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Kobach calls Trump's stance on election results 'reasonable'

Actually, No Fred. Hitler became Chancellor of Germany on 30 Jan 1933, the result of a deal with Pres Hindenberg.

In the hope of creating a stable government, the elderly President Hindenburg agreed to the plan. So on 30 January 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.


Hitler subsequently engineered the Reichstag's giving him sole power .. and so it began.

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Kobach calls Trump's stance on election results 'reasonable'

April, you need a photo ID to vote. The Douglas County Clerk's website lists the types accepted.

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Haskell backpedals on statement; Office of Inspector General investigation of nepotism complaint is ongoing

Unfortunately, you're right, Carol; not to mention the politics.

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A look at the building that may become state-owned urban decay in downtown Topeka

Can't the State just use excess revenue from all the businesses The Guv said would relocate to Kansas when he axed income taxes?

Oh, wait ...

To quote Emily Litella, "Never Mind...."

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Brownback, advisers abandon report on Kansas economy

From the article:
"Gov. Sam Brownback's economic advisory council has discontinued a quarterly report that had been developed to ensure a timely analysis of the administration's economic policies."

"Heidi Holliday, executive director of the nonprofit center in Topeka, said the end of the council's economic assessment tool was an attempt to minimize public exposure of weaknesses in Brownback's program to build the state's economy by exempting 330,000 businesses from the income tax and reducing individual state income tax."

" "He specifically asked the council to hold him accountable through rigorous performance metrics," she said. "Five years later, the metrics clearly show his tax experiment has failed while business leaders and local chambers of commerce across the state openly ask him to change course." "
What else needs to be said?
The Guv is trying to hide the fact that his policies have failed and are close to cause Kansas to fall into receivership.

He can't even take responsibility for his own failed policies. I'm glad this is his last term.

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Candidate asks for grand jury probe of Kobach's handling of citizenship documents

One thing at a time Rich, one thing at a time.

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Lawrence school district budget likely to include teacher cuts

Personally, I think we got took on the bonds, especially when apparently the lion's share of the funding went to building "identical" athletic facilities. Waste of money for my part.

"An outline of additions and reductions to the 2016-2017 budget plan includes 17 full-time classroom teaching positions, one nurse and cuts to some programming. The teacher positions include eight elementary, four middle school and five high school teachers."

That means one or two more traveling nurses and inadequate coverage at the school. Better make sure all teachers are First Aid, CPR and AED certified.

Cutting 17 full-time teaching positions equates to more overcrowded classes and leads down the road to a lower quality education for our children. It further hurts the local economy as the salaries from those 17 educators will not be available to our local economy. Is it any wonder that teachers are taking MO up on their offer to come teach in MO?

I lay these problems squarely at the feet of The Guv and his minions.

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Fewer people becoming teachers statewide, but Lawrence avoids vacancies

There's so much to write on this.

In Kansas, teachers are not treated with respect by the state administration and legislature. They're looked on as red-shirted thugs by The Guv's rubber stamp body of Alec parrots

KPERS. All the problems with KPERS are laid at the feet of educators with no mention of all the other state employees who draw from KPERS upon retirement. There's also no mention of the money stolen (cough .... borrowed .....cough) from KPERS to shore up The Guv's failing fiscal fairy tail.

Lack of respect. Even as late as 40 years ago teachers were treated with respect by the community. Now, they're not. It's so bad that some teachers are no longer proud of the fact that they are teachers. "What do you do?" (very quietly) "I'm a teacher." "Oh." (end of conversation)

Salary. Kansas ranks in the bottom ten of the entire country in starting teacher salaries. MO even had a billboard on I70 (I believe) that said, "Come to MO and teach." A highway advertisement in KS. I know some who availed themselves of the opportunity. I also know teachers who left KU at the end of 4 years with a BA or BS in Education andf went to another state to teach.

The list goes on and on.

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