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Roads around Lawrence grow slick as snow, freezing drizzle, fall Monday night

"... and then go sailing off the road and into ..."

or worse, into another car driven by a slower & safer driver.

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Editorial: It’s done

Didn't the same editorialist say in Nov. that we should vote all Republican? Ms. Wagle is just trying to force the same result on the whole state.

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Editorial: Leadership Gap

"... such a transition may take some time."

I suspect that any such "transition" (given we're talking here about the current Republican party) will take centuries ... or -- more likely -- never happen at all.

It's a nice (if rare) attempt at a progressive stance, though, Mr. Simons.

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Smiles, warmth abound at LINK community Thanksgiving dinner

Thanks for the story and special thanks to *all* the volunteers, whether or not your help was needed. You are all special.

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Judge rules father's interview admissible in trial about children tied up in Walmart parking lot

This remains one of those stories that seems to me beyond "commentable."

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Column: A fond farewell to a friend

For those who have pets, dogs in particular, I highly recommend two Washington Post pieces by Joe Yonan. The first described his deep grief at losing his dog,Red. The second was a fellow up Q&A with a counselor specializing in pet-loss grief. If you can't get the right Internet search done to find them, ask for help at a library service or reference desk. They worth the time and effort.

Rich Crank
KU Libraries staff member

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Where would you want to go to retire?

Poitiers, France; first, San Juan, Puerto Rico, second; or Seattle, WA, 3rd. But I'll probably end up here.

Oh well ...

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3 injured in head-on accident in 900 block of Maine Street

I was delayed leaving a meeting at KU that went longer than I expected (I was annoyed). But w/out the delay, the sedan could've easily been my car since I'd've been driving down that block in that direction at that time. As it was, I only had a 1-block detour.

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SafeBus adjusting services to meet demand

I believe KU On Wheels is fully funded by student fees, not "taxpayer money" and the amount of student fees is determined by students themselves, either through the Student Senate or, in some cases, directly by referendum.

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What did you name your dog and why?

I got this from the International Movie Database (

Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (1951–1958)
Guy Madison played Hickock and Andy Devine played Deputy Marshal Jingles P. Jones

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