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City Commission names three finalists for city manager vacancy

Bob -
The decision to put the light at BBP & BobWhite was based upon two factors. First, from a traffic standpoint, this is a pro-active not a reactive decision. Once the K-10 connection opens up we are anticipating a substantially larger volume of traffic heading down 15th/BBP. The current stretch of 15th has substantially fewer stoplights than either 6th or 23rd rendering it a 'speedway' of sorts. This light is designed as a traffic calming device. Secondarily, BBP & Bobwhite is located right next to a school (Corpus Christi). I don't think taking into account the necessity of student safety is pandering to the wealthy; I think it's good common sense. When I campaigned, I reiterated that good local governance is two things: public safety & infrastructure. This project meets both criteria, in my opinion.

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City Commission names three finalists for city manager vacancy

Brett- the decision to utilize signalization instead of a roundabout at BBP & Inverness was based upon three factors. For one, a roundabout was nearly double the cost of signalization. Specifically, $240,000 more. The cost savings from NOT doing the roundabout will more than pay to close our sidewalk gap over there ($220,000 anticipated cost). Secondly, there were huge right of way issues with the adjacent property to the north. And, finally (though the least important of the three factors based upon commission conversation), that stretch of road is on a significant incline. Roundabouts function at their best on level terrain which is why every roundabout but one in Lawrence is positioned on level terrain.

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Numbers show achievement gap between Lawrence high schools

I sincerely hope that the "take away" from this article is not that readers equate LHS as a 'lesser' school. If you define a kid by a test score, you have already failed. I am incredibly proud to work in a building that celebrates diversity the way LHS does. I'm incredibly proud to work in a building that understands outcomes don't have to match for levels of growth to match. It's a great day to be a Lion.

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College course on voter registration proposed in Kansas

Am I reading this correctly that the entire course will be just about voter registration? Is this a semester-long course? I feel really sorry for the professor that has to stretch that content out for 4 months. I teach voter registration to seniors every semester; it takes about an hour to teach. Do you know your name? Do you know your address? Do you have a state-issued photo id?

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City Commission provides feedback on East Ninth Project; final design expected in February

Richard- Good question. In order to guarantee that the Eldridge and 715 come to an agreement on how the foundation shoring process will be done, we have tied issuance of a building permit to that agreement. In other words, if no agreement is reached, no permit is issued and no work can begin.

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Finalizing tax break for Eldridge Hotel expansion eliminated from CIty Commission agenda, deferred to later date

A quick point of clarification: when a commission is seated with only 4, it still takes 3 to pass but the city attorney does not serve as a tie breaker. The only issue where the city attorney is authorized to hold a tie breaking vote is the vote to select a new 5th commissioner.

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Chairs appear at East Lawrence bus stops; city responds with plan for new amenities

If transit funds are going to be used for the purchase of additional bus benches, it would be neat to see VanGo Arts get involved with the creation of the benches since they are already making incredibly well done and creative benches. If we are going to spend the money anyway, we might as well have it go to a cause/organization that is very helpful within the community.

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District adding laptops after concerns of unequal access to digital textbooks

While I appreciate the district taking steps to address this inequity, I feel that we face a troubling logical disconnect between our problem and our present "solution". If a kid has no computer at home with which to complete his now digital assignment, it is logical to assume that he also has no internet access at home. Why would a family without a computer pay for internet? If we send a kid to an internet-free home with a laptop, we might as well have sent him home with a giant rock.

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Free State Festival seeking sizable increase in city funding to keep event alive in 2016; city set to approve host of street parties, rides, parades

David- a quick clarification: When an event draws in large numbers of people, it is said to "put heads in beds". These individuals pay a nightly hotel tax which is exactly where TGT funds come from. By paying for the festival using only TGT funds the city is quite literally doing exactly what you ask, David. Unless you've been sleeping in a Lawrence hotel, YOUR money is not being spent here.

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