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Letter: Abuse trivialized

The charges don't need to be refuted in order for there to be no trivialization of the acts with regard to McLinn's perspective. Particularly from a mental health expert, who is supposed to be an impartial reporter of facts. Benefactor is a word full of judgement. His name would have sufficed.

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Opinion: Equal opportunity hard to achieve

Continue to buy dogs

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Opinion: Florida’s Scott deep in climate denial

I have an idea, those opposed to immigration into the U.S. Out of concern of the carbon footprint effect, can emigrate to other third world countries and reduce their personal carbon footprint, thereby equalizing the effect of U.S. Immigration on global warming.

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Opinion: White House real target of letter

How come this letter isn't considered treasonous? I am curious and that is a serious question, not hostile rhetoric. It undermines our government. Threatens another country. It seems to be against the good of our country. At what point does treason occur? It's confusing.

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Editorial: Funding grab


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DA doesn't charge Lawrence police officer arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, kidnapping charges

I don't think it matters what the partner's gender is. If it was domestic violence, it was domestic violence. Assuming innocent until proven otherwise is a good policy.

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Letter: Education future

Teachers at private schools aren't paid that much more, are they?

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Lawrence superintendent testifies against a bill to repeal Common Core standards

Without public schools you can better control the masses. Those who can't afford education, won't get it. I live in an area where a large number of public educators are actively against public education. They send their own children to private schools and actively promote homeschooling to parents of children with special education needs even when parents are nowhere near equipped to do so. There is a large number of young parents in my area with a less than high school education. They are easily swayed by rhetoric and media. Problem solved for politicians here.

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Kansas Gov. Brownback creates Social Services Policy Council

And without a single person on it who has experienced poverty most likely. I can probably guess who is on that board. Sad. And a waste of time. I know that sounds pessimistic, but if the people I suspect are on that board, nothing innovative or acceptable to the target community will happen.

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Letter: Civil service

I left my state position and the state two years ago, seeing the writing on the wall. I worry for my colleagues still working for the state of Kansas. Some are tied by family to their communities. Some have given their services to the state their entire working career for significantly less money than they could make in the private sector because they believed in giving back to their communities. The idea that these people are mooching off the state is rediculous.

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