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Brownback outlines new tax plan to close budget gap

Rephrasing that last sentence ...
The Republicans have driven Kansans to suicide.

Incredible, but no surprise from this "pro-life" GOP. "Grand Ole Party" indeed.

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Kansas Legislature's session this year among longest ever

Not to mention the worst-performing as far as service to the people of Kansas goes.

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Who's leading the Kansas Legislature? Despite huge majorities, GOP leaders mired in division

As with the (I'll admit it up front) "left" (which I personally consider right), it's also true that the "right" (which I personally consider wrong) consists of realists/pragmatists and idealists/ideologues. Unfortunately for the people of "this once-great state," the far right ideologues are overwhelmingly in control. I was never crazy about "loony lefties" being in total control of government but the "rabid right" in Kansas has done far more damage than the left ever could. Getting out of this mess will need a miraculous intervention. I just wish I knew who/what to implore, 'cause Gov. Brownback apparently isn't him/her/it. I just want Kansas to be a "great state" once more before I leave this life.

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Kansas state hospitals face staffing shortages

Further evidence that "The sun is shining in Kansas."

I think not. The people wanted, maybe *needed*, to believe and got hornswoggled. We all should've watched "The Rainmaker" before the last election.

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Commissioners support new building codes policy, say Kobach did not get special treatment; others not so sure

I'm as angry with the county commission as I was at the previous Lawrence city commission. I'll again vote against any incumbent that tries to justify this and thinks all is fine. It isn't as far as I'm concerned. And I guess Kobach figures it's better to stay silent since it's not his problem. It is if decision-makers are overly concerned about being perceived as punitive with someone who seems to enjoy punishing others when he can. Doesn't he get the discrepancy with that?

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Editorial: Budget blackmail?

So what would the legislature do after its own idiocy let to a shutdown of the judicial branch? Since the best advice is never pay the blackmailer,let's let the lunatics in Topeka deal with the resulting chaos of no district courts making any decisions of any kind. If Kansas is gonna be a circus, we might as well make it the biggest one ever.

Heck ... we might even outdo Texas with their state guard mobilization to defend against the invading US Army!

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Douglas County says Kobach was not shown favoritism in building case; failure to be strict on building codes was result of new, unwritten policy

That building's derriere might look like a "barn" but the north sure looks like a house worth well over $70K. I know, because I can't even afford Tenants-to-Homeowners prices. On top of that, it does seem quite clear to me that Kobach got special treatment, whether he "asked for it" or not.

This incident has a definite odor of fish. And I don't mean the nicely cooked kind.

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KU fraternities vote to ban hard alcohol at chapter houses

Way overdue, but as my grandmother frequently said, "Better late than never."

I agree that beer of any strength should also be banned, but that's probably impossible for this group so instead I'd suggest that freshmen *and* sophomores be required to live in campus housing. That's probably even more impossible, but it's a thought to cure a very serious problem.

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Editorial: Closed doors

At its most basic level, we now have one-party (and not just that but even worse ... one-ideology) rule in Kansas. Of course those currently "in charge" don't care.

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What’s your favorite spot on the KU campus?

Pioneer Cemetery ... despite Iowa St. being so close, it somehow stays amazingly peaceful.

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