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Jury selected in trial over bus fatality

Wow. Haha. You must have posted that while I was typing!

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Jury selected in trial over bus fatality

Lets sue the people who designed the bridge! They should have known that it wasn't tall enough for a double-decker bus with drunks on the roof to drive under it! And what about the guy that invented concrete?! He should have known that it was harder than people's heads!

But really, does this mean that all pickups are inherently dangerous as well? I've seen plenty of people riding in the beds of pickups, not supposed to, but its definitely foreseeable.

Lets just get government mandated helmets and big plastic balls that we can all roll around in. And weekly government fingernail clippings so that nobody accidentally leaves a little jagged edge and scratches themselves.

Personal responsibility. Not all accidents warrant a windfall.

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New York couple killed in Jefferson County plane crash

Where does the article say anything about the people being known to anyone in Lawrence? Hamilton Airport is in NY.

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Kansas teacher charged with having sex with student

I could be wrong (never have been, but its bound to happen someday), but I think he was referring to the teacher, not the forum administrator. You know, 'jumping' the help, participating in the 'office olympics,' pulling a Clinton, asking the masseuse for a happy ending, etc.

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McPherson teacher to stand trial on sex, alcohol charges

Okay. It was a question to gather info about THEIR policy. You know, so that I could actually understand THEIR policy. I was trying to decipher whether the ban on names was based on somebody's judgment on the severity of the crime, evidence of guilt, locality of the crime, etc.

JK did a pretty good job explaining the policy, more so than the previous statements of an all-encompassing ban on naming sex perps. Whether I agree with the policy or not (which I'm not even sure about) is definitely irrelevant because as you pointed out it is THEIR paper.

Also, you apparently don't follow YOUR own policy on the comment section's purpose because your comment doesn't even mention the story.

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McPherson teacher to stand trial on sex, alcohol charges


"It is Journal-World policy not to name suspects in sex crimes unless they have been convicted."

Just one week ago you refused to identify a member of our own community that is accused of sex crimes. Do you not see something wrong with this? There could be other victims here in Lawrence whose parents are unaware, but that might become aware if this guy was identified by the local newspaper.

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McPherson teacher to stand trial on sex, alcohol charges

Hey LJWorld,

Did you get rid of your policy of not naming the perps of alleged sex crimes or am I just not understanding the rules? It seems like "unlawful sexual relations" would fall within the category of sex crimes.

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Body of missing priest recovered from Topeka-area lake

The idea of fishing naked just makes me cringe. There are some bad things that could happen.

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'Final Fridays' event set to promote downtown Lawrence as a destination for the arts

I think they are actually copying Final Friday from Wichita. They have been doing this for years.

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