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Letter: Candidate funds

For what it is worth, almost all of my "8%" ($515) that came from non-Lawrence donors are former Lawrencians who grew up with me in Lawrence. I've lived in this town 21 years and in that time have acquired many friends, some of whom unfortunately have chosen to leave town to pursue careers elsewhere, but still wish me well in my goals and endeavors.

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Lawrence City Commission candidates speak on tax incentives, eco devo issues

DST brought the promise of a $46,000 average wage. That is probably why that was granted. If you are looking for more questionable abatements around that same time period, look to Prosoco who received an abatement in spite of promising only $26,000 average annual wages

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Rock/shock: KU, WSU to meet at long last

Interesting that the article makes no mention of the REAL reason to want to beat WSU: Conner Frankamp. Besides transferring and promptly acquiring a DUI, whatever happened to that kid?

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Latest breakdown of city commission vote totals show Soden's primary victory was widespread

I am the proud older brother of the 1 lone KU residence hall voter.

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Local health advocate raises idea of smoking ban in city parks, e-cigarette ban in certain city facilities

Many perfectly legal activities are prohibited in public parks in the name of 'public health/safety such as drinking alcohol. I think there is ample precedent set for such policy. While certainly parks are open to the entire public, many are 'geared' towards small children with the presence of playground equipment, etc.. I think a basic social norm/set of social skills would dictate that when I'm at the park with my three year old that perhaps you don't chain smoke around her. Sadly, I've encountered people who don't seem to feel a need for such polite considerations.

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Inconsistent numbers create new questions in Rock Chalk Park audit

Does this mean we get to pay for another "audit"?

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Kansas City's Spin Pizza coming to Sixth and Wakarusa area; rumor of another restaurant for South Iowa; Mojo's chicken wings make a return

I have really fond memories of 'all you can eat' wing night at Mojo's. My consumption of wings on those nights may very well have played a role in the closing of the restaurant.

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Preparing for the arrival of the Rock Chalk Park audit

The disconnect between what the PEOPLE want and what the CITY COMMISSION wants appears to be able to be summed up very simply; The PEOPLE want an audit. The CITY wants an appraisal.

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Editorial: Informed votes

it's public record - everyone has access to who supports all of us. Follow the money

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City Commission candidate profile: Matthew Herbert

Per our contract, Lawrence teachers are afforded 77.5 hours of paid leave per school year (10 days x 7.75 per day duty time). As I have been teaching a while and attend to my duties regularly, this time has built up to be a sizeable chunk. Any time beyond this would in fact, as you suggest, be "unpaid leave".

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