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Fox News inaccuracy in a class by itself

It seems that the only job requirement for Fox News is the ability to obfuscate.

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Fox News inaccuracy in a class by itself

NavyVet: You'd do well to read up on how prevalent Marx's influence is in 20th century and modern social philosophy. Granted, I'm no fan of communism, but you obviously are not aware of the degree of influence of the Marxist critique. Kind of makes that comment sound unbelievable and incorrect.

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Fox News inaccuracy in a class by itself

Oh man, watch "The Daily Show" that aired Wednesday (I think). One of the faux reporters is interviewing some Tea Partiers who were protesting the G20 summit. Basically these three Tea Partiers were talking about how their only news source is Fox News. At the end of the interview, the reporter says in response to a reply to a question about Fox News, "If you can't say something right, then say something passionate." The three Tea Partiers nodded their heads in agreement. One even replied, "Well said." Funny, funny stuff. Very enlightening.

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Islam infiltrating, deceiving U.S.

Just so everyone understands, I'll condense Mr. Thomas' piece into two sentences: "We're Christians. We got to this democracy first."

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Trust issue

Who would you trust running your healthcare: the government or some capitalist entity looking to, well, capitalize? What this LTE is advocating is not health care reform in any sense of the idea. All it amounts to is a tweaking of our current system. There is no way universal care can be accomplished in this manner, since it still operates through regularly collecting premiums. Thus, capital is still going to be an issue for employers, employees, and the unemployed when trying to obtain and receive health care.

Boy, sure looks like Obama has reached out and pushed a lot of people's wacko buttons. It looks more and more like the anti-Obama crowd's horse is running away with their carriage.

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Statehouse Live: School funding advocate alleges racially-charged photo was used

"But a story in Friday’s Ottawa Herald reports that last month, Jenkins supported a resolution in Congress to pardon Johnson, who was the victim of a racially motivated conviction in 1913."

Oddly enough, the boxer who finally defeated Johnson in 1915 was Jess Willard ("The Pottawatomie Giant"), who was from Ottawa, KS.

That said, I do think that language is more powerful than some might imagine. Jenkins' statement, to me, is very telling. It is as if she feels that some great adversary to liberals is waiting out there somewhere to spread the truth and righteousness of conservatism in these unworthy political times.

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Tiller shooting trial Attorney suggests unusual defense

Who needs logic, reason, or morality when God is on one's side?

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A Little History of the Handgun

This is the first time I've visited in some time, but anyone who thinks that Obama is going to take away your guns is a frickin' nutcase. You know, the sort of nutcase who thinks a gun should be yet another portion of one's daily apparel. I've actually been looking into purchasing my first firearm, but I have no fears of that potential firearm being taken away from me. It seems to me that NRA and other rabid pro-firearm folks are more anti-liberal than they are pro-firearm. Get a frickin' grip, people.

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Juvenile justice

Having had experience with the juvenile justice system in Kansas, I can say definitively that we should probably take a very close look at how the system operates and what sorts of environments occur in youth homes. If you ask me, many kids come out of that system worse off than they were before they entered it.

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General Rant Blog

Without reading all of the comments on this blog, I'll just say that people are getting very desperate to illegitimize Obama's title of democratically-elected President of the United States. It's both hilarious and scary at the same time.

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