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Kansas City's Spin Pizza coming to Sixth and Wakarusa area; rumor of another restaurant for South Iowa; Mojo's chicken wings make a return

I have really fond memories of 'all you can eat' wing night at Mojo's. My consumption of wings on those nights may very well have played a role in the closing of the restaurant.

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Preparing for the arrival of the Rock Chalk Park audit

The disconnect between what the PEOPLE want and what the CITY COMMISSION wants appears to be able to be summed up very simply; The PEOPLE want an audit. The CITY wants an appraisal.

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Editorial: Informed votes

it's public record - everyone has access to who supports all of us. Follow the money

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City Commission candidate profile: Matthew Herbert

Per our contract, Lawrence teachers are afforded 77.5 hours of paid leave per school year (10 days x 7.75 per day duty time). As I have been teaching a while and attend to my duties regularly, this time has built up to be a sizeable chunk. Any time beyond this would in fact, as you suggest, be "unpaid leave".

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County approves lower tax abatement for Eldridge expansion

you have both come across what is perhaps the biggest issue in measuring the actual impact of an abatement. At present, the commission analyzes an expansion in terms of estimated sales and revenue with the addition. A massive oversimplification of it is that If more dollars are spent than given away, it is seen as a net positive. What this doesn't take into account is whether or not this is "new" wealth for the community or "transferred" wealth. The goal of an abatement is to lure "new" wealth to the community and as such, it is probably an economically wise decision if the particular industry does not exist in the marketplace and will therefore result in new dollars spent in the community. However, if the particular industry already exists in the community, especially if the particular industry is already part of a saturated market within the community, then the dollars spent at the new/expanded building are not "new" wealth, but rather transferred wealth. Consider the McDonald's analogy. If I built a new McDonald's in Lawrence tomorrow, would that increase the frequency at which you dined out or would that simply provide you one more option of a location where you could dine out?

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Lawrence commission gives preliminary approval to Eldridge Hotel tax abatement

We talk of 'long term' economic impact but then apparently forget that this is the Eldridge Hotel's second round of subsidies in the last 30 years. When this abatement expires, we will have subsidized the Eldridge for 25 of the last 50 years. If their margins are truly so low that they can't exist without avoiding their rightfully owed taxes, guess what happens in 15 years? Perhaps Mayor Amyx will be around to see his third round of Eldridge subsidies. Thank you for being the voice of dissent last night, Mayor Amyx. Little known fact- Lawrence, Kansas has 10,000 last names....reading through many of the commission meeting minutes you'd think we had only a handful.

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Lawrence commissioners voice support for tax break to expand Eldridge Hotel

Mayor Amyx did ask General Manager Nancy Longhurst to come back next week and present exactly why a 10 year abatement (as opposed to 15) would not be feasible. He was the lone voice of dissent to granting the abatement immediately

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Lawrence commissioners voice support for tax break to expand Eldridge Hotel

and, while we are tallying negatives, has non-Lawrence ownership.

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Lawrence commissioners voice support for tax break to expand Eldridge Hotel

Many longtime Lawrence citizens will remember the Eldridge receiving a tax abatement in the 1980's. Shortly after the expiration of that abatement the hotel appeared nearly dead and was sold to a new ownership group. Those who talk about the long-term economic benefits that abatements afford will note that in 2030, when this latest 15-year abatement expires, the community will have subsidized the Eldridge for 25 of its last 50 years.

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2 armed suspects at large after Sunday shooting; 3 victims' conditions improved

If you insist upon attacking our public schools, could you do so using a grammatically correct sentence? Love,
A public school teacher.

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