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Lawrence receives 0.6 inches of rain early Monday morning

We got 75/100ths

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Haskell: 'On edge' but excited for upcoming reaccreditation review

Melissa, I read your comment as sarcasm directed at Mark. If it's not, I then read it as a racist stereotype of which you should be ashamed.

The past 5 years has been hard for Haskell and Dr. Chenault is making strides, along with the faculty and staff, in bring Haskell back. I, for one, commend them and their hard work.

Mark, take some time to read und understand the History of Haskell and what it means to this town. You will be surprised at all the good Haskell does, despite the mostly negative press offered by the LJW.

Good luck with the accreditation visit Haskell!

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Kansas AG asks top state court to void Wichita pot ordinance

Ah, but Lawrence, the Wichita ordinance is progressive and therefore evil per The Guv, et al. OTOH, the "laws" passed by The Guv's rubber stamp and signed by his Koch / ALEC-held hand are fine, especially if they counter Federal laws.

Dontcha see? What's good for the goose is not good for the gander.

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Kansas spent nearly $7,800 to rid state building of pests

And it didn't work. Just look at the state legislature.

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Kansas set to prevent poor from using aid for swimming pools, psychics

Because, Kevin, who's to say going to a psychic is not part of a religion? If it's banned from one, it should be banned from all. Unless, of course you follow The Guv's personal "C-Street" religious ethic, then of course it's OK.

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Kansas set to prevent poor from using aid for swimming pools, psychics

I would love to know where the ATMs dispensing $5 bills are located. The least I've ever seen was one dispensing $10 bills and that was in an airport in TX. There was a $5 charge on that one also. In addition, most ATMs charge $3 for an out of system use; in reality, that $25 cash withdrawal just took $28 off of the card of the person making the withdrawal.

Richard is correct. Swimming is a good exercise which keeps health care costs down. However The Guv in Brownbackwards (aka Brownbackistan) doesn't want the poor to improve their lot. In all reality he and his religious ethic would rather they leave the state. So, let's keep them in ill health with no way of really improving their health. For that matter, let's ban the poor from the community centers also; those places have exercise equipment which are good for the poor.

Now, let's say someone with an "poor" ID (that's where we're headed) shows up and has a card admitting access to one of our far flung pools. This after riding a bus for two hours because their cadillac is in the shop getting reupholstered. Who's to say they didn't receive the card as a gift through charitable donations? Who's to say I didn't buy them an annual pass? There's no way to tell.

The stories about the poor driving cadillacs. Were they new or just well cared for? You can get a used cadillac in some towns that are not university towns for relatively little money. The car is several years older than any dealer will sell. Maybe that poor person had the cadillac paid for before they lost their job and had to go on subsistence. Those stories are old and are always third or forth hand.

The Guv and those of his ethic are some of the most hypocritical people I've ever seen. Nowhere in their mythology does it say that ye shall punish the poor and drive them from your lands. Yet, that is what he and his minions are doing. How can you vote for someone who doesn't even follow the basic tenets of the writings in which he professes to believe. Oh wait, I forgot. He is following the basic writings and teachings of C Street.

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Lawmaker defends use of state plane to fly back for vote

One step further, Jim. Would the plane have been made available if a Democrat needed to return because of a "call of the house?" I think we both know the answer to that question.

Now, a low end estimate of the total cost is $1467 for one hour plus 2 x $25 / hr for the pilots, resulting in $1517 for Peck's flight. Who is going to reimburse the state: Peck, ALEC, the Kochs, the KS GOP, or the citizens of Kansas?

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Kansas to join states allowing concealed guns without permit

Oh, I'm so sorry Fred, did you say something? I didn't notice.

Here goes.

IRL stands for "In Real Life." It's a fairly standard acronym seen in text messages, on Twitter, on FB (that's Facebook BTW), on forum boards, and yes, even here in posts other than mine. Oh yes, BTW = "By The Way."

Regarding names. Do you really think I'm stupid enough to name names and open me and my family up to being a target again? Accept that when I write something like that it's factual and is based on personal experience.

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Kansas to join states allowing concealed guns without permit

Actually, you didn't. Go back and try again.

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Kansas to join states allowing concealed guns without permit

Two replies and you've yet to respond cogently to my comments, rather you choose to throw out on-line questions, a la Tea Party Debate tactics (see Ted Cruz). Please go back and read what I wrote and respond to those comments; then, we can talk.

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