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Sam Brownback, Pat Roberts sign on to federal health reform challenge

$25,000 in the hole for a week-long stay in the hospital. At the current rate, I'll get that paid off in about 13 years or so. Nope, nothing wrong with healthcare in this country. And Republicans really care about folks like me. That's why they want to give me tax cuts, right? The only way Republican economic ideology is going to help me is if I wake up one day to find myself somehow acquiring several million dollars. In other words, Republicans aren't going to do anything that will benefit my current financial situation. So many indigent suckas out there swallowing the Republican bait... it's sad to watch.

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Mother feels unfairly singled out at local drinking establishment

'“My opinion of The Pig was that it was a bohemian sort of place that was really accepting and very inclusive,” Wallace said. '

Accepting and Inclusive? Not while I lived in Lawrence. That bar's name says it all.
As for the baby... yeah, bringing a baby in while folks are getting their drink on probably doesn't indicate ample foresight.

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Police investigating death of 25-year-old Lawrence man at The Oread hotel

Haven't been on this site for many moons, but it's obvious that the usual ignorant blow-hards are still thumping their chests, doing what they do best. One knows things are bad when half of the comments posted on a story get censored per the terms of the usage agreement.

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Lawrence man charged after Sacred Journey investigation

This is nothing but a PR move by authorities so that they appear relevant and effective. I wondered how long Sacred Journey would be allowed to remain in business. That's typical Kansas hysterics for you.

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Health care reform a dismal failure

Current health care costs in this country are prohibitive at best. What the author of this heartening op-ed is neglecting to mention is socioeconomics.

Mark Hirschey:
"Does the government have the expertise to run the U.S. health-care system? I see no evidence to support an affirmative answer. Suppose you have an important message or package that has to get delivered to a friend or business associate as soon as possible. Most of us would send important time-sensitive messages using texting or e-mail (via the Internet), and ship vital packages using FedEx or UPS. Given that the U.S. Postal Service is notoriously inefficient and slow, why should the same folks be put in charge of the U.S. health care system?"

I am incredibly heartened by your recovery, but a public option to health care would be nice. Then you could really prove that government can't handle health care as well as private industry. You're incredibly luck that you were able to get your KU insurance, dude. If I were to be diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma at my current financial location, then I might as well just jump off of a cliff. I'm sure you wouldn't physically push me off that cliff, would you?

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GOP: Reid’s apology for remark not enough

I'm saying I don't have a problem with the language part. It is a fact. As for the remainder of the remarks, tasteless though they may be, that is sadly the state of the African American in this country.

But seriously, anything to get a top Dem out of office, right? By the way, what does NAACP stand for? Is that a PC term? All I'm saying is that yeah, maybe he should have chosen his words more wisely, but his remarks unfortunately reflect the reality of race in our society and culture. I do find his remarks objectionable, but I don't think Reid meant any of it in such a malicious or pejorative sense that he should resign. Heck, Obama is even saying that it's water under the bridge.

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GOP: Reid’s apology for remark not enough

Just so everyone knows, there actually is a dialect spoken by many African Americans in this country. Seriously. Linguists have studied it for years.

In other news, Nancy Pelosi picked her nose on camera and Hillary spilled some coffee on her pantsuit. We'd better call for their resignations, too.

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Democrats play to GOP fears about Brownback

ivalueamerica hit upon an important paradox with conservative political ideology. Government isn't the answer, right? Isn't it the problem? Why do social conservatives feel that it is the role of government to babysit the country in the name of preserving the "traditional" values of 'Merican culture? Giveth with one hand, and with the other, taketh away?

For this reason, conservative criticisms about "socialist" liberal philosophy rings hollow upon my ears. Legislated social conservativism is nothing more than socialized culture. Hey, people sure can knock places like France for trying to preserve "French" culture through legislation, but the minute we do that here in the states, it becomes somehow righteous. Pfft... whatever.

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Are you an aggressive driver?

Too few people realize that the speed limit is actually how fast you can go. Be courteous and try to speed up to the number on the sign. Thanks. Oh, and don't just coast around that corner as if no one behind you has anywhere to be. And use your turn signals, people! I call it conscientious driving.

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Palin Book Could Be Your Cheapest Source For Winter Fuel

Nice post, Multi.

My two cents: I'm not really sure what Republicans can do to regain favor. It would seem to me that Republicans will oppose nearly any non-Republican idea merely out of spite and contempt.

And what's with Palin's book? We know she's mavericky, but at what cost to the Republican charge?

Maybe Palin is exactly what y'all need.


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