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Trump cancels summit, citing 'open hostility' by North Korea

#45 continues to treat international diplomacy as a misogynistic, bigoted episode of The Apprentice. When will he realize this is real life, not television?

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Proposition 1 brochures removed from County Treasurer's Office counter after citizen complains

Jamie Shew did the right thing.

Similar action would be taken if a Trumpite came into a polling place wearing a MAGA cap (over-priced and shoddy workmanship, just like #45). So, don't fault Jamie for what he did.

On another note, I'll wager the complainant voted NO. Just a thought.

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Transgender Kansas teacher honored with award

<h1>Congratulations Stephanie!</h1>

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Pompeo nomination narrowly clears panel, goes to full Senate

Interesting Harlan. You can't counter my argument, so you chose to attack me personally. I believe that's called ad hominem, isn't it? (Just like #45)

And yes, we are quite a pair. Thank you.

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Americans for Prosperity campaigning against sales tax in Douglas County referendum

Unfortunately this was well played. The jail expansion and mental health treatment expansion should not have been combined into the same referendum. How do I vote if I'm for one, but not the other? Well played indeed.

We need the additional mental health treatment capabilities. That, in and of itself will decrease the jail population, which will in turn put off the need for a jail expansion.

The tax increase wouldn't be so bad if the State would cut grocery sales taxes. However, that would require a state constitutional amendment; essentially an impossibility.

BLUF. I am voting YES on the referendum, if for no other reason than the AFP is pushing for a no vote.

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Pompeo nomination narrowly clears panel, goes to full Senate

Oh great. Now we're probably going to have a misogynistic, bigoted, anti-choice, supremacist for Sec of State.
Don't forget, Pompeo couldn't get re-elected in his home district in KS, so #45 took that as a mark of distinction and pulled Pompeo into his administration.

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Faith-based adoption agencies in Kansas don't want to be bound by anti-discrimination laws and policies

Another example of the "Oppressed Christians" going to court in an attempt to make sure everyone else is bound by their fictitious canon law. They would rather place a child (or children) with a family of abusers that with a loving same-sex family. Needs and interests of the child be damned; if you're not the right kind of Christian (to start with), then don't even talk to us.

Also, the "Catholic Charities of Southwest Kansas" should remove the would "Charities" from their title as they're not in any way charitable. A question for them, would they allow a child to be placed with a Catholic family in which one or both parents had been divorced and remarried?

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Acclaimed sci-fi, fantasy author Neil Gaiman to visit KU this fall

Looking forwards to attending.

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Activist testifies about stifled voter registration efforts under Kansas law supported by Kobach

Since when is the League of Women Voters an activist organization? Are they one because they oppose KKK Kobach's voter suppression efforts? If so, they I support them 100%.

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Kobach claims Kansas law halted thousands of noncitizen votes; ACLU argues it disenfranchised thousands more citizens

Kobach has one simple goal, to deny people the right to vote; and he will go to any lengths to reach that goal.

IMHO, if he could, KKK Kobach would reinstate the following and more:
<li>a literacy test at both the polls and when registering
<li>a poll tax
<li>documentation requirements so onerous that it's impossible to register to vote

@Bob Summers. You never have anything to add that's germane to any discussion. You and others like you do little more than to poison the waters here. Quit being such a POS or go sit at the children's table until the adults are done with the discussion.
@Charles Bloss. Why are you with Kobach other than simply because he's a hard right Republican?

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