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Kansas Democrats try to regroup after chairman resigns

You make me want to say, "Dorothy (not the one that went to Oz) is right for the job!"

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Your Turn: Just Food still filling an important need

If there's a vacancy on the Just Food board of directors, I hope you're willing to accept an appointment to it. You seem level-headed about this organization.

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Farmer faced legal issues over unpaid income taxes while he ran for Lawrence City Commission in 2013; did not disclose

It's a rare thing to see an article with so many attacks by one commenter against another, as well as against the reporter. I won't even try to respond to most of that back-and-forth. But the question about the inclusion of Farmer's ex-wife was the first issue raised and I do have some thoughts about that ...

I presume the Arkansas tax liens were filed against both of them because they'd filed a joint tax return. When I read the article itself, nothing in the wording seemed to me an attack, or even criticism, of Farmer's ex-wife. She was only mentioned twice, I believe, and both times only in reference to the tax liens. There's nothing wrong with a reporter noting that.

I'm now far more concerned about the impact all of this will have on donations to Just Food. Even it is attacked as somehow "suspicious." I'll admit that right now I'm suspicious of making cash contributions. For me, that will only end with full transparency and clear recognition -- and public statements from the organization and its board of directors -- that any mistakes of the past will not happen again and that any irregularities will be dealt with appropriately in civil court, criminal if necessary.

That Just Food apparently had a director who misled (or *bamboozled* ... or *flim-flammed* ... or [pick your word]) a lot of people doesn't change the fact that there is still hunger in Lawrence and Douglas County, just like there was before this (man-made) disaster. If you choose to not donate cash, go to the store (you might even make a special trip for this and bring the kids along to teach them something), buy some non-perishable food items and drop them off at Just Food. You might even, as I did Saturday at the 6th St. HyVee, find some group collecting items for Just Food and be able to leave your donation with them.

Wouldn't that be (literally as well as figuratively) changing lemons into lemonade? Is there anything bad in that?

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Editorial: KPERS strategy

Just another example of misGovernor Brownback promising future payback on one of his gambles with the public's money. How many more failures with them will we see before he's finally gone? As bad as things are now, how much worse off will he leave us?

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City commissioner says some travel expenses by former Mayor Jeremy Farmer have drawn questions; city expected to release details today; Soden talks about pending appointment

I was wondering this morning how many shoes remain to drop. It's looking like the answer was in my thought ... "many." I guess we can only hope it's not too many -- and that none weigh a ton. If this means the city and Just Food need to go after him, it should be done quickly, whether civilly or criminally or both.

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Douglas County OKs specialty meat shop; Kobach fails to block Lawrence entrepreneur

Looking at the two approaches to this, I have an idea ... Brian Strecker for Secretary of State.

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Lawrence Mayor Jeremy Farmer submits resignation to city

Believe me, I don't! I also thought Nixon needed to resign, but was still sad when it actually happened. And I was already a liberal then, not a subsequent convert.

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Lawrence Mayor Jeremy Farmer submits resignation to city

I'm just sad beyond words (I usually use that phrase at someone's death or other very grave news). Optimally, we would come to know "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" but I have too many doubts now that that's possible. Maybe someday, but I've had much worse things in my life and I've made myself get over them. So I'll let this one go.

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Lawrence mayor resigns as director of Just Food; nonprofit has $50K in unpaid taxes; divorce deposition alleges past mismanagement

I recently ended a post to with:

Our country's political landscape is getting darker and darker. I'm not sure I hope for anything else these days.

I *never* thought I'd have to say that about Lawrence, too. Topeka's been bad enough; to have to add Lawrence makes me say, "Mr. Farmer, you need to resign as mayor, too ... immediately."

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Kobach opposes specialty meat shop in rural Douglas County; chef says his proposal is being mischaracterized

Dear Mister Kobach --

Please move to Texas. I suppose any other state would do, but from what I keep reading I get the distinct feeling you'd love it there and be loved in most parts of the state (you might want to stay away from Austin and Houston).

Regards, etc.

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