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AG: Hack committed 'technical' violation, but won't be prosecuted

This is just one more glop of slop in the bucket of slime-work produced by the public admistrators and corporate fat-cats who run the County. Why be surprised at any of it?

Instead of a day or two of outraged web rhetoric, what sort of ACTION could involved, educated, concerned citizens take? Perhaps trying to stimulate a voter turn-out of more than 20% of those registered would start the ball rolling. Of course, voters also need to have a slate of candidates who are competent, educated and concerned. Candidates who can not only do the job better - but do it honorably and ethically. Way more easily described than found and convinced to stand for office...

Past history foretells that Big Business will continue here, as usual, hand-in-glove with the governing entities that it operates.

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Mayor fails to disclose Deciphera interest

It's not so much about party politics, pork-barrel glad-handing, or personal ethics ... It's about criminal behavior.

But if local history is a predictor, it's unlikely than any substantive action will occur. That's "how things is done around here" and people who don't care for the me-mine-now approach to public administration and community service will have to just float back up into the cloud from whence they came.

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Sebelius' wine joke leaves bad taste in mouths

Gov. Sebelius is incorrect:
Kansans are very good at wine-ing.

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Rental property valuations perplexing

There are at least three ways to determine the value of a property, according to information I received several years ago from a source I would assume / hope is reliable in the Douglas County Assessor's office. The only EQUITABLE way, though, to determine the tax-basis for smaller versus larger rental units is to apply the SAME formula to all of them.

But the probable truth of the matter is that at least some of the owners of the larger properties are well-connected with "cronies" in a way that the little guys aren't.

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GTAs set to receive merit pay raises

This new Provost is a very smart guy and it becomes increasingly apparent why he was hired.

Mr. Lariviere's divide-and-conquer strategy, apparent in the following quotation, is far more likely to be effective in maintaining the University's image than the Chancellor's let-them-eat cake approach ever was.

Where the Chancellor showed his distain for GTAs' survival needs by suggesting, for example, that those with families go on welfare to obtain the health care they could not receive through their employment, the new Provost makes the union the bad guy ... Very clever.


"The university was prohibited from putting pay raises into the pockets of deserving GTAs for almost two academic years because of the protracted negotiations with the union," KU Provost Richard Lariviere said in a statement. "We want to be as competitive as possible in the national market for the best and brightest graduate students. This impasse was frustrating and painful for the university and unnecessary for GTAs to endure."

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'Bachelor' bid ends for Lawrence woman

And she represented the town so well ... did us proud.

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Pianist breaks "new age" mold, shows chops at Lied Center

Wish I'd been there.

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Traffic calmers

Actually, the drunken college kid example has moved my opinion into being somewhat less skeptical about roundabouts than previously ... Just imagine these kids on a straightaway!

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KU office remodeling tops $100K

One very good thing brought out in this thread ...

KU is fortunate to have REAL craftsmen, artisans, and artists of all kinds employed in F&O and many other classifed and unclassified positions.

ALSO ... these highly skilled, hard-working and barely-paid people are willing to their lunches in whatever location is available, regardless of it ambience, furnishings, or ability to impress visitors ...

I think we are seeing the emergence of an institutional virus that might be named "Texas Syndrome"...

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KU office remodeling tops $100K

" ... [spokespersons] pointed out pieces of furniture that still show wear and tear, such as a conference-room table next to the chancellor's office that was taken out of storage and has smudges on the surface, and a chair with a hole in the wicker backing ...:

Us'uns here-'bouts calls them "antiques" ...

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