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Editorial: Pressure tactics

The notion that any member of the commission should have to recuse themselves from the vote because they received this email is nonsense. The fact of the matter is, at least two of the sitting commissioners who are not mentioned in the e-mail "scandal" received campaign donations from Josh Montgomery when they last ran, and yet no one has asked THEM to sit out on the vote. I would argue receiving money is more of a conflict of interest than receiving an e-mail. All five commissioners need to be voting this Tuesday. And all five commissioners need to remember that a vote against a loan guarantee is NOT a vote against high-speed fiber in the community.

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Commissioners concerned about e-mail from Wicked Broadband; WOW introduces faster Internet service; update on cable TV changes in Lawrence

I sincerely respect Commissioners Schumm and Riordan for making this e-mail public. In a situation where it would have been easy to do the "wrong thing", their response was the right thing to do given the circumstances.

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Synthetic ice rink: Not the same as real ice, but serves its purpose

I agree Sally. After building a really nice library I think we fell victim to the urge to try and redevelop the whole block to look trendy, hip and cool. In reality, the old tried and true method of flooding the park was actually the best method for both being cost effective and simply, usable as a skating rink facility. I'm personally equally good at falling down on both real ice AND fake ice (and sometimes just the ground in general), so I'll leave judgment to the real skaters out there who collectively seem very disappointed with the end product.

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City Commission set to decide whether it wants audit of Rock Chalk Park work

While I applaud the commission for having work audited by an outside, independent firm, our steps in this process appear horribly out of place. The point of auditing the work would be (presumably) to make sure that it was A) done right and/or B) done at a fair market price. As such, it would seem to me that if this were to be done, it would have needed to be done BEFORE we paid the contractors. Of course, I make that assumption as an individual who would have also assumed that when dealing with 12 million taxpayer dollars you might also ask for some bids.

At this point, what are we going to do if the audit turns up negative results? Kindly ask for our money back? If we have no intent to pursue legal recourse upon finding negative results, the audit will serve no purpose other than to add additional costs to taxpayers for a project that has already cost us greatly. If commissioners have no intent to pursue legal recourse (which I believe we can assume based upon how laid back they have been in the face of subpar work) is perhaps the only real purpose of the audit in hopes that a clean bill of health from the auditor helps the 3 incumbents save face in the March primary and April election? I would hope that's not the intent, but it sure would explain the hurried desire to have the report done by February......

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RadioShack closes South Iowa Street store; pro-police HQ group spends about $24K in losing effort, opposition group about $500

I'm slightly confused as to why you insist upon holding me personally accountable (in two separate posts now) for the amount of money the superintendent makes. You do realize that I have nothing to do with his salary, his contract, or even his hiring, correct?

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RadioShack closes South Iowa Street store; pro-police HQ group spends about $24K in losing effort, opposition group about $500

It is sad for our community that police officers are/were put in a position to have to beg for money in an effort to have adequate facilities that allow for basic training and proper COMPETITIVE recruitment of cadets while individuals building $12 million basketball courts are handed the money with no questions asked and out-of-town apartment developers are given free-ride on property taxes. I believe the job of a city commissioner is to provide core services: infrastructure and public safety. I hope for the sake of our community I'm not in the minority on this.

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RadioShack closes South Iowa Street store; pro-police HQ group spends about $24K in losing effort, opposition group about $500

It seems that the internet has done away with the need for odds and ends shops. Virtually everything is available now at a button's click and with e-commerce you can purchase an item at a competitively marked price instead of having to pay the heavily inflated price that a brick and mortar shop will charge knowing they are the only provider of said obscure part in town. The old adage: "Where competition exists, the consumer wins" is true. Unfortunately the brick and mortar odds and ends shop will lose out.

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Kansas tax collections $15M short of expectations for month

"Isn't that much" realize that was for the month, not the year right?

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City: Apartment complex by Memorial Stadium moving forward

Giving away tax abatements to lure industry that hold the promise of massive numbers of jobs is one thing to consider as a commissioner since you can employ negotiated clawbacks when they don't live up to their promises- giving away tax abatements to build apartments on the other hand in a community overrun by apartment complexes....simply unacceptable.

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