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Earthquakes strike in southern Kansas again

IOW Andy, Fox hasn't told you what to think yet. Correct?

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Brownback budget cuts K-12 education, holds higher education funding flat

Serious question, agreed. Though do you really think that would happen with his rubber stamp Kansas legislature?

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Kansas governor seeks tax increases to address budget woes

The Guv keeps in place the tax cuts for his buds and wants to institute more regressive taxes to lower the deficit on the backs of those who can least afford it.

Way to go Guv, way to go. Not only that, instead of complying with the courts and making the educational funding constitutional, he wants a "Constitutional Amendment" to change the funding formula. In other words, he wants to balance the budget on the backs of our children.

All we need now is for Dave Trabert to pop in, throw spreadsheets around, and tell us it's all the fault of the teachers and that we need efficient schools.

Meanwhile, even Bloomberg is writing about <a href="">Kansas following the red ink road.</a>

As an afterthought, a good way to raise money for education would be for schools to institute a 'pay-to-play' policy for <strong>ALL</strong> activities: sports, theater, music, and any other extra-curricular activities.

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Kobach seeks straight-party voting, prosecutorial power

From the article:
" 'I think it will improve participation in races down the ballot and it’s a matter of voter convenience, too,' Kobach said."

He's wrong. It will provide a false impression of voter participation rather than improve participation. Also, it's not a matter of voter convenience, <strong>it's a matter of voter control.</strong> "Hey, lookie here low information voter," says Kobach. "Just check this one box and you'll automatically vote for everyone I want to win."

I see this leading to more spoiled ballots.

@Sam Crow (I keep wanting to call you "Jim," sorry)

You assume that everyone always votes a straight ticket. I never have, except for this last election. The inference is that you, yourself vote a straight ticket and such a process will be easier for you.

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Verizon files lawsuit to force city to approve East Lawrence telecommunications tower

There shouldn't be much of a problem as long as the Commission told Verizon in writing in a timely manner the reasons for disapproving the cell tower.

Also, from the article:
"A large contingent of neighbors attended Dec. 9 City Commission meeting, and told commissioners that project was too close to existing homes, would diminish property values, and that Verizon had not done all it could to find alternate locations.

City commissioners ultimately sided with neighbors, and said Verizon should consider striking a deal with The Salvation Army, which owns a vacant piece of ground along Haskell Avenue. The site is only a few hundred feet away from Verizon’s preferred site, but it would provide more separation from homes than the proposed site."

It appears the reasons were no more invalid than those of Roswell, GA. So, if the Commission told Verizon in a timely manner, what else should they have done to comply with the 1996 Federal Communications Act?

<a href="" target="_blank">USA Today Article about SCOTUS cell tower decision in Roswell</a>

I find it interesting that Roberts sided with Roswell.

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Lawrence police offering sign-on bonus for officers who speak Spanish

There are many students and faculty on "The Hill" who speak fluent "xyz" language. In fact, some of them work in support centers offering free translation for students and families.

All the city needs to do is to have a few on retainer to translate, and then call on them as needed.

I agree with Eileen Jones. The best solution is to send existing officers to school to learn a second language. Perform a demographic analysis to determine the most prevalent languages in Lawrence and Douglas County. Send officers to school to learn those languages. No need to hire officers with "special skills." The officers can then be rated on their skill in a manner similar to how the DoD rates foreign language proficiency.

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Verizon files lawsuit to force city to approve East Lawrence telecommunications tower

Well, hey ...

We live in Lawrence, KS ... in a state that puts corporate wants over the needs of its citizens and communities. I bet I know what's going to happen.

I wonder if Verizon was just waiting from The Guv to be inaugurated before filing the lawsuit.

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Public comment period open for Haskell reaccreditation

Mike Ford is right in everything he said.

I've had students who left Haskell a semester or two short of a baccalaureate to care for their family and then came back several years later to complete their degree and graduate. I've spoken with them and have seldom seen a happier graduate. One in particular left Haskell with one semester remaining because of a need to care for his family. His niece matriculated at Haskell and he saw the need to complete his baccalaureate; he graduated and is now attending KU earning a masters degree.

Comparing Haskell with KU is really not a valid comparison. KU is not geared for the non-traditional student: part time, single parent, sole breadwinner for an extended family, or any combination there of. Haskell understands the needs of those students and works hard to accommodate them, realizing that their graduation benefits not just the student, but his/her family and indian Country as a whole.

As a note, the graduation rate is normally calculated on the number of students who start a 4-year program and and complete it in 4 years. Students who earn an associate's degree and then transfer to another college are not counted as having graduated.

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Kansas mulling response to legal pot in Colorado

OK Vern.

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