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Report: Kansas tax collections $11M less than expected in March

I laughed out loud when I saw the headline. Not with humor, but in an absurd despair of this current administration that keeps saying the sun is shining in Kansas when there've been dark clouds overhead for many months .. and there's not a damn thing I can do about the governor or the legislature.

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Kansas officials hope budget puzzle pieces drop into place

These are "puzzle pieces" of their own making ... Kansas lunacy continues unabated.

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Rasmussen responds to concerns about out-of-town donations

Between endorsements by groups I don't like, campaign signs on the properties of businesses I don't care for, and information like this that increases my awareness of candidates even now, I appreciate all the help I've gotten for deciding who I will and won't vote for. It's time the *citizens* of Lawrence took back control of the city.

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Senate panel votes to block United Way payroll deductions for public sector employees

In a week, they'll pass another bill saying I can't receive my KPERS retirement benefits because I criticized them on Facebook for doing this. They've gone power-mad. Where else is there one-party rule and people suffering because of it? Let's just limit that to right now, not going back into the past.

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KU Lawrence campus asked to give up $9.4 million, mainly for medical school

Seems kinda like God *telling* Cain to slay Abel or Paul to take Peter's money.

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Strange debate leads to passage of exotic animals bill

Sounds like bad theatre of the absurd. But then, this legislature would just be a big joke except for the damage it and our governor are doing to the people - though apparently (I'm not clear on this) not animals - of Kansas.

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Rock Chalk Park audit recommends city make final $1M payment, but finds accounting of project was incomplete

I hate to say it but ...

I give up.

Sometimes the bad guys (or gals) win.

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Creator of KU's most famous bronze sculptures dies at 95

I'm moist-eyed. Three decades or so ago, I worked at KU's Science Library on the top floor of Malott Hall and part of my job was to provide reference desk service. Every year or two, I'd get a call from Prof. Tefft asking about the specific gravity of brass. I was always excited to feel I'd helped an artist of that caliber with his work.

Ironically, today at the closing ceremony of the sand mandala created by Tibetan monks at the Kansas Union, I bought a wall hanging that ends with these words of the current Dalai Lama:

If you contribute to other people's happiness, you will find the true goal, the true meaning of life.

Prof. Tefft clearly did that many times over.

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Brownback rescinds protections for LGBT state employees

Having thought about it further, here's my new concern --

That he'll issue yet another executive order directing that any and all state institutions must adhere to the same exclusionary language in any nondiscrimination statement(s).

I suspect that's coming soon and hope KU, K-State, et al, are ready or preparing for it.

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Brownback rescinds protections for LGBT state employees

Basely pandering to his base, and in the process doing as much damage as he can.

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