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Updates on Mr. Bacon BBQ, Hog Wild BBQ and Gran-Daddy's Q; family fun center loses key vote at City Hall

Yes, because nothing says "democracy" like a bunch of people telling a guy what to do with the property he legally bought and to which they have no legal rights over.

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Updates on Mr. Bacon BBQ, Hog Wild BBQ and Gran-Daddy's Q; family fun center loses key vote at City Hall

they don't want a family fun center..and they don't want apartments...but apparently they also didn't want to step up to the plate and purchase the property.

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Kansas speech by Michelle Obama draws complaints

President Bush visited Topeka during the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board and spoke. He is, last I checked, not black.

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City set to clear way for test of legalized hitchhiking program; engineers propose unique design for pump station near 31st and Louisiana

Excuse me for being overly dramatic, but when the spokesman for the Police department has to come out and say that this program goes against everything law enforcement suggests the community do to be safe, it's PROBABLY not a great idea for the city commission to throw their support behind the program.

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Kansas speech by Michelle Obama draws complaints

Limited tickets at graduation is not an unheard of practice with or without a celebrity in attendance. Only Topeka, Kansas could find a way to ruin an opportunity like this.

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Political analyst predicts Republicans will reclaim U.S. Senate

He admitted to having no knowledge of the Kansas gubernatorial race while speaking in Lawrence? The very first skill I used to teach in speech class was audience analysis- know your crowd and adapt your speech accordingly.

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Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse to close after 37 years in business

Buffalo Bob's "barbeque"...home of 6 microwaves and 0 smokers.

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UPDATE: Buffalo Bob's to close at end of month; Ladybird Diner plans to open along Mass. Street in June; city, county hosting Horizon 2020 meetings

The closing of Buffalo Bob's in my mind is addition by subtraction. Bad bbq and bad service.

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City receives just one proposal to redevelop dilapidated East Lawrence property; rumblings of Buffalo Wild Wings, barbecue and a downtown diner

and this is why you don't take someone's property via eminent domain unless you have a CLEAR plan of action for that property. The city stands to lose big time on this deal, since presumably the property, though not maintained well enough apparently, was paying annual property taxes. Now, that property (it appears) will no longer be collecting property taxes for the city. In addition to losing tax revenue, it appears the city will assume a net loss of nearly $25,000 in the sale of that property to a builder, who will then turn around and beg money from the city to restore the property. And what are we restoring it to be?? A for-profit rental property. Explain to me again how that will satisfy the 5th Amendment's 'public use' clause. Simply another ridiculous mismanagement of taxpayer money. People all over this city are renovating properties and are doing so within the confines of the free market. This home did not need to be a government preservation charity case

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