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Opinion: Seeds say KU in toughest NCAA region

good point. we've been sideswiped before and more than once.

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Opinion: Seeds say KU in toughest NCAA region

Toughest team goes to the toughest bracket. North Carolina will be a heck of a test, and the KU-UNC meetings are always great at NCAA time. Then comes Michigan. We are certainly going to be toughened up by the time we get to Elite Eight. I think these are much better match-ups on a national stage than MIssouri or Wichita would be. Last team standing wins the championship--these early contests will force the Jayhawks to raise their game a bit more each new round of play. I disagree with the reporter's premise.

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Do you have any veterans in your life you’ll honor on Memorial Day?

I would also like to pay tribute to those Americans who have been brave enough to protest our involvement in foreign military campaigns which were of debatable value or import to this country. I honor my older brother, who courageously filed as a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War era, and my younger brother, who bravely filed as a conscientious objector for religious reasons when registering his name for selective service in a time of peace. I am as proud of my brothers for their resistance to serve as I am of my father, both grandfathers, and many uncles who served. Every one of them did their part to protect and preserve our democracy. Thank God for them all.

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Redistricting panel rejects arguments from Kobach, allows more intervenors

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Sebelius to address Georgetown grads amid flap

great governor, great public servant, great keynote choice

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Kansas House defeats immigrant tuition repeal

I don't understand what's so hard to understand about the "document" in "undocumented immigrant" and why some people don't think it's OK to provide them with documents... :)

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Kansas House defeats immigrant tuition repeal

Kansas did it the right way in 2004. I am proud of our legislators on both sides of the aisle for taking the long view and considering the future benefits to our state of this policy.

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