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Saturday Column: Clinton coronation may not benefit party, nation

Andy, the Times article has been debunked. Also, Clinton Cash is little more than a series of questions with no substance.


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Opinion: Big political donors get first vote

Give it a break Marc. The examples are not one-sided. Read this from the article.

"Most of the new money is being funneled through single-candidate “super PACs”: fundraising committees set up to promote individual candidates. That was a new and experimental idea when President Obama and Mitt Romney first tried it in 2012, but now everybody has one. Cruz has four, each one directed by an individual mega-donor. Hillary Rodham Clinton has at least two."

Perhaps the results seem one-sided because the many GNoP candidates are in fact circling around mega-donors like moths around a flame, while the single (at this point) Dem candidate doesn't need to circle around that flame.

What McManus said above is true. The monied (1%, .1%, .01%, take your pick) are the oligarchy that determines who the figurehead will be, regardless of party or proposed policies. That is the point of the oped, we, the proles, no longer have very much say in who becomes our elected officials on a national, hell, even state or local stage. It's simply a matter of how much the wealthy will pay for their pets to get out of clown car and dance in the center ring.

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What's your worst insect encounter?

The worst insect encounter I've had lately is a bothersome gnat flying around buzzing DD214. Won't go away no matter how much I swat at it.

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US Sen. Roberts' 'Frozen' ringtone creates hearing hysterics

Your mama was right. You shouldn't tease the dumb animal as he doesn't understand what you're doing. That's evident.

What I don't understand is how someone was able to bogart this thread by dropping a BS barb and everyone bit. Don't you remember? That's part of his modus operandi. Don't bite, he's not worth it.

Now, back to the top. Sen Roberts had a fun ringtone for his grandchildren. So what? So do I.

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Kansas State Board of Education to vote on allowing 'innovative' districts to hire unlicensed teachers

Richard, Bob and Kate are all correct.

The goal is to defund public education and drive those funds to private, parochial and charter schools. The Guv has indicated he wants vouchers for parents to send their kids to private schools. The vouchers would be in the amount of state aid to public schools, then the parent would pay the additional 10 to 20K per year to send a child to the private school. Money leaves the school district and the quality of education goes down, despite what Dave Trabert and the Koch-fueled KPI says.

re: licensure. Every state has requirements for licensure of teachers. The Kansas Dept of Education at one time considered offering temporary licenses to recognized experts in a field (mathematicians, biologists, chemists, and so on) so they could teach their field in a school, normally a high school. The intent was not to offer those licenses wholesale. I can agree with that as long as those receiving the licenses also take classes in education and classroom management.

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Lawrence receives 0.6 inches of rain early Monday morning

We got 75/100ths

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Haskell: 'On edge' but excited for upcoming reaccreditation review

Melissa, I read your comment as sarcasm directed at Mark. If it's not, I then read it as a racist stereotype of which you should be ashamed.

The past 5 years has been hard for Haskell and Dr. Chenault is making strides, along with the faculty and staff, in bring Haskell back. I, for one, commend them and their hard work.

Mark, take some time to read und understand the History of Haskell and what it means to this town. You will be surprised at all the good Haskell does, despite the mostly negative press offered by the LJW.

Good luck with the accreditation visit Haskell!

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Kansas AG asks top state court to void Wichita pot ordinance

Ah, but Lawrence, the Wichita ordinance is progressive and therefore evil per The Guv, et al. OTOH, the "laws" passed by The Guv's rubber stamp and signed by his Koch / ALEC-held hand are fine, especially if they counter Federal laws.

Dontcha see? What's good for the goose is not good for the gander.

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Kansas spent nearly $7,800 to rid state building of pests

And it didn't work. Just look at the state legislature.

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