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Gill engineers Jayhawks’ reversal

So Mr. Patterson why did you get the 15 yard penalty which could have cost KU a touchdown???? Stay on your feet next time you score...oh BTW isn't that what Coach Gill talked to you about following that TD????

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North Dakota State stuns Jayhawks, 6-3

The blocked punt I could see coming last spring...why....three step punter...but getting beat by North Dakota State??? um...this is football and while KANSAS love to attach basketball to any sports article...IS IT BASKETBALL SEASON YET????


EGG and 12 in 2010.....


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RB Rell Lewis injures knee, could miss significant time

newmedia...I was wondering the same thing...if ...if...if...Kansas can win that first game (which they should) then vs Georgia Tech some how BEAT TECH...heck could make the top 25 poll and be on their way to LET'S GO BOWLING in 2010....

I sure hope Rell Lewis gets back ASAP.

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Pick the pick: Sophomore from Dodge City will be KU starting QB

U stands for Universal....plays running back WR, Slot Receiver....."U" Universal Back.

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Special bond: KU kicker, punter stick together

Your punting needs to start your step (being a thee step punter) before you catch the football....GOT IT....do not wait to catch the football be a 3 step punter....or you will get some blocked punts....OKAY.....or change to a 2 step...
1. A three step punter starts first step when ball is approaching.
2. A two step punter can catch then one step and punt.
Put the stop watch to it????? You will see what I mean.

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Kansas offense has pieces, but how will they fit?


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Kansas insurance commissioner encourages students to get coverage

YES Insurance...Insurance...Insurance...but with a deductible of $500 or $1,000 it still is coming our of the parents pocket. My 2006 example daughters freshman year....her car had $385 dollar damage...along with several other cars in the Elsworth parking lot....and it came out of MY POCKET....2009 someone backed into her car.....cost out of my pocket $483 dollars....

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Agency, Lawrence bars prepare to fight fake IDs

I am SSSSSSOOOOOOOOO glad my daughter is a SENIOR age 23 at KU...and don't have to be concerned with this issue.

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KU’s Gill a fearless recruiter

First TOM....your already talking "WHEN LOSSES MOUNT" Kansas has yet to play a game for the 2010 college football season....so remember as a KU football fan....AIM-HIGH...

LET'S GO BOWLING in 2010....


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Gauging the Big 12 QB battles

Well I was also at the spring game....my take was even...even...even....Head Coach Turner Gill does have a very good problem with 2 very good QB's...to run his 2010 KU attack.

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