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Republicans push through proposal blocking the desires of advocates for the developmentally disabled

Rightly so, it appears that there is an overwhelming response that Brownback and his Republican buddies once again have proved that they are heartless SOB's and have no consience whatsoever. Perhaps they would feel differently if it was one of their kids, grandkids, or parents who were blind, handicapped, or disabled, although it would not surprise me at all if they would just stand by and watch them die without lifting a finger, as long as it put one more penny in the rich man's pocket. "Truly it is harder for a rich man to get to heaven than it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle." question4U is right on target, the sickest part of their rhetoric is that these same people like to parade up & down the street and fly down to Texas to proclaim in front of the media how much they are all "Christians." I don't know what Bible they are reading from, but it's not the same one that millions of other people are reading from. Jesus preached to help the blind, sick, & disabled, not crap all over them. What they truly are, are hypocrites who WILL have to answer to Jesus someday and I truly believe that they will meet their just reward at that time.

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