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Brick street to be replaced

I'd rather have a whole street stripped back to original brick than the piece-meal stripping that occurs on a regular basis on my street. You may know the phenomenon better as "gaping potholes where the asphalt has broken away to reveal the old brick street." Better to drive on bricks streets than on war zone looking potholed asphalt. And it sounds like we got a bargain with the state grant. What's to cry about?

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What do you think makes young people ages 13-24 happy?

Gee...I guess it's nice Jessie Davis likes hanging out with friends, but it gives me a chill to read, "I'm always bored when I'm by myself." Is that the reason some people can't go anywhere or do anything (including use the bathroom stall next to mine) without talking on a cell phone? Do we have a whole generation of people who can't stand to be alone?

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Westar charge shocks family

Nowhere in the article does it say that Duncan's home requires an underground line. If that is the case, then an underground line is just something Duncan wants, not something she needs. If she doesn't want to pay for it, let her have the free aboveground line, like most homeowners do. Why the sense of entitlement?

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Herbicides in parks still a nettlesome issue

Go ahead and be damned then, Pilgrim. I can't see why we ought to despise our native plants, when they would require the least work to maintain. If you like bluegrass, move somewhere that it grows easily.

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Driver recalls 'normal' trip back to Topeka

I'm still relatively new to Lawrence, so this is all still a bit strange to me.

As for "And by the way, how is a whole club smoking dope at a downtown club all night and no cops notice?"

...I wondered that myself last Wednesday night when I was at the Granada. I saw employees of the place lighting strategic sticks of incense throughout. Huh. I wonder why you'd want so much incense in a venue like that. I wonder.

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Don't put away winter coats; snow still in sight

No wonder I feel depressed. My body is convinced that after a week of summer, it's winter again. Why did I leave Florida?

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Do you think you can be a Christian and support a war?

I'm turning the other cheek on this OTS question.

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Convicted murderer appeals verdict

As someone who has known Tom for more than 15 years, I hope this appeal will produce a new trial. If one of your friends was facing life in prison, you'd want to know he received every benefit of our legal system, too.

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School board, City Commission elections today

I don't think I could vote for anyone named Bush, even at gunpoint.

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Which U.S. president do you most admire?

I voting for Garfield, who didn't live long enough to screw too many things up.

Plus, I agree with whoever suggested we honor Carrie Nation today. Heck, I love a holiday with a built-in sense of indignation AND futility.

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