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With 23rd Street set to lose state highway designation, city prepares for financial responsibility

Agreed Carol.
The State should bring 23rd Street up to standard before The City assumes ownership. Unfortunately, I don't think The City will push the issue.

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Lawrence Masonic Lodge No. 6 cancer screening volunteers at the Eldridge Hotel, from left to right:

This was a great event. It's always better to get checked and have peace of mind.

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Kansas pension chief: $177M in extra funds needed next year

There wouldn't be any problem if The Guv would quit stealing from the "Bank of KPERS."

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Lawrence City Commission to consider incentives for downtown condominiums

Once again the City is being asked to (coerced into) underwrite the risk normally assumed by a developer.

One apartment at 95K for tenant to homeowner doesn't cut it. That's a $433 payment at at 3.367% for 30 years assuming zero down. Does anyone know how much the tenant needs to pay before they can get a loan? Add on top of that building and maintenance fees and the payment is probably north of $550. Assuming someone makes $10 / hr, then take out 30% for taxes and other deductions, that's around 2-weeks take-home pay (about $280 / week). It's really a no-win situation for the tenant, especially when you add in utilities.

We already have the Great Wall of Compton on Rhode Island. Are we no destined for The Great Wall of Schumm on Vermont?

A green space would be a much better use.

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ACLU urges Kansas school district to stop barring safety pins

@Bob Summers
Interesting that your post implies a liberal cannot be Catholic and by extension, a Christian.

How short-sighted of you.

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KU suspends cheerleaders from squad after ‘Kkk go trump’ social media post

@Darin Wade,

Let me get this straight, so White Supremacists, White Nationalists and the KKK all being on the news and in other video as supporting Trump is unfactual? Yeah, right ... you betcha.

(BTW, "unfactual" really isn't a word; it;s better to use false, fallacious, or words like those.)

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KU suspends cheerleaders from squad after ‘Kkk go trump’ social media post

Double standard.
Interesting that the female cheerleader was named and suspended pending the outcome of an investigation, but that the three male cheerleaders were not named and no action has yet been taken.

The three men were complicit and fully cognizant of what was going on. Why have they not been "punished?"

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GateHouse to take over Kansas newspapers in Ottawa, Garden City, Hays, Hutchinson and Salina

I wonder how many will lose jobs at these papers?

On another note, there will soon be no more "local" news in Kansas.

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Douglas County administrator in hospital after bike accident

Best wished, Craig.

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Suspect in Kansas bombing plot calls hearing ‘ridiculous’

What's also pathetic is the news sources' inability to call these idiots what they are, domestic terrorists.

Oh wait, they're white, presumably christian and probably Republican, so I guess it would be too harsh to tell the truth.

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