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'The hardest and best job': Having fostered five dozen kids, she knows a bit about mothering

Mary & Mike Tye are true servants. Thank you for loving on all of these children.

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Americans for Prosperity campaigning against sales tax in Douglas County referendum

AFP (a right leaning org.) is against mass incarceration, like most Democrats. In addition, AFP is against wasteful government spending. They see that Prop 1 is a $164,000,000 financial boondoggle. So now there is an even broader coalition against Prop 1...NAACP, ACLU, AFP, Sunset Alliance, Kansas Appleseed, Young Democrats and Justice Matters. Who would have ever thought these groups would agree on something? #voteno #enoughisenough

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At forum, Douglas County commissioner explains 'what if' option if sales tax referendum fails

Elvyn, this is ridiculous. You write a story on something that drew 20 people in support of Prop 1 and don't write a story on an event that drew 1,000 DG county voters against Prop 1. Shame on you. It is clear that you have chosen a side in the Prop 1 debate.

Well, I sure hope that DG county voters decide against this financial boondoggle. This is a bad deal for Douglas County voters. $164,000,000 over 20 years. It appears that DG County leaders financial acumen is lacking.

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Letter to the editor: Funding the jail

$164,000,000 over 20 years. The jail is a financial boondoggle. Taxpayers wake up. #voteno #enoughisenough

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Building jail expansion in phases would take 16 years, $6M to $8M a year, county says

It seems like the County campaign strategy is fear, fear and more fear. If you vote no, we will cut mental health services and other county services...If you vote no, it will cost more...If you vote no, you will never get your mental health center...if you vote no, we will raise your property taxes anyway...I hope that citizens in our community see through the fear mongering and rise up and vote NO on jail expansion.

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Douglas County tries to explain why ballot language for jail, mental health projects doesn't include a dollar amount or debt cap

Chad, your two initial questions are great! I would add another one...At what interest rate. Who would take on debt without knowing what they are getting, how much it will cost and at what interest rate? Not a very smart person. I hope Douglas County voters wise up. The numbers for the jail don't show up on the ballot because they are astronomical. $45,000,000+ for construction, an additional $6,000,000+ annually to run the new, expanded jail and interest costs on the bonds. This thing may end up costing $60,000,000 or more. And, we really haven't looked into jail alternatives. There has to be a better way to spend this kind of money. Voters need to vote NO on this bad deal. This is starting to smell worse than the Rock Chalk Park deal.

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Letter to the editor: Bad move, county

Thank you Francis for your passionate concern for mental health.

Why don't you vote down the combined plan and then lobby your "incarceration-first commissioners" to put the mental health center up for a vote by itself in November. I bet you the churches you listed will likely support that plan.

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Douglas County Commission to consider wording of sales tax referendum to fund jail expansion, behavioral health campus

Its too bad that the ballot language can't be overly transparent. I think the costs should be listed on the ballot. Give the voters all the information. By listing the mental health center first the commission clearly understands that the jail can't pass on its own merits. It needs the mental health component or it has no chance.

Vote No.

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Many residents want to vote separately on jail, mental health projects; there's a way, but county unlikely to go there

Mrs. Thellman clearly wants a jail and does not want to do the heavy lifting required to look for ways to lower the jail population. The jail has no chance without the mental health component. Mrs. Thellman knows that. The Commission knows that. I hope the voters vote no.

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