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Brownback does not offer comprehensive plan to fix budget but says he will work with Legislature

Like an abusive spouse who says, "See that mess I made? Clean it up!"

There's nothing good I can find about this governor.

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Kansas revenue projections for next year contributing to even bigger budget hole

And we're stuck with this drunk driver at the wheel for three more [choose your word] years.

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New Lawrence mayor confident commission ready to tackle issues, rebuild trust

Yep, I'm Lawrence's Homer Bedlow ... just an angry, old, grumpy, mean, crank all the time.

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New Lawrence mayor confident commission ready to tackle issues, rebuild trust

Thanks, Mayor Farmer.

I want to believe, but for now can only suspend my disbelief. Mainly because I'm *still* angry that the responsible city officials must have known the police building was such a critical need but let the Library improvement (which I would still vote for) and the West Lawrence Exercise Extravaganza (aka Rock Chalk Park + rec center), with its no-bid contract, be approved first. So now we hear about the damage a no-tax-increase police facility will do to other city departments. That seems wrong-headed, too.

If I sound like a Tea Party aficionado, I want to assure you I'm a lifelong liberal and almost-always Democrat-voter who's currently appalled by the far right currently in control of this state I still love.

Even so, you and the new commissioners do indeed still have plenty of work to do, at least with me.

On a more positive note to the Journal-World, I really appreciate Chad Lawhorn's reports about the city government and other local "stuff." They're consistently informative and helpful.

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Lawrence, other cities, deal with many issues related to low voter turnout for local races

I recently read about a European country's vote that was automatically invalidated by its low turnout and had to be redone. Admittedly that was a constitutional question, but it sure seemed like a good idea that could be extended somewhat to all elections. Of course, the de facto single-party extremist ideology in Topeka likely will never let a municipality require a true majority vote. But what a difference that might make.

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Jury finds Martin Miller guilty of first-degree murder in retrial

I believe justice was done again.

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Opinion: Should Kansas have a constitutional convention?

I say let's go for it and create a whole new world here:

President-for-life Brownback is head of state ...
No federal rules/regulations/requirements are recognized within the borders of Kansas ...
All military installations in Kansas are turned over to the state government ...
Kansas residents are no longer required to pay federal income tax ...
"Obamacare" is replaced within the borders of Kansas by Bownbacknoncare (whose slogan is "Let them have strokes!") ...
All undocumented immigrants are expelled from Kansas ...
All gay and lesbian citizens of Kansas are restricted to the confines of the city of Lawrence ...
Teachers who say the word sex instead of spelling it s-e-x lose their teaching credentials and spend 30 days in jail ...
Not only is abortion a crime, considering one is also a crime starting 1 micromillisecond after conception ...
and on and on ...

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Results: Soden, Boley, Herbert top Lawrence City Commission vote

I'm just really sorry the turnout was so low, even if I *do* really like the result.

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Editorial: Questionable leadership

How much better are the principles by which Boehner and McConnell lead the majorities in their respective chambers? As I measure based on what I've seen, not at all.

No surprise,though, since you give Bownback a "pass" on his own damaging leadership, per your Sat. column. Though not surprising in itself, it seems hypocritical in light of today's editorial.

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Company at center of alleged money laundering, undocumented worker scheme worked at Rock Chalk Park

This supposed city-KU partnership project is just the non-gift that keeps on giving. But what it keeps giving, unfortunately, isn't good.

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