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Brownback calls for probe of abortion clinics; Planned Parenthood calls request 'political grandstanding'

It's much less than that. Few, if any, ATMs provide less than $20 a pop. So, someone cannot get $25, all they can get is $20. Then you take off the $3 ATM fee and the $1 state government fee, and all that someone really gets is $16 a day, 80% of what they're allowed. The state keeps 5% and the bank keeps 10%. Excellent way to keep people down.

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Kansas statistician battles government to determine whether vote count is flawed

Putting myself at hazard of receiving another poison pen letter via the USPS ...

I'd like to welcome Robert Redmond to the LJW forum. He/she/it just joined today and has already taken up the mantle of a banned member we all know and love. The first post includes a disparaging comment about a previous poster to this article and the second post is a withering personal attack against Prof Clarkson.

We've missed these types of posts and look forwards to the humor you will bring to this otherwise stodgy forum.

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Kansas jobless rate rises to 4.5 percent in June

What happened to all those jobs The Guv promised?

We were supposed to be living in the land of milk and honey by now.

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Brownback ponders religious objections legislation following gay marriage ruling

Of course he's defying the SCOTUS ruling. What did you expect from someone like him?

"Brownback on Thursday also defended the state's refusal so far to allow gay and lesbian spouses to change their last names on driver's licenses or to file joint income tax returns. The governor said his administration wants to make sure such changes are handled correctly."

This was part of the whole point of the ruling, to allow <strong>EVERYONE</strong> the same rights and privileges. You can't give privileges to one group of people and not give them to others.

Further, the comment about making changes correctly is BS. It took no time at all to grant small businesses tax exempt status. It's a check the box on a tax form for a joint return called, married filing jointly.

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Kansas residents now have higher taxes but less gun regulation

Kobach's insane lust for power has increased the cost of elections at the county level and made it harder for people to vote in Kansas. His goal is so the only vote that counts is his. God help us if he ever becomes governor.

He has his two-tiered election process.

Now that local elections are at the same time as Federal elections, next step is to make local elections partisan. However, right now, double ballots must be printed with the state picking up none of the cost. IMHO, the SoS should foot the bill for the additional cost.


We are now stuck with a bunch of additional regressive sales taxes (why on groceries?).

We can now claim only 1/2 of our property taxes. That means we're paying 50% more on our property tax.

I could go on, but all it's doing is making me angry.

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Stouffer Place's last day means end of family housing at KU

It's a shame KU closed Stouffer Place. Granted it wasn't the Ritz, but it was affordable.

I lived there twice, once while working on my BA and then we lived there while I was working on my Masters. There was a sense of community, there were gardens and the only problem was parking during KU basketball games. We solved that with some volunteers carrying clipboards at the entrances to the parking. I'm glad we lived there as our son was introduced to an international environment while still young; something that has benefited him quite a bit.

We have some good memories of Stouffer Place and are sorry to see it close.

I won't reiterate what Dorothy said about the GOP anti-education line, but I agree with everything she said.

Opening up a conspiracy theory, I wonder how much of a hand our local "developers" had in making this decision.

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Supreme Court upholds nationwide health care law subsidies


Simply Outstanding!

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New Internet provider seeking to come to Lawrence; residents want new requirements for Ninth Street arts corridor; urban farm battle brewing

You notice the pictures were taken in December when everything was brown and dry. Poor choice of graphics.

Who posting on this article has been to the Holistic Health Management Service at 1145 Pennsylvania? I can name two.

They are a resource for the community and should be treated as such.

From the article, "The city has received a complaint from a neighbor." I bet the neighbor didn't even go talk with them before calling the city. There's a lot of that going around lately. Demonstrates a loss of community.

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Governor signs bill on $25 withdrawal for welfare recipients

You notice that The Guv didn't want a law changing the amount someone could withdraw at one time. If he had signed a law like that, he would have been spanked by his handlers in Wichita, ALEC and any "grass roots" organization headed by Dave Trabert.

Instead, so he would have deniability, he signed a law allowing the Secretary of the Department for Children and Families to increase or eliminate the $25-per-day limit on ATM withdrawals with a state cash assistance card. That way nobody can point the finger of shame at him for having disobeyed those for whom he works. They'll yell at him and he'll turn right around and point the finger at the Secretary saying, "She did it, I didn't!"

Once again he broke something in the state and refuses to fix it. Hmmm, didn't the Magna Carta Libertatum say something about despots and tyrants?

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Kansas legislators approve 'Band-Aid' budget with largest tax increase in state history

So an increase in consumption taxes, by which greedy people (read 1%) take your money, is morally wrong then?

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