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Freshman Jayhawk basketball player gets court date after BB gun incident

Here's a few points, The kid does need to frow up. He made a mistake, but it's more like a mistake you make when you're ten years old and you get your backside heated up so you can't sit down. Obviously this kid didn't have that kind of upbringing or he's a little dense since he's probably 18 and acting like a 10-year-old. Maybe he should be treated like a ten-year-old and punished similarly. Grounding him with no TV or dessert for a month might be replaced with plenty of community service and wind sprints, maybe Bill Self can creatively add something to that as well. Hopefully this can be turned into a situation where the kid can learn from it and grow up. Whether it's an assault or not would require proof that the kid even knew the woman was there and intended to shoot at her. Several have mentioned "What if it hadn't been a toy gun", well if it had been a real gun, and it wasn't intentional, such as a ricochet or something, sure more damage would have been done, but that still wouldn't make it assault. Illegal discharging of a firearm and maybe reckless endangerment, manslaughter if the person was killed, is about what the case would be unless intent could be proven. I'll allow the manslaughter is more serious than assault, and I don't even think manslaughter is a strong enough charge if someone is accidentally killed when someone is handling a firearm in an irresponsible way. If there was alcohol involved, that's the more serious charge available here since it was just a toy gun. (Someone earlier referred to a BB gun as a toy, but I beg to differ, it's not exactly a firearm either, but it requires responsibility of the owner and supervision of adults until the owner is adequately responsible.) In addition to whatever community service and punishment is decided in this case, the kid should be enrolled in a hunter's safety course to get the proper instruction on safe gun handling, and get it through his head that even toys that look like guns require some responsibility as well. A safety course might instill a little common sense where it's needed. I wonder if the kid had done this in Philadelphia, he might have gotten some return fire.

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Guns, health

zzgoeb About your comment on statistics, The cases such as Satirical mentions are not even kept in the statistics, but if they were would outnumber the small number of firearm accidents. Shooting sports are statistically one of the safest sports that exists. More kids are run over in their own neighborhoods by family and friends in accidents than the total of firearm accidental deaths. If you want to go by statistics, the only law-abiding citizens it would make sense to ban guns from would be law enforcement for the following reasons, High rate of suicide; more likely to be killed or injured by their own firearm (sometimes in the hands of a criminal). If you want to blame your opinion on statistics, you need to think them through a little further. As far as the Supreme Court recognizing the 2nd Amendment as an individual right, I don't care whether you call it an originalist interpretation or not, there is an earlier opinion of the 2nd Amendment that's rarely brought up. They didn't rule that the Constitution gave people the right to keep and bear arms, but that it recognized it as God-given right to keep and bear arms. That's more of a originalist interpretation if you really want one. When I took government in high school, they taught us that the Bill of Rights was the watchdog of the Constitution. If that's so, the 1st Amendment is the bark and the 2nd Amendment is the bite. The bark doesn't mean much if the dog can't bite when necessary. The bite is what gives the bark some authority, so it's really ironic when the liberal media (in general) wants to undermine the 2nd Amendment. Even the ACLU tries to defend every other right we have, but would rather repeal the one that provides the protection required to keep all the other rights. According to most of the posts on here, I know I'm preaching to the choir, but it's a sermon I don't hear anywhere very often.

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