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In response to concerns, Lawrence affordable housing board recommends increasing number of public seats

First off, nobody who is an advocate for the "public perspective" is crazy enough to take a window dressing seat at the table with all these "specialists in the housing industry." Nor would this unlucky little common person like to spend the rest of this year having to prove themselves to these "industry specialists" or want to hear crickets chirp after (god forbid) offering their opinion!

If the city commission wants to actually *diversify* the options being offered for their consideration instead of the single song heard again and again by the trough eaters currently on this board, you will open up *AT LEAST* three more seats on this lopsided travesty of affordable (always read *new*) housing.

Oh, and abso-frickin'-lutely I would love to sit at that table when you do!

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Felonies, not pot smoking, filling up the Douglas County Jail, new report says

Mr. Quinlan, while I respect your trust in our county officials, there are just as many well-informed local citizens who have good reasons to disagree.

The first, and foremost *unanswered* question is the sky-high incarceration and lllooooooooonnnngg delays for hearings in Douglas County, as compared to Shawnee (state capitol) and Leavenworth counties, both with higher crime rates than us. The second is why so many more prisoners of color than account for the percentage of our *entire population* of minorities are sitting in that jail.

How is it that the need for an adequate mental health facility is being held hostage to their demand for more jail cells, and who the hell decided to fund all of this using the most regressive, poverty-bashing method of taxation known to mankind??!

What's more, I don't like being threatened with "dire consequences" if voters don't accept this ballot, so... I'm doing research, and I. Promise. I will be seeking answers to these methods, and to resolve these, and other inconvenient counterpoints to what I believe is a manufactured crisis in Douglas County.

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Is a downtown grocery store still going to happen? Key players talk through the issues, including a new plan for parking

Thank-you Mr. Markus, for removing the store loan for this project. It comes as a relief to know that the grocer will have to put some skin in the game it wants to play in Lawrence.

I am still very concerned, however, about the tax "abatement" that Price Chopper & the developers want for their "store," which essentially nullifies the city's gain from *all* the food taxes paid by the rest of Lawrence grocers combined?

How does that "incentive" work out when it comes as a loss of additional sales taxes spread out for everyone to pay over the next (how many years)?! This is an upscale grocery boutique in comparison to the warehouse-size stores elsewhere in Lawrence, so who, in large part, benefits from boutique food shopping in the immediate downtown??!

Insofar as the aboveground parking garage across the street on city property, I ask that *every* stall have a parking meter, since many of them will "disappear" due to so many staff employees from surrounding businesses using them so frequently that they become virtually unavailable!

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Lawrence educators blast proposals for arming teachers as ludicrous and a distraction from the real issues

I really liked (and agreed with) a KC Star staff editorial on how to end America's gun violence, with five specific suggestions, using only two "guiding principles;" that just because any *one* law won't work, we don't give up making any. And that "...enacting a series of reforms, linked to a common objective..." is our best chance at reducing mass casualties by gun. It's at []

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City asks residents to complete online survey for affordable housing study

Thank-you, BBC Consulting Research Staff and City Senior Staff for allowing city-wide input on this issue.

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Building jail expansion in phases would take 16 years, $6M to $8M a year, county says

What I want to emphasize is the inherent fallacy that a general sales tax (especially on food) will provide a steady source of revenue for Douglas County.

Those who commute, or are wealthy enough to travel, will take their spending elsewhere, which leaves the burden of payment on the backs of the working poor, on college students, on the elderly and children to bear.

Did the hard lessons of our state legislature (which, BTW, is lowering the state sales tax) fall on deaf ears here in Douglas County?

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Lawrence leaders propose using part of city sales tax collected on groceries to help the poor

Thank-you Mr. Bloss, Jr. and Mr. Heckler for clarifying my earlier post.

Mr. Holzwarth and Mr. Reynolds; your comments clearly demonstrate a *complete disregard* for the UNABRIDGED Human Right to food, purchased by people who paid. their. employment. taxes: who. work. TWO or more jobs... whether married, or single, with or without young mouths to feed: or by those unfortunates on any taxpaid. public. assistance like CHIP (do you even get the dispicable tax-on-tax irony of that?)

I am a 10-year veteran of Viet Nam, yet have been penniless and hungry... with a baby and nowhere to live. I have gone without food because my child needed diapers. To tax groceries is a cynical, morally bankrupt toll on the most vulnerable, the most financially fragile population, and by extrapolation, on. our. city's. poverty-stricken children.

By your comments, I don't believe either one of you will lose *any* sleep over their deprivation because of a ten percent toll on every loaf of bread or gallon of milk sold in Lawrence, Kansas.

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Lawrence leaders propose using part of city sales tax collected on groceries to help the poor

Mr. Boley and city commissioners: While I am relieved that you are not totally *tone deaf* to the reality of the massive city-wide damage being done to our most vulnerable, by imposing what should be an illegal, CRIMINAL regressive tax on our most basic human need; food... You do *not* get a pass by offering a bureaucratic sop to the very situation you helped create.

You do not get a "feel-good" slap on the back for Taking Away from All and then tossing a bone back to a selected few. The city's dependency on a Food Tax to function is inexcusable fiscal governance, and must stop, particularly in a city which claims itself to be "progressive."

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Douglas County Commission to schedule forums on jail and mental health referendum, provide information on what happens if voters reject

It's de tails, de tails!! I'm sorry for another error by including city officials as part of this referendum. [*sigh*]

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Douglas County Commission to schedule forums on jail and mental health referendum, provide information on what happens if voters reject

Thank-you for the information on forcing a property tax hike without voter approval. Such a threat, however, would have to stand on the honest merits, though, wouldn't it?

It truly appears to me that we are being presented with the Cart before the Horse, and being bullied, manipulated and divided against each other as a diversion from looking at *all the options* available to us to vote on!

The city and county both admitted that these two issues could have been separated from the start. Establishing whether (and by how much) the impact of FIRST creating a separate mental health facility for your prison population would seem to be an important step to take before bawling and bellowing "Statutory Obligation! Statutory Obligation!" doncha think??

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