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'Not a silent issue anymore': How Lawrence High is moving forward after student protest of transphobic behavior

Your comment and dismissive attitude (looking the other way) are examples of what caused the sit-in.

I support the students 100%.

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GOP leaders now backing Moore, despite sexual misconduct allegations; 'We need his vote'

Better a pedophile than a Democrat.

How can people reconcile that? Oh, I know, go vote for the pedophile then go get absolution from their chosen RWNJ pastor.

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Kansas stands out for lack of diversity in its judicial branch

Oh no. I made a grammar error.

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Kansas stands out for lack of diversity in its judicial branch

A couple of things Bob.
Clara said, "That is true of any position." That statement does in fact include #45. Hence, it's not an obsession.
I have a question. My making a comment about #45 is an obsession, while your making a comment about President Obama is not? Is that what you're saying? hmmm
Finally, if you wish, I can bring it lower and discuss The Guv, who appoints most of the judges.

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Kansas stands out for lack of diversity in its judicial branch

Clara, Are you talking about #45?

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LMH's planned behavioral health stabilization center hits state roadblock

re: Schum's Palace.
Will you look at that. A whole one-bedroom as low income housing. Wow. I'm underwhelmed.

re: LMH.
IMHO, I think the behavioral health stabilization center is on hold because people at the state level aren't going to make any money off of it. Also, the project is innovative, forward-looking, and in Lawrence, hence the State (aka, The Guv, et al) doesn't like it. ergo, it will be a cold day before it comes to pass.

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Lawrence leaders asked to reconsider policy after primary election costs the city $40,000

The Rep and Dem primary rules are determined by the respective parties. That's why there are separate ballots and you need to declare a party before you can vote.

The Reps must declare between 2 and 4 weeks before the primary. That's so they can make sure you're properly gerymandered.

The Dems can usually declare at the polling place.

I do agree that a non-partisan local election doesn't need a primary; however, having no primary could result in the need for a run-off election. 6 of one, or half-a-dozen of the other; pay at the front or at the end.

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White nationalist posters found on Kansas State campus

I'll disregard Bob Summers' knee-jerk hot key comment. (How many do you have now?)

@Brock. Read the fine print on the poster. The websites referenced are white-supremacist websites; you can't deny that. Hence, the obvious and logical connection is that the posters at K-State are white-supremacist posters. In fact, I would be surprised if the posters hadn't even been paid for by the websites or their owners.

Don't try and talk your way around, or normalize the elephant in the room (like #45 does on a daily basis), because you can't.

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County clerk completes professional certification program


Congratulations Jamie!

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Lawrence police plan weeks-long DUI crackdown

Students must be back in town.

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