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20 years later, Lawrence's gay rights movement earns spot in local history museum

It's great that these materials have been donated to Watkins Museum. To what's in the article, I will add this:

This summer also marks 45 years since the formation of the Gay Liberation Front of Lawrence (in reality, it was an overwhelmingly KU student organization unrecognized by the campus administration). It's been a long, hard struggle to get where we are and there's lots of cause to celebrate. Many unspoken students, faculty, and staff at KU were critical to that. But we haven't gotten completely *there* yet. Maybe the next generation will.

Being a KU freshman who discovered the GLF here in Fall of 1971, I can only hope.

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Kansas statistician battles government to determine whether vote count is flawed

Even if it's unprovable, I will always believe Brownback is illegitimate.

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Gold-medal winning Jayhawks to be welcomed home Wednesday at Hoglund Ballpark

Will they be invited to the White House? I hope so, it'd be well deserved.

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Police: Lawrence 10-year-old 'doing fine' after father accidentally shot him Friday

I'm an "army brat" and in our family, any guns Dad needed to have for his job were kept in a *locked* box in the garage. He never brought them into the house proper and I think I can say Mom would've killed him (maybe just divorced him) if he had. I remember her telling me when I was in early high school she was adamant about it because "You never know; accidents can happen and can kill." I'm sure this father - sadly - learned that lesson only through experience, instead of wisdom. I hope others now learn ahead of finding out the hard way.

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Kobach urges Congress to ratify health care compact that he says would avoid Obamacare

What does this have to do with his current job?!?!? Part of me figures it's nothing new and he's just angling for a position in a Trump(ed up with stupidity) administration, given their shared views on the *Mexican* *Menace*. That just makes me want to laugh at poor, silly Kris.

But a scarier possibility is that he will find favor with the Republican members of Congress he sent this to. Congresswoman Jenkins and Senators Moran and Roberts -- take the high road and IGNORE HIS REQUEST!!!!

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Same-sex marriage ruling sets up long challenges for Kansas, Missouri

And yet it should be so simple for both, as well as the other 48. Was racial desegregation such a difficult thing? ... other than among racists, of course.

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Plans filed to expand Rock Chalk Park offerings; city seeks butterfly grant

I'm absolutely in favor of the "butterfly grant"!

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Gay rights leader, Kansas Gov. Brownback argue over marriage order

He's really going all out on making Kansas the laughing stock of the country! Sadly, he's succeeding beyond his wildest dreams. Kansas will pay for his folly for many years, maybe decades.

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Lawrence Humane Society to launch $5 million campaign for renovations, will ask city for $2.5 million

Humans with animal companions should act responsibly. People should be smart enough to get that.

Animals should not be punished for human actions or inaction. People should be smart enough to get that, too.

I hope the Humane Society succeeds in this and will contribute to it as best I can.

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Editorial: Timely action

But it does say something (rather awful) that the only way to justify it with Republicans is an economic argument, rather than as a simple case of justice versus injustice.

But then, it took the lives lost in Charleston to get some movement (again, by Republicans) on the Confederate battle flag issue.

Cost/benefit versus justice/injustice ... Which dichotomy does my ethics call me to use in making decisions?

For me it's easy, the second.

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