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Lawrence City Commission to consider approval of apartment complex south of city limits

... (sorry) ... storm water drainage effect on the Baker Wetlands from this (and more) tarmac expansion for all the parking these high density or commercial development?

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Lawrence City Commission to consider approval of apartment complex south of city limits

One other note of contention: There is no sidewalk connection between this proposed high-density development and Louisiana St.

Should a child (or children) walk for a quarter mile on a dirt path in order to reach the new pedestrian underpass in order to reach either the elementary or junior high schools?

If the city does not own any of the property south of 31st between Michigan and Louisiana, are we to assume that future annexations will accompany more high density development?

Finally, what's the drainage impact

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Lawrence City Commission to consider approval of apartment complex south of city limits

O.K., this process has been in the pipeline for development for more than a year. At this point, there is little anyone (as an individual or as a group) can do to change the outcome.

What I would ask is, how does multi-family/apartment development in this area serve the broader interest in infill development? If the definition for infill includes all land inside the South Lawrence Trafficway, how will that help existing infrastructure meet the demands/needs of those (new) residents? (This includes K-12 classroom space, food supply access and medical needs.)

The excuse that city services are adjacent to this proposal (sewers, water, roads & sidewalks) and that the area is "active" will continue to provide developers an easy out from the more complicated issue of INFILL construction as it was originalky defined and intended in the Horizon 2020 long-range plan.

This proposal is not going to be stopped. But, if taxpayers and single-family property owners object to the additional burden of higher mill levies as a result of high population density housing *not paying it's fair share* of the cost for the additional use of public schools, city services and traffic degradation, then we had better start paying more attention to land use and long-range planning.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider approval of apartment complex south of city limits

The permit for this project is located considerably east of what you are describing.

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Another fast-food chicken chain coming to south Iowa Street; maybe Lawrence has more vacant apartments than once thought

For anyone interested in the city's estimation of affordable housing stats and the compable development of rental space, start with the April 5th 2016 Memorandum from Britt Crum-Cano to the Planning Dept. head McCullough, City Manager Markus and others.

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Letter to the editor: Apartment questions

I'm puzzled that you want specifics on the cost of building sf housing, as most which are built today are done so by developers, who set the cost for these units. Regardless, most rent in Lawrence for 2, 3 or 4-BDRM units are more than the cost of a 30-year mortgage, so feel free to calculate what a modest single-story would be by looking into the advertised price of tract housing.

My *point* of the letter, Mr. Holroyd, is that apartments do not add to the property tax base which homeowners have, and ultimately the only beneficiary is the developer (who also tends to receive a tax abatement).

The questions I have asked are good ones, particularly in light of what our long-range planning is supposed to do for the community as a whole. If you can answer any of them, I'm all ears...

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Haskell faculty member files nepotism complaint against university's president

Why was this abbreviated version of the story first published days ago in the Topeka Capital-Journal? Where has the LJW reporter assigned to cover HINU news been for the last several months while this very serious issue was developing??

Does anyone believe such a situation would have been ignored at KU and left to an outside paper to break the story on its front page??!

While an ongoing rape case there was covered *extensively,* this situation appears to have been completely unknown to our local news team s both in print as well as on cable six.

I would sincerely appreciate an explanation for what appears to be some sort of bias of news coverage between these two universities!

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Lawrence City Commission to review Kasold Drive lane reduction

It is completely illogical to bottleneck a 4-lane, end-to-end throughway that is Kasold and install a traffic control device the size of either the Monteray Way & Harvard roundabout, or the one further north at Trail Road. Regardless of the type of roundabout, the city would create more problems than it would solve.

Kasold is *the only street* to completely connect 31st to the Farmer's Turnpike (North 1800 Rd.), and will come to play a bigger role for westside commerce and drivers who want to avoid the heavier traffic of Iowa or the higher speed dangers of the SLT.

City planners will need to do a *much* better job of explaining why they want to restrict traffic there, especially given how much was spent improving Kasold South of Billings Parkway, and North of trail Road??

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Kansas judge to consider blocking state’s two-tiered voting

Thank you, Mr. Beyer, for your work in revealing the trolls... it's reassuring to know these individuals don't live, work or most importantly, *vote* in Kansas.

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Stepfather of infant found in trash faces attempted murder, abuse charges

Yes, he had priors to this arrest, which wasn't included the person who is supposed to be the source reporter, since this crime is local.

My concern is... is this man's behavior part of a larger *national* story of the harm being caused by untreated vets?

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