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Trick-or-treaters take over downtown

Are these all of the pictures that were taken? There were so many creative costumes--someone was dressed as a Christmas tree with lights and the legs and feet were Christmas packages; a little one was in a bubble bath made of white balloons; another little one was dressed as a lobster and in a pot; and two brothers were the cutest robots! It was a beautiful night and everyone was having a great time! I love to see that kind of news!

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Lawrence High soccer loses, 3-1

Where is the article about LHS girls' soccer winning last Friday night? Both the varsity team and the JV team won.

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Employee groups oppose proposed KPERS changes

State employees also fund their own retirement--twice really. It is paid from the employee's salary and then again by the employee as a tax payer. I'm sorry you encountered a "rude" state employee, but, like in many businesses, she is an exception rather than the rule. I wonder how she would describe her encounter with you? I think you need to investigate the reality of state employee benefits. The "system" will be a mess if the state can't attract and retain the best of the best. Just think about who makes up "state employees"----teachers, police officers, fire fighters, accountants, engineers (we have a great highway/roads system!), social workers, etc.

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Pension reform

From what I have read, the State did not hold up the State's responsbility or funding of its share of pension cost. If the State didn't do that, what will guarantee that the State will do it with a 401k? Even if the state goes to a 401K, the State does need to figure out how to support what it has already promised.

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Kan. agencies cope with fewer workers

KDOT workers deserve our thanks for doing a dangerous work. Many have lost their lives. They are not paid huge salaries either for their risk. I have yet to see KDOT workers doing anything but working--most of the time in extreme weather conditions. Kansas has a great highway system. Compared to other States, our roads and bridges are in excellent condition. Good highways equal jobs and development.

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LHS soccer blanks Topeka

The paper is correct. Falkenstien had the goal and Wilkins had the assist.

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LHS soccer blanks Topeka

The paper is correct. Falkenstien had the goal and Wilkins had the assist.

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Douglas County officials investigate deadly train accident near Lakeview Lake

My heart goes out to his loved ones.

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Rural Lecompton man dies after train strikes pickup truck northwest of Lakeview Lake

So sad. He was such a good and kind person. No accident like this should ever happen. Throughts and prayers to the family.

Kyle, you will be missed by many.

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Statehouse Live: Kansas Republicans on House Appropriations back off state employee pay cut

Everyone from the Governor on down should share in the pain, so a tax increase is about all that we can do. Businesses should also pay. I would also like to suggest that churches pay some form of tax, too.

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