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Cost will be key for city's potential rollout of commercial recycling

There is a whole dumpster dedicated to CARDBOARD ONLY in each dumpster cluster downtown. Is it being recycled or not?

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Incumbents lead the pack in Lawrence City Commission primary; Easthouse, Lyche eliminated

oops! I got her confused with the Mayor :)

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Incumbents lead the pack in Lawrence City Commission primary; Easthouse, Lyche eliminated

Are you sure that is Lisa Larsen's picture????

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Bicycle group latest to raise access concerns about K-10/Kasold Drive intersection

A bridge is not less expensive than flexible horizontal markers

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Online campaign and video urge Lawrence to again take up East Ninth Project

The Arts Center has already spent $120,000 of the grant on the "design".
Put in some fancy street lights
Pour concrete planters while you are putting in new sidewalks
Install art from the grant money
Leave parking alone

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A broken window already at the brand new DeBruce Center — what happened?

An architect student once told me that the pilings under Allen Field House were as deep as the building was tall. He said it was because the ground wanted to slide down from the Hill.

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City, county leaders to meet with KDOT about closing of Kasold Drive/K-10 intersection

Wakarusa to 458 is a great idea, along with a Wakarusa interchange. Do it tomorrow. Can't imagine how much the bridge will cost though.

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City Commission undecided about East Ninth Project, votes to discuss it in coming weeks

I would like to know much money goes to el dorado inc. Hopefully it is coming out of the grant.
Put in nice street lights, like the have on the "path" from KU to downtown. Repave the side walks and put in some planters while you are pouring cement and call it done.

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Lawrence not out of the line of storms yet

I think their weather reporting is out at the airport. 2.75 inches for 24 hour period in my back yard.
Maybe they should move it to somewhere around 6th and K-10. All our weather comes from that direction.

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