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Bill Snyder commends Scott Frantz's decision to announce he's gay

Oh look, there's another B.S. comment from one of our favorite posters with obviously a lot of repressed tendencies.

Comments like yours above are one reason people are afraid being who they actually are. It's a pity you feel that way as I'm sure you yourself would be much happier if you could just admit things to yourself, lose 400 pounds and come out of your mother's basement into the sunlight. Oh well.

It is a magical moment as a man, much more brave than you obviously are, stood up and said, "This is who I am."

Kudos to Coach Snyder and the KSU football team for supporting him.

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20 GOP lawmakers from Kansas attending ALEC convention

I agree, Steve Hicks is spot on with his assessment.

I suggest the headline be changed to read something on the order of, "KS legislators summoned to ALEC in Colorado to receive camera ready copies of state legislation." It will be noted who does and does not attend when summoned.

@Richard: That is a good question. Who is going and who is paying their way?

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Board revokes doctor's license again in abortion case

Witch Hunt. Pure and Simple.

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Drawing Attention: Kobach already has a plan to create jobs

I was wondering if people would have to buy their own brown shirts or if Kobach and the RNC would provide them.

Any insight?

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A look at a new downtown shop that will sell you jewelry, candles and point you to the man with the straight-blade razor

<strong>Congratulations Nicole and wishes for all success!</strong>

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Window smashed at downtown Lawrence's Aladdin Cafe

I'll try again.
Horribly written article, Sara.
No mention of the obvious anti-islamic actions of some (fill in your own pejorative);
No mention of the outpouring of community support for Aladdin's Cafe;
No mention of all that Aladdin Cafe has done for the community;
No mention of the unique and delicious menu at Aladdin's.

Channels 5 and 9 out of KC had more in depth and community interest to their reporting. Review their reporting.

You did not pass this assignment.
Rewrite and resubmit.

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Window smashed at downtown Lawrence's Aladdin Cafe

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U.S. Supreme Court says law on offensive trademarks is unconstitutional; ruling expected to help Redskins

@Tony, There's no difference whatsoever; also, consider the New York Jews, Texas Wetbacks, and so on.

It's less common than you might think for people of ethnic groups to disparage one another.

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‘No questions asked’: KU designates gender-inclusive dorm wing for coming school year

It's obvious, even after a clear explanation, that Bob and Justin still don't understand the difference between sex and gender. Perhaps the big words cause a problem. Let me know and I'll build a Dick and Jane version for you to use. That might help.

@Bob, you said, "...Liberal flat Earther ideology."
<li>To begin, "Flat-earther" should be hyphenated; bone up on your grammar.
<li>Next, most liberals believe in or accept science where most conservatives do not, as you appear not to. The conservatives burned people for writing about a heliocentric solar system, not the liberals. Oh, I'm sorry. I used big words again. Should I explain them to you?
<li>Finally, the only flat earth of which I'm aware is Diskworld. (look it up)

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Trump expected to pull U.S. from landmark global climate agreement

Bob, Fred wasn't calling names, he was making statements of fact. Numerous statements.

As a note, #45 says MAGA. We were great until he got elected because he fooled a bunch of people. We're not now in the eyes of the world and most common sense people in the US.

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