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Trump makes Kobach vice chair of commission reviewing voter fraud allegations

IMHO, Kobach should resign as KS SoS because he'll be paid by TrumpCo.

Further, he'll be on a permanent Federal commission, and I don't think he can draw salary from both KS and the Fed. It would be unethical for him to do that.

Oh wait, I used Koback and ethics in the same post. Those are mutually exclusive. My apologies.

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City leaders want clearer picture regarding future of Lawrence transit

If the AMTRAK station is used as the transportation hub the city would have to hire people to man the place during open hours and to keep people off of the tracks.

The city would be responsible for retrofitting a barrier between the tracks and the hub to keep idiots off of the tracks.

Trump and his cronies would either charge the city exorbitant rent or make the city buy the facility.

Finally, any monies spent on local projects such as the transportation hub would mean less money going into the pockets of the 1%. That can't happen, so it's not going to happen.

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Letter to the editor: Value KPR

We do every year "Bob."

Now, using rational analysis, tell us why don't you support KPR. Is it because KPR doesn't spout the drivel mouthed by RWNJ hate radio hosts?

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Man admits making threat against Kansas synagogue

This sorry excuse for a human being is in fact a terrorist by virtue of his actions. Why doesn't the AP call him a terrorist?

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Taking out the trash set to change in Lawrence: earlier collection times, new days for yard waste

The City Commission voted without public input. This goes beyond an inconvenience and is a brain dead solution pure and simple. <strong>Who voted for this idiocy?</strong>

The only time I have mow and do yard work is on the weekend; I can't take a vacation day every Thursday to do yardwork. So now I have to find some dry place to stow sometimes upwards of 5 brown bags for 5 days until the City picks them up. Then on top of that, the bags will be rotted on the bottom so I will have to rebag everything Thursday night before putting the bags to the curb.

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New bill would pre-empt concealed-carry regulations devised by KU and other schools

Megan Jones is absolutely correct when she made her comments.

Megan Jones, a graduate student and instructor at KU expressed her objections to the bill even more bluntly.

"Campus-carry is only meant to defend and protect white men on campus," she said, prompting a quick warning from committee chairman Rep. John Barker, R-Abilene, to focus her remarks on the bill being discussed.

"This is incredibly relevant because the universities cannot make policies that would protect students on our campuses who are at the most risk," she said. "People are being threatened now on our university campuses for being black, for being LGBT, for not appearing the way all of the representatives for the NRA have appeared in front of this Legislature."

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New bill would pre-empt concealed-carry regulations devised by KU and other schools

From the article:
One reason projects like the drone missile are leaving, he said, is because standard industry practices and federal regulations "strictly forbid" firearms from facilities where such weapons are being developed and tested.

"Because HB 2220 prevents lab managers from enforcing even the most basic lab safety protocols with respect to weapons, keeping the lab open and continuing experimental work on this aircraft and others like it will be an act of gross negligence," Barrett-Gonzalez said.

The NRA and their sheep (bleet, bleet, 2nd Amendment, bleet, bleet) and those who want open or concealed carry at an institution of learning have no concept of the economic impact their goals have on those institutions. Read above and read the rest of the article. Every project that cancelled or leaves the state costs money, jobs and knowledge that will not come back.

Finally, one of you sheep please tell me why you need open carry (or even concealed carry) on a university campus. Is it so you can walk around like a bantam rooster and measure [things] or what? Use logical reasoning and provide a concise, coherent argument, not just something like "bleet, bleet, 2nd Amendment, bleet, bleet, 100 - round magazine, bleet, bleet."

BTW, I do have a CCH and am trained, and I do know the difference between an actual need to carry and "bleet, bleet, 2nd Amendment, bleet, bleet."

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New bill would pre-empt concealed-carry regulations devised by KU and other schools

No Sam, No.
It's a perfect segue (look it up) and you know it.

We have "churches" in LFK that preach politics from the pulpit and on signs next to the road. (IMHO, some of what is said is downright offensive.) Those "churches" should lose their tax exempt status and pay taxes.

BTW: I've often wondered, based on your comments, if you're related to Jim.

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Unanimous decision by Kansas Supreme Court: School financing system does not meet constitutional requirements

We knew this.

Why did The Guv waste money the state does not have?


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Sessions steps aside from Russia-contact investigation

Not just calls for him to recuse himself, but calls for him to resign. During his confirmation hearings Sessions said that those who perjured themselves under oath should not serve. Was he applying the standard to just others, but to himself also?

IOW: Does Sessions consider himself above the law as do most of those in Trump's administration or is he subject to the same laws as the rest of us?

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