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Lawhorn's Lawrence: A tombstone tour

On May 3rd Watkins Museum led a 'walking tour' of Oak Hill that moved you chronologically through the history of American warfare showing graves of one soldier from each conflict from the Civil War through Vietnam, complete with reenactors telling their stories. Truly a very neat experience

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Lawrence High graduation: Voracious student of history prepares for school in Scotland

Kennedy is a wonderful student. She will go on to do truly great things

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Lawrence to pay $29,500 for citizen survey on how well local government is functioning

I want to clarify my position on my one of my votes last night. The issue of the city survey came before the commission and as is noted in the article, I was the lone vote of dissent. I did not vote "no" to silence the public, but rather I voted "no" due to cost/benefit analysis I did. Keep the following things in mind: First, the city survey will cost taxpayers $29,950. Given that the survey group anticipates receiving back only 800 surveys, we will be asking taxpayers to pay $37.43 PER RESPONSE. Secondly, given the timing of the survey with regards to the timing of budget season, NONE of your responses will be back in time for them to have ANY impact on the 2016 budget season. Best case scenario, we just spent $30,000 to help us make decisions for the 2017 budget. In theory, some of the issues at play on survey may have already been dealt with by that point. Finally, less than one month ago our city held an election and voted in 60% of a new city commission. During the campaigning process, all three newly elected commissioners, myself included, individually spoke to more members of the public about their concerns than this survey could ever hope to reach...and we did so for FREE. I personally knocked on 4700 doors. This survey will reach 2,500 doors. The idea that 800 community responses will somehow open our eyes to a community movement that we didn't know existed is frankly not realistic. I apologize to any community members who took offense with my vote, but I campaigned on the promise of "your city, your money, your choice" and I intend to honor that. This, in my analysis, is not a good use of your money.

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Free State Brewing Company creates new beer series; AT&T expanding broadband service; City Hall creates new online public forum

^^ nailed it. Thanks Rick. We have about 650 very active citizens engaged in dialogue on a daily basis regarding issues coming before the commission. We only ask that the discussion focus on ways to improve the community; negativity for no other purposes than being a grouchy human isn't highly productive or helpful so we ask that such commentary remain with the LJW blogs. Feel free to join the discussion at

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County commissioner: Justice Matters event 'inappropriate'

This is a big reason why mental health expansion and police facility issues need to be separate conversations. You can be in favor of both or opposed to both without having to treat them as the same. When we make them the same issue, we ignore the masses of individuals who suffer from mental health issues but are not criminals.

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City set to select Stoddard to serve as interim city manager; speculation that Holiday Inn will become a DoubleTree by Hilton

@ Leslie- It is worth noting that Lawrence actually ranks quite low in comparison to city manager pay in surrounding communities. Many communities located just a matter of miles from Lawrence, Kansas are paying their city manager $175,000 and up.

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City Commission supports hiring firm to conduct residents survey

Final approval for this survey has not yet been given. If you have input, please attend the April 29th commission meeting and speak during public comment or attend the May 5th city commission meeting where this issue will be on the agenda and voice your opinion.

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New City Commission set for more study of police headquarters, other goals

For public information purposes, it should also be mentioned that completion of the city fiber policy was set as an immediate goal at last night's meeting.

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75th Anniversary of The Duke and 75,000 fans in Lawrence; police officers association endorses three for City Commission

"short changed" is an interesting way to put it given that he raised more money than any of us this time around.

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