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Disgruntled Kansans take to Facebook with concerns about state agency

Sparks said the problems were a result of an influx of inquiries from those laid off in the winter months seeking unemployment benefits, a yearly issue.

No way, I drew unemployment for about 4 months 2 years ago, and it was the same thing and it was not in the winter months, but rather the spring.

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KU School of Education dean apologizes for joking about animal cruelty complaint involving fraternity

If it had been a janitor writing that email, I'll bet you he would have been fired!

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Former employee sues Lawrence restaurant for discrimination

I agree. I've personally seen discrimination in the last 20 years of working, amongst other employees. Discrimination still exists in our world. If he can prove it, stick them in the pocketbook.

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Rottweiler attack leaves Lecompton Chihuahua with life-threatening injuries

I've used Dr. Lewis at Bradley for many many years. The little guy couldn't be in better hands.

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Man critically injured in pedestrian-vehicle accident on Tennessee Street

I use to drive Tennessee Street going south every night home from work and it's a death trap for pedestrians. It is so dark and narrow on that street from 9th street clear to the end. I see shadows sometimes of people walking or running across the street and hold my breath every time. Because of the students back into town, I've decided to change my route. More lighting would help.

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Spending spree

Well said and a great article.

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City mulls increase in property tax rate, sales tax

Well said! This isn't the last tax increase, there are more to come. Shame on you commissioners.

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Writer shares horse tales

Great Story. I could listen to those stories all day long. THanks!

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Statehouse Live: Major debate forming over Brownback's desire to cut taxes

That's just great. My home value in Lawrence is worthless and now more property taxes on top of it.

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