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Analysis: Brownback will sign schools bill, ending teacher tenure

ALEC , The Guv and Waglies are happy now that teachers no longer have due process. This is not a local control bill, it is a bill allowing administrators to fire teachers who don't toe the political line.

A science teacher won't add creationism to the curriculum because it's not science gets fired and an evangelical is brought in to teach creationism in the science classroom.

A teacher doesn't toe the political line and is fired for simply having a bumper sticker the administration didn't like.

A coach is fired because an administrator's relative didn't get enough playing time, never mind that they are slow, out of shape and can't catch a football.

It goes on and on.

Kansas Education. RIP Deceased April 2014 after a long battle against ALEC, neocons and The Guv.

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House, Senate pass school finance bill; awaiting Brownback's signature

I'm happy for you that you say you have a JD. But then I don't know you and can't tell if you're speaking the truth.

Under current rules a school board votes on whether or not to terminate a teacher. That is called due process. If Brownback, correction, when Brownback signs this travesty that due process will no longer exist. Hence, a teacher can be fired without cause, read that as just because. In essence, teachers will be on probation their entire career. I have seen teachers reassigned or given adverse evaluations because they dared to cross a school board member. That adverse evaluation was the first step towards being fired.

The hypothetical situations you provide of a cop and a nurse have no bearing on this discussion. This discussion is about teachers and education; please don't deflect. They might though if The Guv and his minions pass similar legislation regarding public employees.

I did not invoke Fox this or Tea Party that. I said your attack was a typical attack method of Fox or the Tea Party. Sorry if I struck close to home.

Again, it's due process, not tenure. See Thomas Bryce's comments. No need to reiterate them.

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House, Senate pass school finance bill; awaiting Brownback's signature

It's not "Tenure," it's due process. I hope you can understand the difference.

This law has made Kansas Teachers at will employees. This means a teacher can be fired just because. A teacher gives a deserved bad grade to the grandchild of a school board member which leads to the teacher being fired in the middle of the school year. Mark my words, this will happen. In essence, teachers will now need to engage in a popularity contest so they don't upset students and thus get fired.

Further, tax money that should go to the public school system will be used to give tax breaks to those supporting private schools or to those send their children to private schools.

Finally, you cherry-pick a phrase from what I wrote and say that 5 words invalidates everything I wrote. Yet you don't say how or why it does, nor do you offer a counter argument to what I wrote. This is a typical attack method of Fox News, the Tea Party, et al. Take a look at each of the examples I gave and tell me why they can't happen; you won't be able to.

ALEC has gotten what it wanted in Kansas in regards to the public education system. And, as I said above, I'm sure the local ALEC / Tea Party mouthpiece is quite satisfied with his work.

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House, Senate pass school finance bill; awaiting Brownback's signature

The Guv, Wagle and the rest of the legislature have now destroyed education in Kansas. I used to suggest that people come here to teach. Sure, the pay is horrid, but at least the educational environment is good. I will no longer do that, in fact, I will counsel people to leave the state and teach elsewhere. The local ALEC mouthpiece should be proud of how his marionette (aka The Guv) and the KS legislature have danced to his tune. Merrick said he has no shame in destroying thousands of teachers across the state. How dare he, his behavior is disgusting, yet he has no shame? Where's his pink slip?

Hmmm, No due process. Let's see.

You're in a stable same-sex relationship and have been for 20 years. You raised 2 adopted children and they turned out fine. You're a pillar of your community. Oops, too bad you're gay. Here's your pink slip.

The local ALEC rep in Lawrence says your political actions, conducted on your own time and not using school equipment, run counter to what he says ALEC wants The Guv to do. Here's your pink slip.

You dare to question School Board or Board of Education policies. Oops, too bad, you're a trouble-maker. Here's your pink slip.

You're not a good-ole-boy. Here's some extra, unpaid, assignments for you to do. You can't finish them because there's no time? Oops, too bad, here's your pink slip.

You have a political bumper sticker on your car I don't like; you have a coexist bumper sticker on your car. I don't care if it's your First Amendment right, take them off. What, you say no? How dare you defy me. Oops, here's your pink slip.

You're an NRA member. You carry a handgun and shoot someone claiming "Stand Your Ground." No pink slip for you. Here's a bonus for standing up for your "rights."

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Entrepreneurship is focus of free seminar

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I don't normally comment on what I've written - it's bad form. But I disagree with your post.

I truly believe that the Republicans in our State Legislature and Governor Brownback got there simply because voters couldn't see beyond the (R) behind their names. I also truly believe a large majority of them have been bought and paid for by the likes of Koch and ALEC.

Look at just a few of the things our State Legislature has done and said before these last items I mentioned:
*Not challenging Brownback's veto of funding for the arts. The votes were there to override that veto;
*Not censuring Virgil Peck for his saying we should chip and shoot illegal immigrants from helicopters like feral hogs;
*Supporting legislation designed to suppress voter participation, legislation that will suppress Republican as well as Democratic voter participation.

These things haven't made news only in KS, you find them in major US news sources, overseas sources such as The Economist, and on most social networking sites. These things aren't written about as breaking news, they're approached in the light of, "Look at what KS is doing now. You won't believe it." I've not seen them on News of the Weird, but I won't be surprised if they appear there.

Is that really how you want our state presented to the world? If so, I would ask you to leave.

As a note, I do campaign for my preferred candidates. Do you?

Regarding your comment about tantrums. I'm sorry you don't understand sarcasm. I suggest also that if you want to see a tantrum you should read the posts of some of the extreme conservatives who post here; those will show you real tantrums.

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Revered ex-Haskell coach dies at 68

Coach, I'll miss you.
You were and always will be synonymous with Haskell.

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Old-time GOP

You've got to understand a couple of things about ksrush. His screen name implies he wants to be a KS version of Rush Limbaugh, which should give you pause right there. Second, his favorite form of argument is to smear President Obama and any Democratic leader, blaming them for any and all of his little woes.

Learn to read around him and you'll be fine. However, I must admit that his posts make for humorous reading.

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Tax rates

Not to mention the "real" Americans who are back at work because of the crackdowns on illegal immigration.

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Tax rates

Just answer the question L1. No need to play games.

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