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Fewer people becoming teachers statewide, but Lawrence avoids vacancies

There's so much to write on this.

In Kansas, teachers are not treated with respect by the state administration and legislature. They're looked on as red-shirted thugs by The Guv's rubber stamp body of Alec parrots

KPERS. All the problems with KPERS are laid at the feet of educators with no mention of all the other state employees who draw from KPERS upon retirement. There's also no mention of the money stolen (cough .... borrowed .....cough) from KPERS to shore up The Guv's failing fiscal fairy tail.

Lack of respect. Even as late as 40 years ago teachers were treated with respect by the community. Now, they're not. It's so bad that some teachers are no longer proud of the fact that they are teachers. "What do you do?" (very quietly) "I'm a teacher." "Oh." (end of conversation)

Salary. Kansas ranks in the bottom ten of the entire country in starting teacher salaries. MO even had a billboard on I70 (I believe) that said, "Come to MO and teach." A highway advertisement in KS. I know some who availed themselves of the opportunity. I also know teachers who left KU at the end of 4 years with a BA or BS in Education andf went to another state to teach.

The list goes on and on.

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Letter to the editor: Grace and truth

Sorry, but I can't help it.

<strong>"Thus endeth the reading for today."</strong>

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Kansas state senator: School leaders want to oust incumbents

"He (Knox) said he has seen signs for his opponents in many homes that belong to school district employees or others with connections to the schools."

OMG, he saw campaign signs for his opponent in many homes belonging to school district employees or others with connections to the schools. What did he think, that school employees aren't allow to have signs in their yards? I wonder if his opponent, Bruce Givens, is running a good campaign and is a threat to Knox. Thank maybe he's running scared?

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Judge OKs citizenship proof rules for voters in Kansas, 2 other states

@M. Lindeman
Your comment really isn't germane to the article. You always have to verify identity when voting. This is about the voter suppression drive conducted by Kobach and Republican state and national legislators.

@Tim Foley
It should be, Tim. The problem comes when people get a drivers license using their drivers license from another state as ID. You're only require to show that you were a live human birth the first time you get a license.

IMO, Kobach and his ilk have won this round in the voter suppression fight. Their intent is to keep as many people from voting as possible. GOP Congressmen have said as much.

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Orlando mourns its dead; gunman may have been 'homegrown extremist'

@Brock Masters
Substitute Christian / Christianity or Jew / Judaism or KKK / White Supremacist for Muslim / Islam in your post and your words don't change their meaning.

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Kansas Senate leader says don't expect action on school funding this week; other leaders talk of defying court

But Kevin, They are doing their job. Look at many things they've done:
<li>Concentrated on fostering LGBT discrimination.
<li>Engaged in voter suppression.
<li>Cut women's health access.
<li>Told people where they can pee.
<li>Privatized social service programs with contracts to The Guv's cronies.
<li>etc ad nauseum.

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School finance, transgender bathroom issues could lead to busy 'sine die' session for Kansas lawmakers

Fred, the Feds did not start this. The RWNJs who are more concerned with where someone goes to the bathroom than with the economy, education, voter rights, women's health, etc, etc, etc, started this.

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Study tallies Haskell's economic impact on area

Bob, go back and think about what you were trying to say, then restructure your post so it makes sense. Quite frankly, it reads like a Trump Tweet or sound bite (which, IMHO, don't make sense either).

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Study tallies Haskell's economic impact on area

First comment and it's derogatory. Well done Dan.

Graduation rate can be a false indicator as it does not take into consideration those students who transfer to another college, have to return home for family reasons, join the military, or any number of reasons before graduating. It also does not take into consideration those students who return after several years to complete their education.

The article speaks to the beneficial economic effects that Haskell has on Lawrence and Douglas county. Please, go back and read it again in light of that before you throw stones.

Also, remember that this year's graduating class was the largest Haskell has had.

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Kansas lawmakers expect to consider transgender restroom use

They'll never make the government like a TARDIS. Besides, The Doctor would consider them on par with the Daleks and the Cybermen. Some are evil machines bent on the destruction of all races and some are automatons with the same end.

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