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New bill would pre-empt concealed-carry regulations devised by KU and other schools

No Sam, No.
It's a perfect segue (look it up) and you know it.

We have "churches" in LFK that preach politics from the pulpit and on signs next to the road. (IMHO, some of what is said is downright offensive.) Those "churches" should lose their tax exempt status and pay taxes.

BTW: I've often wondered, based on your comments, if you're related to Jim.

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Unanimous decision by Kansas Supreme Court: School financing system does not meet constitutional requirements

We knew this.

Why did The Guv waste money the state does not have?


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Sessions steps aside from Russia-contact investigation

Not just calls for him to recuse himself, but calls for him to resign. During his confirmation hearings Sessions said that those who perjured themselves under oath should not serve. Was he applying the standard to just others, but to himself also?

IOW: Does Sessions consider himself above the law as do most of those in Trump's administration or is he subject to the same laws as the rest of us?

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U.S. Rep. Jenkins announces retirement from politics, says she won't seek any office in 2018

Maybe she's on the outs with The Guv and doesn't want him to appoint her replacement. If you remember, that's how The Guv became our Senator who wasn't a Senator.

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U.S. Rep. Jenkins announces retirement from politics, says she won't seek any office in 2018

Looks like she stayed long enough to get her pension.

Now, let's get a good progressive to run for the 2nd district.

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With 23rd Street set to lose state highway designation, city prepares for financial responsibility

Agreed Carol.
The State should bring 23rd Street up to standard before The City assumes ownership. Unfortunately, I don't think The City will push the issue.

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Lawrence Masonic Lodge No. 6 cancer screening volunteers at the Eldridge Hotel, from left to right:

This was a great event. It's always better to get checked and have peace of mind.

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Kansas pension chief: $177M in extra funds needed next year

There wouldn't be any problem if The Guv would quit stealing from the "Bank of KPERS."

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Lawrence City Commission to consider incentives for downtown condominiums

Once again the City is being asked to (coerced into) underwrite the risk normally assumed by a developer.

One apartment at 95K for tenant to homeowner doesn't cut it. That's a $433 payment at at 3.367% for 30 years assuming zero down. Does anyone know how much the tenant needs to pay before they can get a loan? Add on top of that building and maintenance fees and the payment is probably north of $550. Assuming someone makes $10 / hr, then take out 30% for taxes and other deductions, that's around 2-weeks take-home pay (about $280 / week). It's really a no-win situation for the tenant, especially when you add in utilities.

We already have the Great Wall of Compton on Rhode Island. Are we no destined for The Great Wall of Schumm on Vermont?

A green space would be a much better use.

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