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Gay marriage another sign of moral decay

Yes, we need to go back to when the country was more when we were slaughtering American Indians and enslaving Africans.

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Kobach brings attention to secretary of state race with immigration issue

Kansan Kris Kobach. Vote for KKK and that's what you'll get.

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Many U.S. jobs not coming back

I comprende loud and clear, Tom. However, I'm not so ignorant to think that one party has all the solutions while the other party is going to single-handedly destroy the country.

Furthermore, the policies set by Obama/Pelosi/Reid have hardly had time to do any damage, whereas Reagan/Bush's policies have fully taken root.

You could at least wait til results are in before you start blaming people...all you have is hypothetical scenarios.

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Many U.S. jobs not coming back

Reagan/Bush are long gone? You could've fooled me w/ all of your Reaganomic solutions to our current problems.

Even if they're out of power in January, tho, it won't stop Tom from blaming all our problems on "Enter Democrat name here" while making fun of people who blame republicans. He has no concept of hypocrisy, but that's a common trait amongst neocons.

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Many U.S. jobs not coming back

But, but, but Obama/Reid/Pelosi (rinse, repeat)


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Many U.S. jobs not coming back

Yes, I know why the "meltdown' happened...deregulation in the banking industry supported by both dems and repubs.

Thanks for proving my point that Obama wasn't responsible.

We can also blame irresponsible consumers who were too dumb to realize they were living above their means and greedy banks too.

Again, you'll notice that Obama isn't either one of these either.

I do believe in tax cuts, but for the middle class. For some reason, neocons don't consider the middle class, even though they represent the overwhelming majority in America and once we have a confident, consuming, strong middle class, we'll be moving in the right direction to get out of this crisis.

The wealthy only find ways to keep the breaks they get, making themselves richer and the poor poorer and the middle class obsolete.

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Many U.S. jobs not coming back

Thanks for the typical neocon talking points and the complete irrelevant reference to Wright, but the recession was in full force when Obama took office.

His policies had nothing to do with it. He didn't "cause" anything no matter how much you neocons try to repeat it.

He doesn't look at business as the problem, he looks at deregulation as the problem, which it was.

It amazes me that, even though we've had several years of tax breaks by the Bush Adminstration that didn't prevent a financial meltdown, you still believe that tax cuts/breaks are the solution.

And I do look forward to the expiration of tax breaks...last time that happened, the result was a budget surplus. See the Clinton years.

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Many U.S. jobs not coming back

State and local governments are bankrupt too. They aren't any more capable and just as corrupt as the federal govt. The state of Kansas, arguably the one of most conservative states in the country, is in horrible economic shape.

The wars caused us to go from a budget surplus to a budget deficit, thanks to no tax increases.

Obama is trying to keep us from going into a depression. Had he not inherited a collapsed economy, he wouldn't be bailing anyone out or trying so hard to extend benefits to those who can't find work. If you were in the same boat as some of those people who are about to lose their house and healthcare, you'd be singing a different tune.

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Many U.S. jobs not coming back

Why should the federal government's only purpose be national defense? Why do you trust them to manage that but not anything else? And, on the same note, how do you expect us to protect us by fighting 2 wars and not raise taxes? It sounds like you want your cake and to eat it too.

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Many U.S. jobs not coming back

Tom, would you explain to me how the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy kept us out of a recession? Oh wait, they didn't.

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