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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

I have some questions to your questions. If your worldview is correct, then what does it matter if there are more men in the world than women? If your view is correct, what does it matter if children die from starvation and disease? After all, if they didn't die they would only be here but a short time longer, leave meaningless lives and die a meaningless death and be meaningless forever. Homosexual dolphins? They are not made in the image of God. According to some, the scientific paper that has been said to speak of homosexual dolphins was actually misread and that misreading was reported across the world. Either way, they are not made in the image of God.

What is another interesting part about your note is that you presume to know to denigrate what you say is God's perfect plan. This is to say that evidently you claim to know what is better for what is good and your way should be reality. However, once again, that is a claim that is far, far more than your position will allow you to make (logically). If it is okay with you for babies to be aborted, then why is it so wrong for people to practice infanticide and why is it wrong for them to starve?

Sin has entered the world and there are consequences and punishments for those who sin and for those who around those who sin. In other words, though you may deny that there is sin in the world, that does not stop the consequences of sin from swarming upon us.

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

I know that they are deceived because that they are doing what Paul was warning people not to be deceived about. All this talk about interpretation on some of this is just an attempt to escape the obvious. I would think that you would know more about circular reasoning since you are practicing it. You have yet to give me one truth that can seriously be considered objective truth, which means it keeps making the circle back to you for its source and authority.

As for God's blessings, you are quite sure that on your authority you can state what God blesses and what He does not. Is that circular reasoning again? Are you even interpreting something or simply stating what you want? I would argue that in reality it is impossible for gay people to be truly married since God alone can truly join people together and make them one. What the laws of the nation say, on the other hand, may be different, but the laws of the land cannot make two people one as God does. So it is not just that they should never get married, but they CANNOT ever get married in the most real sense of the term. You don't have to like it or agree with it, but trying to wish something away will not work.

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

Stuart Evans
Saying that RS said, to make a point: I'm so delusional and wrong, it's not even funny.

SE: Finally, you're right about something.

RS: One thing that is so interesting in this, Stuart, is that your position does not allow you to even know if you have knowledge and allows you no basis for morality. This means that any time you state something as knowledge or as moral and accuse others of being delusional or wrong, it means that you are delusional if you think you have a basis for saying that. Try to take your position seriously and take it to its logical end. You have no access to knowing that you know, no basis for morality, and no real meaning in life. So your post here, at least, is ironic.

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Letter: Religious exceptions

One can also argue that governments have no business intruding upon private businesses having the right to serve those whom they please and rejecting those whom they please. The government has no right to tell a person that they have to violate their Christian conscience in their own private busines. As far as the very concept of discrimination goes, one can define that in several ways as well.

Even if your example is correct, the other point by Mr. Upchurch had to do with pacifists and the military. The government and the law at that point allows the religion of the person to be seen as a way out of keeping a particular law. Whether it is the government or a private business, the issue is the law. The First Amendment says this:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

A person has the right not to serve particular people when it infringes on the free exercise of their religion. This is as much a part of our rights as is freedom of speech.

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Letter: Religious exceptions

But if the bill is to keep those who believe in gay marriage from forcing those who do not believe it from having to provide services for it, then the bill was/is an attempt to keep one group from forcing itself on others. The freedom for a business not to have to serve at gay marriage ceremonies without the fear of being sued is not an attempt to discriminate, but is in reality an attempt to stop discrimination.

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

Betty B: Wonderful thing about marriage: It doesn't have to be sanctioned by any religion. I know an atheist who got married by a judge and the law still allowed all of the same privileges as any religious couple married by a preacher. ... Oh, right, that was me. So if I can do that, I see absolutely no reason a gay couple can't do the same.

RS: Notice that you have made yourself the standard by which you are judging by as well as your desires the standard for marriage. The problem for you is that God alone has the right to do those things.

James Howlette (in response to Betty B's post): That's really the best answer.

RS: Or not. Huan beings don't have the right to adjust some part of the created order as they please.

JH: I pointed out that not all Christians agree with their interpretation, to which RS has basically only responded with, "but all the real Christians agree with me because anyone who doesn't agree with me is by my definition not a real Christian."

RS: No, that was not my response. I am saying, however, on this issue the Christian position has been determined by the Bible and that has been determined for a long, long time. It is not whether people agree with me, but whether they agree with the historical Christian position. As there are many deceptions in all walks of life, so there are many deceptions about Christianity. There are many warnings in the Bible for people not to be deceived about their salvation. We are told that this is one of the areas that we are not to be deceived by.

JH: Way to go in circles there, bro.

RS: I think your head is spinning and you perceive me as going in circles. If I argued as you say I did, perhaps I could be accused of that. But I did not. I hope your dizziness gets better soon.

JH: But yeah. I hear they even let Jews and Muslims get married.

RS: Yes, but one male to one female. Just like the created order. For what it is worth, a ceremony doth not a marriage make.

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

SE: Richard, you may officially be delusional.

RS: At least you can try to hope that what I am saying is delusional.

SE: You need work on your reading comprehension, as none of any of these has been stated by anyone anywhere on this forum. Fortunately none will suffer the wrath of any god, as there is none.

RS: But those on this forum do not set the standard of reality, though what I said was in response to what another said. You can only hope (futile) that no one (yourself included, or primarily) will suffer the wrath of God, but the denial of that says a lot about yourself. As to your denial that there is a God, I might add that you just made a statement that you cannot possibly prove or even give evidence for. That shows that your hope of there not being a wrathful God upon sin is not based in knowledge or evidence. It is just something you want and so you live by that desire.

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

SE: ..and your entire supposition is predicated on an unfounded "fact".

RS: And your entire supposition is predicated on several unfounded facts and or presuppositions. However, the fact that there is a God is the most obvious thing in the world. His handiwork is all over the place, and that includes human beings and the sense of Him in them.

SE: Your lack of understanding in evolution, doesn't change the actual FACT that every living thing on this planet has evolved over the course of millions of years, and will continue to do so long after we finally shed these fear-based rituals.

RS: One, your so-called "FACT" cannot possibly be true and yet you know that it is true. A non-rational process with no guidance at all cannot account for the highly designed cell, the facts of knowledge, and the facts of intelligence. If a non-intelligent process brought about intelligence, then there is no real intelligence on the planet. You cannot account for true morality or meaning in life. So despite what your present "FACT" says, it cannot account for the most basic things in life.

SP: and will continue to do so long after we finally shed these fear-based rituals.

RS: I am not sure what you refer to as fear-based rituals, but true Christianity is based on love for God. Yes, for all who refuse to serve Him and instead serve themselves, their own pride, pleasures, and honor, then they do have a lot to fear. There is no way for human beings to wipe God out of their consciences because He put Himself there. It is out of a fear of that God that people try to suppress the knowledge of Him by their sinful acts and even the way they do science and all manner of things. But one thing is for sure, the moment an athiest or hater of God dies, all doubt and all suppression will be gone.

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

Ron Holzwarth: Email me, my address is listed after you click on my name, and I'll email you a copy. But, very few understand it. The premise is that we can't understand much of anything at all.

RS: I did email you. If the premise is that can't understand much of anything at all, it should be no surprise if very few understand it. :-)

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

Seth Peterson:
Sin isn't real, it's a concept which was thought up to sell you something you don't need in order to fix it.

RS: No, sin is a reality in the world and it takes the bloody cross of Jesus for a person to have the perfect justice and wrath of God satisfied for that sin. All sin is infinite because it is against an infinite God and as such deserves an infinite punishment, though because human beings are finite they will suffer for an infinite amount of time (eternity) and yet never satisfy the wrath of God upon them.

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