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Kobach opposes specialty meat shop in rural Douglas County; chef says his proposal is being mischaracterized

My top criteria now for deciding who to vote out in the next set of County Commission candidates:

1. How they treated Ko(ch)bach's ignoring the rules, giving him every chance to make his case;

2. How they treated Strecker's following the rules and how they felt about Ko(ch)bach and his buddies keeping Strecker from any chance to make his case.

It's dictators who suppress opposition and make their own rules as they go, not real leaders who know they owe the people open discussion and that they themselves need to follow the same rules as everyone else.

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Kenneth Irby, longtime KU English professor and poet, dead at 79

Ken was a good man.

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Kobach opposes specialty meat shop in rural Douglas County; chef says his proposal is being mischaracterized

I believe the man is channeling I-Can-Do-Whatever-I-Want-Donald.

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Editorial: Slow to act

It should *not* have required an inquiry from the federal government to end this idiotic action by the legislature, with Brownback-ward's assent. The moment the Sec. of DCF had the authority to change or eliminate the limit, that authority should've been exercised. But all the yea-sayers to the status quo in Topeka, from Gov. Brownback-ward down are simply blind to reality and guided solely by their extremist ideology.

Hmmm, reminds me of certain people in the Middle East who would kill me if they could.

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US officials questioned Kansas rule on ATMs, cash assistance

"What is the anticipated goal or outcome of reducing the daily withdrawal amount to $25?"
Getting poor people to leave Kansas in even larger numbers than public school teachers, who we're also doing our best to get rid of.

"Was there an empirical basis for setting a withdrawal limit of $25 per day?"
We used a very empirical basis -- It's too little to live on. We want to change that one state's motto, "Live free or die" to our updated "Poor people -- Live elsewhere or die." We thought this might just do it. Who cares if three fourths are children? Pre-birth children are the really important ones, not their parents who might smoke, drink, or gamble, or the ones old enough to go to work and stop relying on public assistance.

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Legislative panel seeking bids for $3 million efficiency study; Milton Wolf claims a moral victory

Gotta love it. "We want a study of waste in government. But we're not including us and, for good measure, let's skip the folks that can say what we're doing violates the state constitution."
Circus Maximus Kansiensis just doesn't take a break, it seems.

But will Kansas voters remember this the next time they get a chance to bring change? I can only hope. *Ad* *astra* *...*, after all!

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Kansas won't prevent singles from being foster parents

Did the original version of this story have an additional phrase buried in what is now
“Single adults will not be excluded from being foster care parents,” Freed said."?

I thought it was originally "Single adults will not be excluded from being foster care parents *based* *solely* *on* *that*.”

That's a huge excision so I'd like to know if that did indeed happen ... and the rationale if it did.


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3 suspects in custody after high-speed police chase ends in Lawrence

I missed "all the action" by a few minutes (I live less than a block away & was getting ready to retrieve my puppy from daycare when I heard the sirens on 6th St.). I'm glad it went and ended as well as it did. Given the traffic and pedestrians, it could've been a nightmare. I agree that LPD did a great job.

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Editorial: Hub hubbub

Is there any way of integrating the T-hub into KU's Park-and-Ride lots?

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Missouri man in wedged-truck incident charged with DUI, recklessness and driving while a habitual violator

Thanks for the explanation, it was sure incongruous when I saw it and thought maybe someone had hacked into the site. I agree completely that Caitlin did a great job with that incident. I know someone expressed dislike for the Twitter posts being displayed but that was a good use of tweets to update site viewers more rapidly than other methods.

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