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Plans filed for new fire station; west Lawrence Italian deli changes name amid legal wrangling

Lawrencians should cease and desist using Maceli's catering. *That* Mr. Macelli is, it appears and as far as I'm concerned, acting too much like a certain major-party presidential candidate.

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Kansas tax collections fall $45M short of mark in September

"A task force that Brownback appointed in June is scheduled to release a report recommending ways to improve the state’s revenue estimating process."

I could've saved a lot of time and effort ...

Revise previous FY revenue estimate for Jan., Apr., July, October downward by fifty million dollars.
Revise previous FY revenue estimate for Feb., May, Aug., Nov. downward by thirty-five million dollars.
Revise previous FY revenue estimate for Mar., Sept. downward by twenty million dollars.
Revise previous FY revenue estimate for June, Dec. downward by five million dollars.

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Brownback, advisers abandon report on Kansas economy

I especially loved this laugh of the day:

"A lot of people found them helpful, but a lot of people were confused by them," said ... a spokeswoman for the commerce department."

She needs to substitute "angered" for "confused" to make it a true statement.

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Editorial: Purge troubling

That would require an end to the self-righteousness that fills his sails, as well as the governor's and those of the GOP presidential candidate. The three of them are shameful but shameless. We need to stop what we can.

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Library to make contact with International Space Station on Friday

I get e-mail alerts (via NASA's "Spot the Station" program) when the I.S.S. passes over Lawrence and it's dark enough to be visible. It's quite awe-inspiring, I have to say. Here's an example of the information the alerts provide:

From: <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 6, 2016 5:57 PM

Subject: SpotTheStation

Time: Wed Sep 07 5:08 AM, Visible: 1 min, Max Height: 60°, Appears: 60° above ESE, Disappears: 27° above ENE

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Kansas tax collections more than $10M short of expectations in August

I'm sorry, Dorothy, but you and Toto are back in Kansas now!

Oz was a dream, Kansas is a nightmare ... thanks to its "wizard" who's anything but.

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Multimillion dollar HERE apartment project fails to get occupancy permit as tenants line up to move in

And that's the way we do things in Lawrence, Kansas!

Can the current city commission rescind the 85 percent property tax rebate?!? Since Here@Kansas couldn't keep their promise about parking, what makes us think they'll be able to keep the promise about being "a major boon for the city’s rental market"?

I hope every current and future city commissioner keeps this in mind when developers make claims like that.

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Lawrence Humane Society plans for construction of new animal shelter

I presume you intended to communicate that "... no supposed 'no kill' shelter is totally no kill" because I certainly agree with both you and Eddie Muñoz.

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Lawrence Humane Society plans for construction of new animal shelter

Wikipedia has a pretty extensive explanation under *no-kill shelter*, including the criterion "90% save rate"; it appears to me that LHS is largely there. But note this section of their entry:

Even so, the Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County's website lists their current live release rate as 91.3% with intake of over 12,000 animals per year. That LHS is comparable to Tacoma's humane society (Tacoma's 2010 population was about 200,000) speaks volumes to me.

The Lawrence Humane Society connected me to this guy, for which I'll always be grateful:

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Judge: Kansas must count disputed votes; 'There is no right more precious to a free country'

Any experts who can tell us about the relationship (or lack of one) of this decision and the Federal Appeals Court striking down the North Carolina voter ID law as discriminatory?

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