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KNEA endorses Holland for governor

Look, Holland is a savvy politician. He is trying to get his name in the news because he is irrelevant in this race. First the Rasmussen poll brewhaha and now the KNEA...The KNEA would never support a candidate with conservative fiscal principles. Holland has not accomplished anything during his time in the Legislature. This race is similar to the 2008 Presidential race. Obama & Holland (no experience) and McCain and Brownback (experience). This time experience will win out because Kansans are smart. They will not be fooled by the Holland charade.

Lastly, notice who wrote the article. Scotty-boy is at Tom Holland's beck and call. Tommy needs an article, Scott's got one for him.

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On eve of sidewalk sale, city report shows sales tax collections on decline

As taxes go up, the actual number of sales will go down. The city, county, state and federal gov'ts can't continue to increase our taxes and expect us to have lots of extra income to spend.

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Longtime Johnson County publisher plans run for 3rd District Congressional Seats

Dennis Moore and conservative Democrat do not go together. He is as liberal as they come. The Lawrence libs wouldn't love him as much if he wasn't. He will go along with Pres. Obama.

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Moore discusses economy at Rotary meeting

Again...I will state...Moore voted for the bailout. Money for the wealthy banksters. He doesn't care about you and me or our Constitution. He cares about getting re-elected. He can hem and haw about health care, but he will vote for the Obama plan.

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Moore discusses economy at Rotary meeting

It be nice if Rep. Moore would quit dodging the tough questions. Host a town hall Rep. Moore. You work for us. You voted for the bailout and you support Pres. Obama' plan. Be honest with the people. Tell them the truth.

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Hero material

Great article. Jesse Brinson is a great man.

November 15, 2008 at 9:41 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

GOP, labor interests primary sources of funding in 3rd Senate district race

Boy, who do you think will vote with the trade unions next session.

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Jordan ad cites story unrelated to election

Does this writer just ask the Democrat Party what he should write every day? I have never seen a positive article written about an R. This is another attempt to slander any R that has a chance of winning.

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