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Brownback defends education funding

Block grants, what's the evidence for those? Will districts have to apply? Can they be denied if their Grant is t good enough? What, then, for free and appropriate public education in those districts?

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Brownback budget cuts K-12 education, holds higher education funding flat

How does a competitive grant application ensure the provision of a free and appropriate education to the populace? What is the data on that? This sounds like another experiment. Brownback's background in research design isn't very strong.

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Brownback focuses on 'crisis of the family' in second inaugural

I would say the latter, but it is the former. He really believes he is a good person, imbued with godly qualities.

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Critics of Kansas science standards appeal ruling

Atheism isn't an organized religion. Science hardly promotes any belief or disbelief, because believing isnt a requirement of science. You report the data. That is all. One's lack of belief in God/s doesn't violate or impede anyone else's right to believe in God or gods. Insisting that religious beliefs be discussed in the context of science education is anithema to science and to American values. If you want a religious education, go to a private religious school.

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Editorial: Crisis situation

There is some confusion about what constitutes serious mental illness that might benefit from inpatient treatment and what that treatment may provide and the difference between that and what Osawatomie has for admissions criteria. Many people with serious mental illness may not be an eminent threat of harm to self or others, thus disqualifying them from admission at Osawatomie for example, but may benefit from an inpatient stay and be unable to obtain that service through their health care coverage or due to lack of private inpatient service availability. Those suffering from serious mental illness may feel they must make a serious threat to get the service they need. These people fall into the potentially dangerous category, but haven't yet met the criteria for OSH admissions. I think this is the pool of individuals to which other readers refer. thise who are well enough to be proactive somewhat about services, but Serious enough they need inpatient care. With self-admission eliminated, this group of people may feel they have diminished self agency, placing them at greater risk for involuntary admission or other less desirable outcomes.

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Jenkins says conservatives won in $1.1 trillion spending bill

Lead bullets are for shooting vampires and werewolves right?

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Woman who tried to pimp teen pleads guilty

Is it legal to prostitute if you advertise correctly? Somehow I got that out of this story, but I think I must have misread something.

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Saturday Column: Brownback must acknowledge error, alter course

When some professors leave, they take their grants and income generating programs with them. When they leave enmass, the research community suspects there is something amiss and those vacant positions can remain vacant. Meaning new profs with grants and programs aren't filling the void.

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Kansas candidate criticized for black fathers post

Sounds like someone just read The Bell Curve and is taking it as current gospel.

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Judge nixes opposite-sex couple's bid to intervene in Kansas gay marriage lawsuit

Property right? So marriage is property to be bought and sold? I am confused on this one. Are there other properties solely emerging from marriage I should know about?

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