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City approves funding to help Community Shelter, Humane Society request doesn't win funding yet

I have always had a pleasurable experience with the Lawrence Humane Society. We adopted a wonderful kitten from them and when we picked him up I believe they gave us a small bag of food. We rounded up the cost of the adoption a bit and called it a donation. We also drop off our aluminum cans for them to recycle.

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Town Talk: Minsky's to open in downtown Lawrence; renderings for 31st and Iowa apartments; East Lawrence coffee house up for approval

Oh well, that was 26 years ago and it did start with a

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Town Talk: Minsky's to open in downtown Lawrence; renderings for 31st and Iowa apartments; East Lawrence coffee house up for approval

Minsky's was across the street from Runza, next to the old Plum tree. It went out back in 1986 and sat vacant till a few years ago when they tore down the building. Great Pizza! I welcome them back to Lawrence.

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Teller's owner hopes to add Iron Chef-style competition to Lawrence Fourth of July celebration in Watson Park

When you graduate from Johnson County Community College with a Culinary Degree, you are an accredited Sous Chef. While going to classes, students are also working full time at a restaurant for two years that has an agreement with Johnson County Community College that the apprentice/student will work full time and be exposed to all areas of work in the kitchen. The Head Chef is also responsible for grading the apprentice on their work. Graduates of the JCCC program have at least two years full time experience and usually many more to go along with their associate’s degree.

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Kansas House advances bill putting restrictions on sexually oriented businesses

With our state’s economy in shambles, this is the best our elected officials can do? Instead of trying to help small business create jobs, they are looking for ways to close these businesses which will cut out not only employee wages, but alcohol tax revenue and tax revenue on profits. That is less employed Kansans paying income tax and less sales tax revenue coming into the state’s coffers! What does this accomplish? The only thing any Kansas legislator can say about this is “This will look good to the voters when I run again, even though we will have to cut social services and education while wasting our time in office!” Surely we elected them to do better with our tax dollars. Come on Legislators, there are bigger problems that need your attention than this!

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Governor wants to reveal Obama’s birth info

“For those who want Obama to present his birth certificate to you, I want to see Sarah Pallin’s high school diploma!” Bill Mahr

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Geocaching game combines treasure hunting and technology in Kansas parks

whatadrag, were you always the last to be picked for teams in elementary school? From your name and attitude, I'd say yes.

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Salmon latest vodka flavor

Serving smoked along with chilled vodka is a great pairing for those of you who have never tried it, just like lox and bagels. I don’t think I would use it as a mixer for a martini though. I would much rather drink this than a bacon flavored vodka.

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Anxious Gazans trying to leave blockaded territory

hamas was elected...and now the people of Gaza want out and their government wants to keep them in....sounds like the makings of a revolution is coming...

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