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Kansas governor preparing to discuss abortion, other issues

Yes, chock full of astronauts with salaries in the average range of 56k to 77k clamoring to take a pay cut to teach kids in schools strapped for cash to the point materials are scarce. Maybe they are retired and wanting to supplement their retirement fund. Astronauts and CPAs are well known for their outgoing personality and speaking abilities right? Sorry for all the sarcasm. Just having a hard time choking down that Op Ed.

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Brownback calls for probe of abortion clinics; Planned Parenthood calls request 'political grandstanding'

The full video is where's? Because those on the all edgings company's website are disgusting but because of the rediculosity editing and instant replays. And the disgusting way the liars posing as someone else set that woman up in conversation.

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More Kansas teachers leaving state, retiring

Teachers would retire from one district and then go work for a community college for example and earn their pension and a full time salary. The state put a cap on the total extra salary they can earn, making full time work like that nearly impossible after retirement.

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Panel drops complaint against Kansas lawmaker's 'racist bigots' remarks

Kansas is the hardest state to get in state tuition for out of state students. Many adults choose to live off campus at some time. Most graduate students live off campus. Although they establish a residence off campus, most continue to pay out of state tuition. In many other states, establishing a residence for 1 year or even as little of 6 months can qualify a student for in state tuition. That makes those states more attractive to other students. We aren't just talking border states, where there is often some kind of agreement.

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Activists ask Wichita to remove Confederate flag from park

Read up on the full story of Charleston and you will know

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Governor appoints three to Kansas Board of Regents

What the h e double hockey sticks do any of those folks know about higher education?

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Brownback signs budget; claims success in 2015 session

I like that he says this isn't a tax increase, and then says I don't anticipate having to enact another tax increase next fiscal year. What??

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Opinion: Voters should demand own ‘pledge’

Because we have observed that without a lot of money it is unlikely anyone would gain much political power in the first place.

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Kansas Legislature: Furlough threat lifted, but 'absolutely stupid' stalemate continues at Statehouse

So, now, because senators who disagree are afraid the governor will veto a tax bill and think poorly of them, any more reasonable tax plan can't move forward. Why won't the governor see what the people want?

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