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Country bans Jehovah's Witnesses

Right_thinker I am surprised to think that you would side with Jehovah's Witnesses. You do realize that they are exempt from military service and refuse to salute the flag don't you?

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Low-income smokers would pay most of children's health plan

tell_it_like_it_is (Anonymous) says:

I can tell you for a fact that the fatties at my place of employment use a whole lot more of our health insurance dollars than the smokers do. And the smokers pay almost twice the premium!

I might not have put it so bluntly but as long as tell_it brought it up...
This happens at my job also. These overweight people have a whole host of problems and at a lot younger age-knee replacements-hip replacements-not to even mention the more obvious things like diabetes and heart disease and high blood pressure. And yes smokers do pay a lot more for their insurance where I work. I don't think its fair.

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Bush vows to continue fight in Iraq

"As long as I am commander-in-chief we will fight to win"

What Jr. Bird Brain is really trying to say is "I am such a tard that I have no idea how to get out of this mess. So I'll just play tough while our boys continue to die and then in another year or so I'll just dump the whole big hairy mess on someone else to figure out."

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Column favorites

Dang. If she gets that excited over coffee what would she do with a beer?

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What are you doing on Super Bowl Sunday?

We are having a party at my house. Its been cold and nasty so long that we are all getting stir crazy. This is just what we need to break up the boredom a little bit.

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What do you think about the proposed increase of U.S. troops in Iraq?

He breifly mentioned Iran and Syria last night in the speech. What was that all about?
I think we better watch this closely and be ready to demand impeachment if he so much as thinks about going after them too.

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Draft opposed

If you want to see Bush get thrown out of the White House and the US out of Iraq just let him breath the word draft just once. It will never happen. He is a lousy president but when it comes to politics he knows the game.
Thats not to say it will never happen. The next poor sucker may well have to reinstate it to get us out of the mess he created. But it won't be happening on his watch. He will leave that stain to be on the next poor sap.

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Domestic partner registery considered

Hottruckinmama-you tell 'em girl!

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Police make arrest in Ottawa shooting

If it wasn't for Douglas and Johnson Co trash spilling over into Franklin Co we'd be alright. Wish you folks up there would keep your problems to yourself.

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Tricky treats

Back in the early 70's when I was a kid in grade school we had a real Christmas tree that went all the way to the ceiling. And the school never did burn down. The whole school would gather around the tree and sing Christmas carols after lunch. Real carols like Silent Night and Little Town of Bethlehem and Here Comes Santa Claus. And for our Christmas Party-and yes it was a real CHRISTMAS party-we had candy and cupcakes and pop out the wazoo. We understood that it was a special time of year and that our folks would never allow us to eat like that everyday. I don't think any of us kids were any the worse for it. I feel sorry for the kids today. I don't think their going to have very many good memories to look back on.

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