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Letter: Timely issues

Thank you, Amy, I am so glad it caught your eye. I love my parents and my nephew, but it feels great to be able to write something positive and know it made an impact somewhere. Thanks for writing in!

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Opinion: Musical explores evangelist’s story

Guessing Cal Thomas hasn't ever actually seen BOM? I found it to be a very faith-affirming and uplifting work (so much so that I saw it twice). Loaded with edgy humor, yes, but the moral of this story of redemption and faith is all the stronger for reaching into the pits of hopelessness and building a community up on the promise of joy. The finale is my go-to for when I'm feeling down. I hope Cal catches this one sometime. Guarantees a bigger, badder Latter Day!

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River City Jules: Unleashing a teenage driver

I hear you! I'm more afraid of the other drivers at this point!!

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Physician at KU's Watkins Memorial Health Center identified as pedestrian struck by train

Patricia was such a beacon of laughter and light, she will be missed so very much.

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River City Jules: Driveway becomes lab at science fair time

Thanks! And, no we didn't, I bet that would skyrocket! We just got the house hosed down, though. We might have to wait on that one a bit longer!!

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River City Jules: Christmas magic spoiled by morning game show

You made me laugh very hard out loud! Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!

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River City Jules: Christmas magic spoiled by morning game show

One thousand percent true! As long as we give like Santa, his magic (and his message) never dies :)

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Affordable Care Act can't seem to get traction in Kansas

Praeger is. Colyer is resorting to scare tactics on this one. The text of the preliminary regulations attached to the Early Innovator Grant that Brownback rejected does not prohibit drastic end-of-life care, nor does it stop a physician from providing care any more or any less than private insurance companies currently do. While insurers can limit payment, they cannot limit treatment, just like it is now. There are plenty of issues to debate; this is not one of them.

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River City Jules: Ten Commandments — the high school edition

I'm hoping the "do as I say, not as I was stupid enough to do" philosophy will work, but I'm certainly not holding my breath!! :)

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River City Jules: The Greatest Generation, reunited

Eleanor Dyer always did bring out the very best in everyone.

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