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President-Elect Barack Obama is getting his daughters a puppy. What type of dog should the Obama family get?

I heard that he promised his girls a puppy before they made the move to the White House. If its for kids I would have to say a lab. They are probably the best family dog you can get.

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Why Liberals Hate Sarah Palin

McCain can stand up on stage and talk all he wants about reuniting the country and being everyones president but since he picked this woman as a running mate it is pretty clear that if he is elected it will never happen.She represents every reason why this country is so divided and will remain so.She is loud mouthed self-righteous hypocrite who makes it pretty clear that she has no intention to do anything but feed the fire of division.

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Why Obama Will Be the Next President


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AP: McCain taps Alaska governor as VP running mate


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Sebelius says Obama could win Kansas


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What oil at $100 per barrel means to you now and later

What does it mean? Well less food on the table. More hard times already heaped on top of hard times. More people losing their houses. Bush supporters telling people having a hard time that it is either.. A) a frigment of their imagination B) their own fault or C) all of the above. And Bush and Co laughing all the way to the bank. Again.

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Morrison to make announcement at 3 p.m. today

Hell they may as well just put Phil back in. It doesn't matter who gets appointed as a replacement. Phil will make sure they are unable to do anything other than fight his nuttiness anyway.

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Kline hires special prosecutor to target Morrison

What a friggin circus this will be. I bet ol Phil is about to cre@m his prissy little pants.

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Morrison asks judicial agency to investigate allegations

Something is rotten in Kansas and it smells like Kline. We received a prerecorded phone call at my house over Thanksgiving week-end. My son answered and said it went something like Paul Morrison just got stung by a bumble bee. Something along those lines. I thought it was odd at the time since the election is long over-but now I think I know what is was about. Did anyone else get a phone call like this? I didn't give it much thought at the time.
I'm not trying to say that Morrison wasn't wrong in the affair because he was...but I bet there is a lot more to this story then a woman scorned! And I bet Phil is right smack in the middle of it.

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Lawrence has genius for unreality

imastinker (Anonymous) says:

I think many of you missed the meaning of the whole article. He was saying that lawrence isn't as enlightened as many pople think it is. There are plenty of intelligent people in the state that don't vote republican, that drive pickup trucks, and listen to country music.

Amen imastinker!! My daughter tried KU for one semester. We are a family that does drive pick-ups, listen to country music and we like our wrangler jeans. and get this-we vote democratic about 80% of the time!! can ya believe it? Neither could most people at KU. My girl is probably just as 'blue' as anyone at KU could desire-but she didn't look and act the part and thus never did fit in. She ended up going to Manhatten and felt much more welcome and at home even though her political views ran differently then a lot of her classmates. So don't talk to me about conservative snobs-libreal ones are just as bad if not worse.

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