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Brownback shifts blame for state budget woes on Legislature

I almost didn't get to read the article becuase I was laughing too hard. Now that I have read it ... back to laughing.

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Lawrence commission OKs Rock Chalk Park audit, due by end of February

Commissioner Farmer: “I think there will be recommendations on how we can do this better in the future, if we ever choose to do so again.”

The *only* way to "do this better" is to not do it. Period. And I'll clarify that I'm commenting on the process, not the structure(s?), which I haven't been in.

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Lawrence lines up for tickets to see President Obama

That's true. I remember my dad taking my older brother and me to hear Pres. Eisenhower about 55 years ago. That's why I suddenly decided this morning (at 7:55) to go up and get in line at KU.

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Today in Lawrence: Get your tickets to see the president

I hate to quibble but noticed "... is free and open to the public, but you still need a ticket to get in. They go on sale to the public ..."

I presume that should be more like "... They become available to the public ..."; the tickets are marked as "not for sale or resale."

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Lawrence commission reverses Rock Chalk Park stance after serious accounting questions emerge

Can we spell, "Boondoggle," folks? But of course, we'll pay for it.

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Douglas County's first mail-ballot election sees high voter turnout

I ran into a small (and I literally mean "small") problem with this ballot ... my building shares a USPS pedestal-style collection of mailboxes. The ballot envelope was an inch or so too wide to fit into the outgoing mail slot. I had to go elsewhere to mail it. It wasn't a hardship but if I couldn't get out easily, I might've given up on voting this time. I hope this can be corrected before the next time this method is used.

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Kafka (my dog) is now 14 years old. When he was about 6 months old, I started taking him to LF&FS. By the time he was 2, if we walked by and the store was closed, he'd do a sit-down-strike until I took him to the front door to show him no one was inside. After a year and more of my going there alone because of his age, I took Kafka there today. *He* pulled me off the sidewalk and to the front door when he realized where we were.

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Lawrence legislators say they hope Kansans will turn the tide on current policies

No, blaming Pres. Bush for what happened *while* *he* *was* *in* *office* is like blaming Turner Gill for losing football games *while* *he* *was* *coach* and nothing more.
Now, I personally thought Coach Gill deserved more time to turn what he inherited around, but that wasn't my decision. The American people, though, decided just that with Pres. Obama.

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Journal-World carriers working to deliver papers in snow

I was a (then called) "paperboy" while in junior high in the 1960's, so I know just how difficult being a newspaper carrier (or postal carrier or any delivery service) is when weather like this hits. A tip of the hat to you all.

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Kobach discusses early voter fraud in state at 'Bleeding Kansas' lecture series

This made me laugh. Kobach himself, though, is no laughing matter ... even if he is a joke.

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