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City's snow removal costs for season up to $317K and counting; more than triple a year ago

They are more than welcome to put the hauled off snow in my yard/garden, instead of their storage lot! Could certainly use it! :D

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Sound Off: Sign miles

Two towns near where I grew up each have a milage sign for the other. Each sign is exactly one mile from it's town's city limit. From the first to the second says 6 miles, but from the second to the first says 9... Who knows? I guess they get you close, though, if you aren't local, and if you are, it doesn't matter.

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KU student arrested on felony drug charges Wednesday night

So, should the cops and prosicuters just decide "I don't agree with this law, so go home"? There are a lot of laws that could be applied to... Opionion is not a good basis for enforcement. That is why we have laws...

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Valley Falls man dies in single-vehicle accident in Jefferson County

Oh, some of everything. I haven't seen too many dogs in the road along there, but many many wild animals at different times. The time I went off through there, there were two pretty good sized calves in the road right behind a curve, and when I tried to go around them, I caught the side of the road, and it was over. No injuries, and was able to drive out, but it could have gone much worse.

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Valley Falls man dies in single-vehicle accident in Jefferson County

He has an older son as well. They lived just down the road from me growing up... Great guys (all of them).

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Army Corps wants thorough review of dredging impact on Kansas River

I'm not an enviromental expert, but from the amound of sand vs. the amount of moving water I can see in a lot of areas of the river, dredging is a GREAT thing. There are places, especially near Lecompton, that I think I could pi... urinate, a stronger flow than the river has... Same thing is happening in Perry lake. It silts in to just a very narrow channel.

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KU student critically injured in accident at Iowa Street and Harvard Road

Wally, have you ever hit someone with a truck? I haven't either, but my step father has. A woman jumped out in front of his truck going down the highway. Obviously her decision to end her life, and she was the one injured, but HE was the victim. HE is the one who has to spend the rest of his life knowing his truck took her life. YES, the driver can be, and is, a victim...

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Valley Falls man dies in single-vehicle accident in Jefferson County

Fairview is a pretty rough strech. Also a pretty saturated area as far as animals. No idea what happened in this case, but I ended up in a field out there last fall (thankfully upright).

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How often do you wear a seat belt?

Knew a guy once who cut the latch off the belt, clicked it in the reciever, and killed the beeping. Went along great till he got pulled over for a missing headlight and the officer saw it... THAT was an interesting ticket. Something about tampering with safety equipment or somesuch.....

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