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Jenkins denies speaking in racial terms when making 'great white hope' comment

Hmmmm....it sure sounds equivalent to something say "Barrack-the-magic-negro" coined by a black liberal LA Times columnist. Perhaps next time Congresswoman Jenkins' remarks can implicate those of Indian, Asian, Christian or Jewish descent to avoid the ire of the facist left. It really depends on what racial or religous group you're talking about before the race gestapo gets concerned.

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Minnesota court rules in Al Franken's favor, making Democrats filibuster proof

the man isn't right in the head, he fits right in with the statist alzheimer drones on the back bench

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Area residents respond to Tiller's slaying with donations, other support

This unexceptional man killed nearly developed humans, thousands, as a professional trade. There is nothing to celebrate in his life or in his death.

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Kansas officials react to Sebelius' departure

The world's only living heart donor. It is fitting she has been selected by what is shaping up to be the most corrupt and inept presidential administration in our nation's history.

Were it not that she will take her policies of infanticide to a national scale, it could be said good riddance. When the history books are cleansed from the biases of modern media, generations in more rational times will look narrowly upon Sebelius for what she is, a heartless demagogue who willfully refused to protect the defenseless and innocent among us. History will look at her alongside Herod.

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Casino crunch

Because it was a stupid idea in the first place, a close second only to the wind farms in central Kansas. Sebellius' economic genius can only be compared to Jack and the Bean Stalk.

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Residents report pet cats being mutilated; police investigating

Aside from the boogey man lurking in the shadows at 3:00 a.m. to mutilate cats, it is entirely plausible a raccoon, dog, possum, or other varmit is taking advantage of some slow witted domesticated table fare. It's probably an animal who lives in the Baker wetlands by day.

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House defeats bailout plan; Dow closes down more than 700

This bailout and defeat is a microcosm of everything wrong with Congress. Here again is an example of big brother Congress forcing lending policies onto the housing market and in turn providing cover for executives who plunder the corporate coffers. There are at least a half dozen Congressional members who if the same standards applied in Enron were applied in this debacle should be impeached or go to jail, for starters, Chris Dodd, Charles Schumer, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. If they had any shame, they would at least resign instead of demanding the American taxpayer write $700 billion dollar check to "bailout" people who never deserved the loans they got in the first place. It is a simple axiom of business, if you are stupid, you should go out of business. That is what needs to happen rather than fire up the printing press further devaluing the American dollar, increasing inflation, increasing energy prices and ultimately shelving the current problem for a later date when the current batch of idiots are long gone or their memories are shot.

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Kansas Chamber of Commerce lends ear to scientist who disputes man-made global warming

XD40--You're wasting your time offering facts to cult disciples. They're interested in easy to digest punchlines, not facts and science that require intellectual honesty. Meanwhile, our astute governor is at the vault handing out bags of cash to any billionaire who comes along with a southern drawl and says "trust me, I'm not in it for the cash."

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Rising oil prices make city's paving projects more expensive

Incomptence is once again rescued from the clutches of termination at City Hall.

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Measure of a city's strength is how it cares for youngest

...excluding of course the most defenseless and unrepresented class of humans of all, those in gestation--aka as a "mass of cells" by the ultra compassionate left.

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