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Lawrence Humane Society plans for construction of new animal shelter

I presume you intended to communicate that "... no supposed 'no kill' shelter is totally no kill" because I certainly agree with both you and Eddie Muñoz.

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Lawrence Humane Society plans for construction of new animal shelter

Wikipedia has a pretty extensive explanation under *no-kill shelter*, including the criterion "90% save rate"; it appears to me that LHS is largely there. But note this section of their entry:

Even so, the Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County's website lists their current live release rate as 91.3% with intake of over 12,000 animals per year. That LHS is comparable to Tacoma's humane society (Tacoma's 2010 population was about 200,000) speaks volumes to me.

The Lawrence Humane Society connected me to this guy, for which I'll always be grateful:

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Judge: Kansas must count disputed votes; 'There is no right more precious to a free country'

Any experts who can tell us about the relationship (or lack of one) of this decision and the Federal Appeals Court striking down the North Carolina voter ID law as discriminatory?

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State delays nearly $260 million in payments to schools as Kansas finances fall short again

Kansas -- the train wreck that keeps on wrecking ... and wrecking and wrecking and ...

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Brownback ordered to explain why he hasn’t appointed judge

He and the legislature are fiddling while Kansas burns. I don't think history -- or the people -- looked too kindly on Nero when he did it.

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More storms may add to 3-inch rainfall total in Lawrence; city shares debris cleanup details

After the worst of it had stopped and there was a break, though it seemed more was coming before long, I was with my canine companion walking through the parking lot of the McDonald's at 6th & Arkansas. A man driving a truck suddenly rolled down his window and asked if we had a long way to go. "Just half a block, but thanks!"

The more I thought about that simple gesture, the more touched I was. I am absolutely livid with the current Kansas government in Topeka. But wherever I live in the future, I'll always love the people of Kansas. *They're* what makes this a great state, no one else.

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Columnist Leonard Pitts tells Lawrence crowd it's time for white Americans to 'stop eating Jim Crow'

Someone who spells the invisible line between countries "boarder" should be careful about criticizing the spoken English of others.

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Columnist Leonard Pitts tells Lawrence crowd it's time for white Americans to 'stop eating Jim Crow'

I've been worried about this election. After going through the comments here, I'm now terrified. I know racism still exists but thought (maybe "hoped" is more accurate) it was receding. Boy, was I apparently wrong. It seems electing - and re-electing - a single African American president was a match to the dynamite, even here in Lawrence.

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Saturday Column: New challenges put even more focus on teachers

I trust and hope, Mr. Simons, that you'll keep all this in mind when you prepare to make endorsements and non-endorsements in 2016 and beyond. Otherwise, it's the same old hypocrisy that puts party and ideology ahead of the people's needs, desires, and expectations.

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Brownback signs bill imposing more Kansas welfare restrictions

This supposedly devout Roman Catholic Kansas governor really does deserve a phone call from Pope Francis to give him a papal sermon. Some Catholic! Some follower of Jesus of Nazareth! What a disgrace to his faith! Maybe his parish priest can do the job.

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