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School board could lower tax rate as part of budget plan, but district recommends another option

I am very glad LJW Reporter Joanna Hlavacek uncovered the discrepancies and was able to also determine *which* of our elected school board members are behind this layest twist in monetary finagling of unapproved and unknown hidden costs in the school district mill levy amounts. She worked, unaided by school district officials, and *most especially* our duplicitious school board, to obtain financial facts from trained certified financial school district budget analysts, versus the excuse-riddled opi ion of two board members who, when confronted with the contradiction, dismissed the chance to atone for their atrocious behavior this past year with (1.) Buuuuut we did this before! (2.) It's only a small amount ($25) per $100k assessed value, and *icing on the cake* condescension!! (School financing formulas are too complicated for the public to understand, truuuuuust ussss.)

Ms.Sanborn and Kimball? IT'S NOT TOO COMPLICATED TO HAVE BEEN HONEST AND ABOVE-BOARD. It's un-buh-leevable that you two have the unmitigated gall to justify (badly, if your own financial people are telling) a sucker-punch on the mill levy, when You Know that you were dishonest by omissions to us, to the city AND the county in calculating the ENTIRE MILL LEVY to taxpayers!

How incredibly condescending and dismissive you ate in this article written by someone who had TO DIG for information you were otherwise not going to reveal!! WOW...

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Lawrence City Commission to review incentives request for downtown grocery store

...declined to move into this part of Lawrence, and BTW, because their long-term financial calculations show unsustainable losses in operations and competitive pricing. Physical access to these two parts of town has no commercial infrastructure support. And more often then not, most groceries need support boutiques and specialty shops to succeed... which isn't possible in that location.

With the sucker punch of the actual mill levies frim the school district, I'm not looking kindly on a city-borne risk subsidizing an unsustainable, independently unsuccessful proposition targeting a limited consumer base that already shops elsewhere for its food.

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Lawrence City Commission to review incentives request for downtown grocery store

The Simple Standard of Deduction (would this project succeed on its own merits) would indicate that past efforts to establish an independent food market in the downtown and North Lawrence area haven't worked out. So, *all* of Lawrence is being asked to subsidize a designer version, with yet more expensive (subsidized) apartments, all because ... Why?

How is it that we *give* Price Chopper a $2.25 Million Dollar low-interest loan (as if they're doing us *such* a huge favor) to trick out the publicly-financed space?

Our own homegrown grocer, Checkers, whose owner and manager helped *all* of our PTOs and PTAs, gave time and product for the food pantry... somehow, their proposal didn't appeal to the developer or the neighbors... but this application does?

If Price Chopper wants into the Lawrence market (pun not intended) then they can find it the same way Dillons, Hy-Vee, Checkers, The Merc and the now extinct IGA's did. If the metrics prove that there's a consumer base to exploit/develop, any of those stores would already be there.

Claims of a "food desert" don't justify this kind of financial taxpayer subsidy, let alone going through yet another costly boondoggle with Mr. Compton. A food market needs to succeed on its own merits, rather than a TIF scenario. All those food market businesses have

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School district surprise causes largest property tax increase in recent memory to get a bit larger

To Gnosis & Shaw; awh, niiice try, guys, and now, Back at the Ranch: It is *not* the responsibility of the community to parse and interpret what a public institution with *elected* officials is proposing they pay for.

Heads Up here, you two; it's not okay to sucker punch the press, the fourth estate, with misleading information regarding the community's school system costs, got it?

Annnnd I've gotta wonder how both the city and the county commissioners feel, given that they too based their tax levies in part, on what *they* knew to be true with the school district levy, as it presented it to the public this past year.

Who knew being fully transparent and honest with the public was so hard as an elected official??!!

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School district surprise causes largest property tax increase in recent memory to get a bit larger

I am ... shocked at the conceited, condescending duplicity of a school board which was *elected* to represent parents' AND taxpayers' voice AGAINST the self-service of USD497 school district administration.

I am acutely disappointed in our local newspaper journalists for NOT being vigilant against a demonstrated contempt for the paper by school board members who either refused to answer reasonable queries, or outright stonewalled its journalists, and through them, the public at large.

I believe that a community is only as informed as its journal press, and its ELECTED OFFICIALS, who, as members of that community, are expected to act FULLY to inform and educate their community as their representative.

This act of deception-by-omission declares the exact opposite. The dismissal and condescension by this school district's officials and this school board cements the distrust by taxpayers for the future ... traded upon by the selfish, grasping immediacy that drove this bond issue which benefitted the administration, not its students, and most certainly not an uninformed public.

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Editorial: Let voters weigh in on police HQ

Oh... WAIT-T-T-T a minute!?!

**Why** would the city even Con - sider building a police headquarters in the diametrically OPPOSITE corner of Lawrence from the city/county JAIL???

WTH? I mean, *seriously* -- think about that for one minute! In what universe does that begin to make sense?!?

1. Let's talk about access, shall we? K-10, the SLT, versus the back-end of Walmart and Free State High School?!?

2. Let's talk about vehicle mileage, oky-doky? Who thought it made sense to book 'em in NW Lawrence, annnnnnnd drive 'em to the SE side of the city to incarcerate?!?

3. Let's talk about public safety, alrighty? How is it SAFE for pedaling pedestrians, school children, the hard-of-hearing elderly, city buses and commercial traffic for the police car ferrying going on between the jail, the courts downtown and the police HQ to be so astoundingly far apart from each other?!?


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Affidavits: Assaults at homeless shelter prompted sex crime charges against 2 men

Also as I recall, this shelter has had to been given supplemental funding almost every year since it opened its doors...CLEARLY not providing a safe environment for either women or families with homeless men on the premises...

Let's see... sexual assaults vs. a policy banning single men from the premises... sexual assault vs. no single male drifters.... gee, this *so* hard to decide!!!!!!

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Affidavits: Assaults at homeless shelter prompted sex crime charges against 2 men

Oohhhkay, just a minute here... I seem to recall that when this newer shelter was being proposed, assurances were given to the public that *families* would be served first, and that all others would be segregated according to gender *in separate wings of the building!?!*

WTH is a bed doing in the common area?? And since WHEN are people allowed to congregate outside w/o active supervision?!?

Assault was *NEVER* supposed to happen there.

Also, in unrelated news, there has been a recent spate of shoplifting at the Salvation Army Thriftstore (for chrissakes!) by homeless drifters who seem to think nothing more than yelling or being kicked out will occur. So now, the "overcrowded" county jail is being added to by homeless petty thieves!

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Judge clears way for Trump commission to collect voter data; Kobach declares victory

So, my question to Jamie Shew (Douglas County Clerk) is, "What happens to my voter privacy form that I filled out years ago, to eliminate public dissemination of my personal information?"

Can Chad Lawhorn (or LJW reporters) help us understand how this new twist affects our privacy?

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Two affordable housing projects request city funding; $200,000 in grants still unspoken for

The city commission could direct staff to research and propose overlay district incentives for neighborhood associations and new homeowners to consider in buying and rehabing modest housing stock in designated areas of Lawrence. Defining the central, eastern and northern sections of Lawrence, setting aside a fund for a 10-year tax abatement, and/or 1.0% loans backed by the city itself... working with nonprofits and identified remodelers, etc., etc., would guarantee a revival in single-family home ownership.

There are *lots* of ideas for leveling the opportunities of sf modest housing stock; but it starts with city land use definitions of single family occupancy, which affects school districting, supports like access to groceries, infrastructure like sidewalks and pedestrian street use, and REVITALIZES the neglected neighborhoods of central, east and north Lawrence.

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