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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

Old post RS: It is the most relevant thing to each person for all eternity. I am not just speaking to things like laws of the nation,

Old post SP: That's funny, you want to use your imagination while claiming to want to discuss something relevant to reality.

RS: No imagination at all, but simple and sober reality and truth that down deep in your uneasy conscience you have to suppress.

Old Post RS: but the real issue is what happens when people stand before God. All die and all will stand before God.

Old Post SP: No, we won't.

RS: Yes, you and all will. Denying it will not prevent the reality of it coming true.

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

WK: Stop the nonsense, baking a cake for a gay person or anyone else you disagree with isn't going to lead to eternal damnation in any religion that I know of.

RS: The point is being part of a type of wedding that one firmly stands against. Baking a cake may be seen as giving approval in some way. His position is not nonsense at all, but you might consider what it means to give hearty approval to things like this.
Romans 1:32 and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.

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Letter: Bill reaction nonsense

James Howlette
Did you read your own LTE? You compared homosexuality to pederasty, rape, and bestiality. It's right there on your fifth point. It's probably the dumbest point you tried to make in the whole letter.

RS: Yes, I have read it, but it appears that you have not. I explained this several times, even just above. The point is not comparing homosexuality with those things, but to show that no one really accepts that fact that all things that can be considered our orientations are acceptable if they are carried out. I have reproduced point five below, but notice that I have given points 3-7. Why is that? It is because they provide the context.

3. The most one can claim is that some are born with an attraction (later manifested) to the same sex.
4. Homosexuality is discerned by the actions of people.
5. If sexual identification is determined by DNA and so moral, then pedophiles, rapists, and bestiality can claim they are moral.
6. Is a hot-tempered person excused for actions if born with that disposition?
7. Is it right to argue that the disposition a person has when born makes the future actions okay?

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Letter: Bill reaction nonsense

BB: Normal homosexuality does not have a perpetrator and a victim just like normal heterosexuality does not - "normal" here meaning "Sexual attraction to another adult". Being offended by somebody's normal sexuality does not a victim make.

RS: Without going into great detail, one person and one couple does not live in complete isolation from themselves, from others, or from God. I have yet to assert that the problem with homosexuality is that it offends me, but in fact that it is a sin against God.

BB: Oops, didn't read far enough:

BB quoting "RS: Another way of looking at it is that people know from down in their heart that this is not moral behavior and so they are miserable, depressed, and suicidal. Sin leads to misery. Sure enough the instances and rates of depression, alcoholism, drug use, and suicide are much higher in the "gay community", but that may be because of the behavior rather than because of a few who are just saying that it is wrong."

BB: Yeah, that has nothing to do with being bullied, persecuted, told you're abnormal. on the level of pedophiles and murderers, and not deserving of being respected as a human. Nothing at all.

RS: That sounds more like a self-induced pity party than a real argument. Again, the issue is not about what is normal in this world or what people consider as normal, but about what is sinful. When you get down to it, as you think of how homosexuals are treated in Lawrence and for much of the U.S., there is not all of that stuff you are complaining about at a higher percentage than the rest of the population. Do you have data that demonstrates that the murder rate for the homosexual population (not committed in a domestic type situation) is higher than the general population? On another note, it is because homosexuals are human beings that they need to consider that the Creator of human beings will being all to judgment.

BB: Good grief.

RS: Take some time to consider the fact that I may be right and that you simply don't like it and must reject it to keep some semblance of peace.

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Letter: Bill reaction nonsense

Betty Bartholomew
BB quoting "RS: What person do you know that was born doing homosexual acts?"

BB: Really? What person do you know that was born doing heterosexual acts?

RS: No one, of course. Therefore, as was the point, no one is born a homosexual. The very most that one can claim is that one is born with an inclination.

BB: Furthermore, if you think homosexuality is a choice, do you really believe somebody would choose an orientation that carries with it such anonymity from others? "Gosh, oh, golly, gay people are persecuted, attacked, murdered, reviled, denied things others take for granted: That sounds so fun I want to be gay!" <-- Said no one ever.

RS: Where, in the U.S., are all of these things taking place at a pace that is more than the general population and is not self-inflicted? Your point does not demonstrate what you are wanting. People commit all kinds of wrongs without taking into due consideration of what will happen.

BB: Lastly, you keep trying to parallel homosexuality and being in a homosexual relationship with things that do real, measurable harm to victims: pedophilia and violent acts.

RS: No, I have not been paralleling those things. What I have tried to show is that how a person is born does not give them an excuse for how they behave later.

BB: Quit it.

