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Alleged conspirator of 2012 botched home invasion sentenced to probation

You go to someone's house to steal their stuff....with a gun...shoot the gun, hitting another person in the process and our court system can't be troubled to give you TWO DAYS in prison? Ridiculous. We can either send a clear message as a society to these community destroying thugs, or we can continue to enable their behavior.

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Letter: Suppressed vote

I was wondering how many comments about the non-existence of voter fraud would occur before the first reference to Melowese Richardson was made. Well done Bob. My favorite part of the story is how people who applauded her and were asked why justified their applause as not being for her criminal activity or her getting around her 5-year prison sentence, but rather they were applauding that she had returned home to help out sick family members.

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West Lawrence fun center plans on hold again as neighbors speak out; the big question looming for city's rental licensing program

typically, elections work by way of winning a plurality of the votes. So, how do they get elected you ask? The answer, more people vote for them than for the guy you voted for......that and an 8% voter turnout probably answer your question.

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Letter: One and done

there is a MASSIVE difference between "leaving early" and "one and done". Based upon the title of the LTE, it's a distinction that the writer finds important.

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Letter: One and done

Mike- your evidence actually feeds the counter-argument; with the exception of Ben Mclemore, none of those players were one and done guys

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Letter: One and done

The NBA needs to adopt major league baseball rules- if a kid wants to go pro out of high school, let him. Sending Andrew Wiggins to college for one year serves no real purpose. If however a kid opts to go to a D1 college, they should be untouchable for three years.

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Nightclub inside The Oread hotel faces state investigation related to free alcohol; city concerned about conduct at The Cave

Bob Schumm wants to hold a meeting with The Cave to discuss "using good judgment"?? That's hilarious. Somewhere here is an analogy about a pot calling a kettle black or throwing stones in a glass house or something.

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Letter: City giveaway

The city commission didn't give away this town, the 60,000+ citizens who didn't vote in the last election gave it away. Why should any city commissioner care what you think? The odds of you voting in the next election are almost zero. Ask Dr.Riordan how many votes he received to reserve his two year seat on the commission. The number is laughable. In a town this large, with a system allowing voters to cast votes for multiple candidates, no candidate receiving less than 5,000-10,000 votes should be taken seriously. Based upon the last election turnout, 5,000 votes would make you a shoe-in for a four-year term.

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City explains, defends proposed rental licensing program at public forum

Perhaps a question of semantics, but nonetheless one the city commission will want to address with legal verbage: many landlords, myself included, who own multiple properties place these properties within LLC's - sometimes a landlord with 10 properties may have just as many LLC's as a way of protecting the assets of one property from another. When the city's agreement states that they have the right to inspect 10% of properties, will that be per individual or PER rental company. As in, would an inspection isolate an individual LLC and the benefits of a positive inspection affect only the properties within that LLC or would a positive inspection benefit ALL of my properties, regardless of their LLC separations?

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Longtime resident laments plans to build five-story apartment building along three sides of her home

Is it weird that I have a crush on a 91 year old ? Keep on fighting Georgia !

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