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Dental care

There is a long line of very well-qualified young people trying to get into dental school. I think we need to be asking why enrollment to these schools has become so exclusive.

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KU soccer falls in NCAAs, 2-0

How is it that this story gets second billing in the paper? The KU soccer team made the tournament! And it gets bumped by a story about the KU girls barely eeking out a win to Western MI at the beginning of the season? Not a huge soccer fan but the KU girls deserve more love.

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City showdown ends in scoreless, double-OT tie

This is the first game I have been to. It was amazing. I didn't know any of the players, but my kids are into soccer so I went. Definitly the most exciting HS sports event I have been to in years. Well done!

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NCAA all about the money

Just now getting around to realizing this? Welcome to the party.

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National Endowment for the Arts says it can no longer give funding to Kansas, in wake of Brownback budget cuts

I wish Kansas could fund the arts better. And I wish the government could just go around handing out $100 bills to people. Given the national debt debate, I don't think this analogy is overstated. The real issue is: What cuts need to be made? The argument should be that maybe the cut was too much. Maybe we can balance the cut with cuts in other places instead. Like.....? Corporate tax breaks? Raise state taxes? Nothing is perfect.

The reality is that the cuts are just beginning. The feds have been able to prolong the pain longer that states have. But can we really debate that cuts are coming? And as much as I think arts funding is important, I realize there are other, more vital services that also need money.

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Lawrence Athletic Club owner says personal bankruptcy shouldn't affect business

I don't think God has anything to do with him being in business but I do hope this forces a deal with Genesis. I would love to have a gym where the equipment worked. In the meantime lets shoehorn another leg press into that weight room.

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Statehouse Live: Democrats criticize hiring private firm to defend state in lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood

I am an attorney and pretty conservative. But this is over the line. What statement is being made about the AG's office? How can this be anything other than political payback? I was kind of agnostic to Brownback until now. I see this as dangerous.

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