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Gov. Brownback says Kansas pulling out of refugee funding program

Oh, I agree April.

Why should we consider a potential terrorist when we have our own domestic terrorist living in The Guv's mansion in Topeka? Always remember, a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush.

The Guv is doing little more than fear mongering as he throws away Federal dollars. He's done that with Medicaid, Education (Race to the Top) and any number of other programs.

Let's watch him create an enemy as he develops hatred towards and fear of them. At the risk of a Godwin, this also happened in the Weimar Republic. Why shouldn't The Guv initiate such a state here? The Family on C Street admired the policies of the Weimar Republic. The Guv lived in their house during his first few years in DC, so for me, the connection is obvious.

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Justice's fundraising arm: 'Politicized' bid underway to purge Kansas Supreme Court

Well said Greg.

However, posting it here will have little to know impact on Sen King and especially Ray Merrick. I agree with what you wrote, but I think a letter to the KC Star (assuming Merrick reads the Star) would be more appropriate.

I'll cosign it if you wish.

- Ralph

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Kobach says he advised Trump on immigration, Mexico wall

"The Topeka Capital-Journal reports the Trump campaign didn't respond to a request to elaborate on Kobach's involvement with the campaign."

Has anyone else noticed that every time KKK Kobach says he advised a candidate, said candidate's campaign said KKK's involvement was minimal at best or more likely "Kris who?"

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HERE developers send new numbers to city; meeting requirements on self-parking would leave apartments almost two-thirds empty

I agree that the "Donation" to the city of $100K in parking revenue is little more than a bribe and will result in a losing proposition for the City. @HERE will be able to claim a tax deduction and the City will not be able to use parking receipts to keep the streets in the Oread area up to code. Who do you think is going to support and pay for the street maintenance needed because of the increased traffic? @HERE? Yeah, right.

We can ill afford to give free $$$ to developers again. We do it all the time and suffer because of that: special tax areas, the city being held hostage to demanded tax rebates, and so on. We need to stop doing that - but that's stuff for another time. Their current agreement with the City gives them a 10-yr tax abatement of 85%. We improved our home and hence our neighborhood -- can we get in on this tax abatement scam also?

*New Agreement*
Besides deciding on a parking scheme, commissioners will be asked Tuesday to consider a new agreement with HERE developers.

Jim Letchinger, president of JDL Development — the firm behind HERE — has said he’s working on a solution to create the approximately 100 spaces that would still be missing with the 510-space parking garage. Details of that solution have not been shared.
Why haven't the details been shared? Something this important should have already been provided to all the residents of the Oread neighborhood and a synopsis made available through the City Manager's and City Commission's web sites.

In short, the City is yet again being taken for a ride by another developer who sees Lawrence as an easy mark.

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HERE @ Kansas developer: Robotic parking not a possibility

Absolutely nothing, Mike.

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Kansas Supreme Court strikes down block grant school funding law

Agreed Hudson, but they're running scared because of the vindictiveness of The Guv and the air of fear fostered by his administration. Case in point is those who were removed from a committee because they supported Medicaid expansion in Kansas.

I've lived and worked in environments in which I always had to watch my back because of the probability that I would go to work to find another knife waiting to be stuck in my back.

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Kansas Supreme Court strikes down block grant school funding law

Maybe The Guv will begin to realize that Kansas is not his own private petri dish. His failed policies have destroyed our economy, chased jobs out of the state (teachers especially), downgraded Kansas' credit rating, and ... I could go on and on. In effect, he has put us on the road to ruin.

It's time to recall Gov Sam Brownback before he can do further damage.

On another note, make sure you vote this November to get rid of all the "legislators" who voted to support his failed policies.

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Federal official criticized for requiring citizenship proof on Kansas voter registration forms

I wonder what Kobach and The Guv offered this guy to make this decision.

Strike another blow for voter suppression.

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