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Kansas lawmakers call out Kobach on 'culture of corruption' charge

If they didn't get all wound up and turns out he is a sheister, you would say, "why didn't you complain earlier?". So I take it your question is rhetorical.

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Judge fines Kobach for misleading court about document he took to Trump meeting

If he was proud enough of that document to take it to Trump, why would it be embarrassing to him if the ACLU made it public? What is missing here?

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Kris Kobach enters 2018 race for Kansas governor

Mammal! Funny. I too was considering a move back, but this Doom and gloom guy scares me as much as the one currently in office.

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Political shift, hospital's fears hand NRA defeat in Kansas

Blissful ignorance sounds so much better than constant unrelenting and unwarranted suspicious paranoia. However, I think Ken is speaking to the type of social contract and rule governed contingencies we want to live under. An Everyman for himself verses a mutually respectful community (for the most part because violence is still rare given the number of people on the planet) is what I think he might be getting at. The research on guns that is out there suggests that the presence of a gun in a conflict heightens arousal, under which decision making can be impaired. Adding more people with guns, ready for conflict or concerend about conflict doesn't sound safer to me. This sounds like a recipe for more unnecessary violence to me, not less.

I have worked at one of the state facilities. The arming of all staff would place residents and staff at risk. The residents come into care with few if any possessions. I did not experience any fear of random people walking onto campus to shoot others. I have also taught at university and had students who were stressed or mentally ill and trained to use weapons. Having a gun in my purse would not have made me feel safer. The knowledge that I could request campus police presence and have a trained individual there did. I can handle a weapon, but I am not trained to do so in a conflict situation and feel that would increase the probability of more injury rather than reduce it.

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Letter to the editor: Our leader

An individual with no money or position speaking this way is completely disregarded. Perhaps he should be afforded the same courtesy.

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Kansas lawmakers advance bill to keep guns out of hospitals

I would gander gun rights advocates would say let them all leave. Not that I agree with that because I certainly do not.

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Taxes, school finance, budget and maybe a 7-day work week await Kansas lawmakers as they return

Which schools and psychiatric facilities do the NRA actually run? And which branch of government are they that the state should worry about whether gun safety regulations designed to protect educators and mental health providers and their charges are acceptable to the NRA?

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Letter to the editor: Value KPR

Seriously? Have you ever actually listened?

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Spicer apologizes for ‘insensitive’ reference to Holocaust

Looks like 2020, unfortunately.

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Letter to the editor: Trump deserves chance

Really? His vigor, cooperation with congress, appointments, and executive orders? Vigor??? The last two have some arguably negative potentials which time will tell. But how in the world is vigor an accomplishment benefitting the people? Sure, it's a nice asset, which may or may not help one get a job well done. He wastes an awful lot of vigor on Twitter. Finally, it isn't hard to cooperate with people who agree with you or who are petrified they won't be reelected if they disagree with you.

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