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Many residents want to vote separately on jail, mental health projects; there's a way, but county unlikely to go there

Mrs. Thellman clearly wants a jail and does not want to do the heavy lifting required to look for ways to lower the jail population. The jail has no chance without the mental health component. Mrs. Thellman knows that. The Commission knows that. I hope the voters vote no.

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Douglas County commissioners ready to ask voters to approve jail expansion, behavioral health initiatives

Agree with Mr. Hickman. These commissioners seem to have made up their mind a long time ago that they were going to build a brand, new jail. We must look at other similar communities that have had success with implementing jail alternatives. I will vote no.

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Douglas County commissioners confident of voter buy-in on jail expansion plan

Good questions Dorothy. We also must continue to look at #jailalternatives. I think we need some sort of mental health crisis center, but not so sure about a new jail. These two things should not be placed on the ballot together. I hope our county commissioners wise up.

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City approves 2014 budget

More taxes! Sweet...

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Rep. Davis says Secretary of State Kobach should focus on his job, not 'personal crusade' against illegal immigration

Another slow day at the Journal World. Rothschild finds some Dem to say something negative about a Republican. Nobody cares.

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Thank You Baseball

Nice work! Enjoyed your article!

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Financial strategy: What now?

Fred, I was just suggesting that you keep your money in your precious dollars and the rest of us will look at hard assets. Your overall point is that gold has no value. I disagree.

The gov't doesn't care about a reference to the fact that the gov't is killing the dollar every day. What do you want to own?

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Financial strategy: What now?

Fred, keep your money in Federal Reserve Notes aka dollars...hope that works out for you. Look at the dollar chart since 1970. The gov't doesn't care about you.

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Financial strategy: What now?

I would recommend that people buy hard assets. Things that have tangible value. Gold, silver, oil, natural gas, timber, agricultural commodities and farmland. As the Federal Reserve continues to print money, the value of the dollar will be decimated.

Don't trust investment planners that have a Keynesian world view.

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