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Opinion: Donald Trump and the fitness threshold

I'll put five on he doesn't.

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Editorial: Human costs

Family members and charitable groups will not just step in. They would have already if they were able. These people need professional support that families and untrained charitable groups are unable to provide.

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Kansas lawmakers expect to consider transgender restroom use

Gender is a social construction. Sex chromosomes on the other hand are not an absolute either or like our little dichotomous gender indicators on bathroom door. Our social construction doesn't even begin to address the variability in XY chromosome distribution. But for the most part we force people by the nature of our social construction to choose between only two options. How is that intellectually sensible?

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KU professor who said N-word in class will lose job at university

Lets say we take race out and just say it is an offensive term, similar to the F word and other words like it. I know it isn't, but just for a moment... If a professor is spouting out profanities and they are reviewed for it by the university for creating a hostile learning environment, get by on free speech, but are then terminated, because they don't pass tenure review, are we still thinking it is a raw deal or that they are a poor teacher? Sorry for the poor punctuation there. Anyway, I am just thinking if they feel her teaching style was sloppy and that is what lead to the problem in the first place they may have some standard we aren't aware of. They may expect a certain level of eloquence she didn't possess. The use of inflammatory speech to drive a point may not be what KU is looking for in a professor. Perhaps she was delivering zingers in every class but this was just the most egregious.

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Brownback signs Kansas budget and orders $97 million in allotment cuts, slashing KU funding

Sullivan has got to be kidding. So, those who receive Medicaid benefits will still get critical care access, which may or may not include any specialty care. So if that is needed and they have to obtain services outside their medical home, they can search for an independent practitioner who may or may not take any more Medicaid clients. Most practitioners outside rural critical access units cap percentage of Medicaid clients so they can make a living. This also doesn't promote preventative care very well. Just my opinion.

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Kansas school district ponders charging for all-day kindergarten

The department of education has done some studies on achievement outcomes for all day Kindergarten. And yes it is beneficial.

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Brownback administration could block transgender Kansans from updating records

It isn't BS, pick up a medical textbook, I recommend Dorlan's, and read for yourself.

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KU investigation clears professor who used N-word in class

Those who get their fillings hurt should see a dentist.

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KU investigation clears professor who used N-word in class

I might get chuckles if I call myself cracker, but I don't think I would feel happy if it were hurled at me by a person of colour. I definitely wouldn't consider it a mere comment.

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