillary Clinton speech

There is a Soviet-style disinformation campaign on the web that right-wing is undertaking. For instance, in the last couple of days we've seen extremely bias accounts being reported as fact. As an example, currently an orchestrated feed on out the blogosphere says that Obama has issued a directive that Bill Clinton is not allowed to attend the acceptance speech at the stadium "ANOTHER SLAP IN THE FACE OF HILLARY SUPPORTERS" this story claims. There is no source for this story. It is a story the Republican counter-spin forces hope will find emotional legs and start a tempest storm in the electorate.This orchestrated disinformation campaign is Orwellian, of course, but text book right out of FOX TV and the extremist cookbook for defaming their opponents. I guess it might just be another reason to "not believe anything you read on the internet" but it all has a style of news certainty with a sensationalists spin. I imagine there will be a lot of this soviet-style disinformation coming from the Republicans this campaign season including reports that Barack Obama is really a Muslim and Michelle Obama hates America and on and on...

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Dems arrive in Denver

Jimmy Carter is an incredible man with a wealth of world experience that far exceeds what most single human beings could only dream of. I spoken with the former President, diplomat, and world-wide conflict negotiator at Noble Peace Prize forums and heard his talks in Universities and even at Habitat for Humanity projects. Jimmy's, and Roslynn's also, hunger and breadth of interests are emmense. They read books, they climb mountains, they visit the places far, far from the beaten trail. Carter has gone face-to-face and toe-to-toe with the world most powerful leaders both good and evil. Few Presidents are as rounded, thoughtful and intelligent as Jimmy Carter.If you are sleeping while this man is talking than beer and bellyflops off the high platform must be your sole source of mental stimulation.

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