RS: There is no need for me to quit making solid points even if you are not reading them correctly. Again, the point about pedophilia and those who do violent acts is that they can also claim that they were born that way or with that inclination. My point, again, is that being born with certain inclinations does not do away with their moral obligations later on. Your comments make this point as well.

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Letter: Bill reaction nonsense

From the Bill:

(d) If an individual employed by a governmental entity or other nonreligious
entity invokes any of the protections provided by section 1, and
amendments thereto, as a basis for declining to provide a lawful service
that is otherwise consistent with the entity's duties or policies, the
individual's employer, in directing the performance of such service,
shall either promptly provide another employee to provide such service, or
shall otherwise ensure that the requested service is provided, if it can be
done without undue hardship to the employer.

RS: What is the harm in the bill since it basically says that the employer should get the work done but just not make a particular employee do it? Doesn't this protect the rights of both sides?

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

Seth Peterson
Everyone arguing over what their imaginary friends say and mean, when none of it matters.

RS: You are the one that is imagining about the imaginary friends of others. You can only hope that what we are saying is not true, though deep down in your being you know that something about it rings true. There is nothing that matters more for each person than this. What good would it do if you gained the whole world, obtained all the riches of the world, and could have every pleasure of the world if for eternity you suffered the wrath of God for all that?

SP: None of what anyone's imaginary friends have opinions on have a place in government.

RS: Of course can pretend that God has no place in their lives or government, but what they don't realize is that they cannot get rid of Him. All that they think, desire, and do will be brought up on judgment day. But even today, their sin is judged by being turned over to more sin. Realize that sin itself is punishment for previous sin. Are you really free? No, perhaps you are in bondage in ways your don't realize.

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

Stuart Evans
I would think that if there were gods, and they really didn't like homosexual behavior, then they would do something to stop homosexuality (in every species).

RS: That is basically saying that if there is a God or gods then they would do what you think would happen. Maybe God is far wiser than what you think.

SE: But gods don't do anything to stop it; unless you count the nuts who find a public forum, from which to tell us how wrong it is.

RS: Perhaps you misunderstand the nature of judgment. Consider the issue that if what Darwin said is true, then you have no moral basis on which to pass judgment on anyone else and you also have no basis on which you can build a case for knowledge.

SE: These gods that people have conjured up, sure are powerful on paper, but when you hold them to any sort of scrutiny, they fold like a house of cards, and their fan base explodes in anger and hatred, lost in their argument, by opposing viewpoints.

RS: That is actually almost funny, but I can assure you that you are so far off it is not funny. It may be that you have the wrong idea of power and how God works in the world.

SE: I don't believe in your magic stories, so don't expect me to care about your reasons for being a hateful bigot.

RS: Your lack of belief does not change the fact that there is a God, you were created by Him, and you will "stand" before Him to be judged. There is nothing hateful or bigoted about my warning you of the judgment to come. There is nothing hateful or bigoted about my standing for the rights of some and that does not hurt the rights of others, though indeed they may get their feelings hurt at times.

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

James Howlette
Pretty much everything you just said has been disputed.

RS: That is beyond dispute, yes. But the question has to do with what is being disputed and by whom. I have found that those who hate Christianity will dispute almost anything about it. I have also found that disputation does not mean that something is incorrect or wrong. It can just show that something is right.

JH: Paul never actually met Jesus. He claims he had a vision.

RS: Was it really just a vision? Did not Jesus meet with Paul on the road to Damascus? It was more than what we think of as a vision.

JH: Jesus appointed his brother James to lead the church. Even if you set aside all historical context and problematic translations, you can still take the sola fide view that one's actions do not matter, so long as one is a Christian.

RS: Sola Fide has nothing to do with whether the actions of people matter or not. Biblical Christianity teaches that actions do matter and they matter a lot, though sola fide (as understood by Luther and the Reformers) will deny that they earn merit for salvation.

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

Anon: Well hell, put in that context, almost everything humans do can be considered a sin.

RS: That is correct. That is something people hate and so try to deny.

Anon: What's the point of living then if you're not meant to be whom you were created to be?

RS: I would agree that living is being who you were created to be, but human beings were created to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Anon: If God doesn't want homosexuals, maybe he should stop creating them.

RS: He creates human beings, He does not create homosexuals.

Anon: Or maybe he creates imperfections on purpose- ever think maybe you're imperfect? And that your imperfection is incorrectly interpreting his word?

RS: I am acutely aware that I am quite imperfect. Have you ever considered that your imperfection contributes to your incorrectly interpreting God's Word?

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