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Chatter about a possible Lawrence Costco grows; a closer look at how developers hope retail grows near Rock Chalk Park

I agree, I would love to see a Costco in Lawrence.

All-in-all, Costco is a better investment than Walmart or SAMS, and a better fit for Lawrence.

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Kansas' top utility consumer advocate resigning

Congratulations on the step up.

Unfortunately, I can see us now getting a Brownbackistan puppet (from out of state).

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Man injured after his handgun goes off in Salina theater

Why didn't he have the safety on?

Why wasn't the gun in a holster?

Why was he playing with his gun in the theater?

This is what happens when the NRA runs state legislatures.

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Editorial: Critical need

This article on MSNBC indicates The Guv and his cronies have turned down over $700 million from the government because of ideology.


From the article on MSNBC:
"As of yesterday, the total was nearly $738 million.

Brownback, facing a fiscal crisis of his own making, nevertheless remains unmoved by evidence, reason, common sense, and arithmetic. The governor and his allies are confronted with a simple choice: stick to ideological principles and oppose Medicaid expansion out of partisan spite or listen to state hospitals and take simple steps to prevent medical facilities from closing their doors.

So far, they’re not choosing wisely."

The Guv is most definitely not choosing wisely, at all. He would rather cause pain and hurt to the people of Kansas than do something beneficial if it meant going against his masters in Wichita. I wonder what kind of job he has lined up with them at the end of his term.

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Kansas education chief: It's time to redesign public schools

From the article, "Although people generally agreed that basic academic skills were important, the vast majority of skills people listed as important were nonacademic skills, such as communication, interpersonal skills, citizenship and ethics, and the ability to work in teams with other people."

Didn't these use to be taught by the family and neighborhood before parents abdicated the raising of their children to public schools? I remember them being taught at home. Why aren't they now?

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Rebuilt 31st Street now open from Ousdahl to Haskell

Looks like they didn't put any traffic control at 31st and Louisiana ... again.

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Kobach to start voter fraud prosecutions in September

Nothing to say that I've not said before, except the "persecutions" in the headline is spelled incorrectly.

The headline should read, "Kobach to start voter fraud <strong>persecutions</strong> in September"

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Brownback calls for probe of abortion clinics; Planned Parenthood calls request 'political grandstanding'

Brownback's government is in dire straits financially, so what doe he do ... he trots out an old horse to whip the proletariat into a frenzy and start them frothing at their mouths. This time it's abortion, next time it will be illegal aliens, voter fraud or something else.

Brownback and his ilk are not really pro-life, they're anti-abortion and birth control. They care for life only up until birth, then, it's, "Hey kid, don't look at me, you're on your own. Why did your parents have you if they couldn't afford to raise, school, feed and clothe you?" (Heard more than once here) If they truly cared for life, why are more KS children in poverty than before? (http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2015/jul...)

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Report: More Kansas children in poverty from 2008 to 2013

Justin, you need to understand that even though Sebelius and Parkinson were governors, they really did not "run" the state. The right-wing legislature and their owners ran and still run everything.

The "left" does care for the poor and infirm (even you); it's the "right" which considers them "takers" and "leeches."

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At hearing, public speaks out against proposed Westar $152 million rate increase

I think their intent is to destroy solar in Kansas, despite the fact it's beneficial and creates jobs.

IMHO, that's because of two things:
1. Their stated allegiance is to their stockholders, not their customers.
2. Westar doesn't "own" solar in KS.

People who use solar don't get to sell back electricity at the same rate it's bought off the grid, but rather at the same cost Westar expends to manufacture it. The only benefit is not using as much electricity off the grid, so you don't have to use as much of Westar's electricity.

We have solar and are very happy with it. Now I'm wondering what magic formulae Westar will use to bring our rates back up. It's the same principle behind their raising rates to pay for a coal-fired plant in western KS, that OK, CO and NB would not allow in their states, which sends electricity to CO, but not KS.

<strong>Remember, you can still submit comments for the evidentiary hearing until 11 Aug. Members of the public who wish to submit comments to the Kansas Corporation Commission on the proposed Westar rate increase may mail letters to 1500 SW Arrowhead Road, Topeka, KS, 66604, email comments to public.affairs@kcc.ks.gov or call 800-662-0027.</strong>

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