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'No Tyson in Tongie' effort adding supporters by the hundreds

I predict Tyson will wind up in Abilene, near the Brookville Hotel.

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After 22 water main breaks, city finds 13 miles of pipeline were improperly installed

Am I the only one who's astonished that the city seems to have no standards for writing project specifications? No inspections?
We have miles of streets that must be rebuilt! Now this! Who is watching over other infrastructure projects?
The city commission, county commission and school board have no hesitation about spending taxpayer money, and apparently no concept about value for money spent. After all, it's somebody else's money.
This is ridiculous.

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Advance voter turnout 'extremely low' so far for local primary elections

Hello, J-W,
Must mean you need to start your series on the candidates much, much earlier, to conclude before voting starts...

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Internet and cable outages reported as WOW services convert to new company

I'm having trouble posting Part 2 of my adventure. Trying again:
Bryan W.
5:08:44 p.m.
At this time that is the information I have after checking directly with our Dispatch team who are the ones who handle assigning technicians to the work orders for customers. So at this time the latest today would be at 8pm otherwise they will be out at the earliest chance they have tomorrow. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but at this time that is what the scheduling looks like for a technician visit.
Ralph Gage
5:10:00 p.m.
Then send someone before 8 p.m. today. Otherwise, I will hunt you down... :)
Bryan W.
5:11:43 p.m.
They'll try to be out by 8pm tonight but I cannot make a guarantee that they will make it out today, if not they will be out at the earliest chance tomorrow.
Ralph Gage
5:12:19 p.m.
That is not what you wrote. What the hell is going on?
Bryan W.
5:13:03 p.m.
We have the work order scheduled and the technician will do their best to be out their today but if you do not hear from them they will be out tomorrow at the earliest opportunity that they have.
5:15:05 p.m.
Again I do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused but we will get one of our technicians out as soon as we can to get your services back up and running fully.
Ralph Gage
5:17:00 p.m.
Midco shows itself to be a bush-league, incompetent, unreliable company. We'll see when your tech arrives and I will post on social media and elsewhere. Thanks for addressing my original question.
Bryan W.
5:17:34 p.m.
Was there anything else I could assist with today Ralph?
Ralph Gage
5:19:40 p.m.
Why, yes. You could let your company president know how disappointed Lawrence residents are with his decision to eliminate Channel 6. Clearly Midco does not understand Lawrence. Thanks!
Bryan W.
5:20:24 p.m.
I will definitely pass along that feedback for you here today.

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Internet and cable outages reported as WOW services convert to new company

Here's a transcript of my chat with a Midco rep:
Your estimated wait time is 6 minutes.
4:49:21 p.m.
Thank you for contacting Midco. Please wait while we connect you to the next available representative.
Ralph Gage
4:49:47 p.m.
Where is the tech who this morning was scheduled to be here between 3:15 and 3:30?
4:49:47 p.m.
Thank you for contacting Midco. Please wait while we connect you to the next available representative.
4:50:01 p.m.
Bryan W. has joined the conversation.
4:50:03 p.m.
Hello, this is Bryan W. with Midco Customer Care. How may I help you?
Bryan W.
4:51:12 p.m.
Hello Ralph, I'd be glad to assist with that. I'm just reviewing the account now to see what the status of that work order is.
4:52:50 p.m.
It looks like the work order is still open and pending, however I know for internet issues those were being handled internally and not needing a technician out to correct since the issues seen were due to the transition. Let me check with someone quick, to see if that is still the case.
Ralph Gage
4:53:10 p.m.
Well, what have you found? We have two TVs that are not working and problems with the settings for mobile devices.
4:53:46 p.m.
Also, we were promised a phone call from the tech. That did not happen.
Bryan W.
4:55:44 p.m.
At this time we should be able to troubleshot at as normal, meaning checking information on our end and scheduling as need be. Before I check further on scheduling I'm just checking over the modem quick in case there is something I can correct on this end.
Ralph Gage
4:56:24 p.m.
Sounds like BS to me, Bryan. When will the tech be here?
Bryan W.
4:57:40 p.m.
Let me check with our dispatch team to see if we can get a tech out today or if we need to reschedule.
Ralph Gage
4:58:31 p.m.
3:15-3:30. God, you guys at Midco are on top of it.
Bryan W.
4:59:55 p.m.
I do apologize if the wrong expectations were given to you. For the technician schedule it is within 24-48 hours at this time. We'll try to get out there still today but if not we should be out for you tomorrow.
Ralph Gage
5:01:55 p.m.
My wife and I have wasted an entire day on Midco transition issues that still are not resolved. The time was not wrong any wrong expectations, they were clearly enunciated by your CSR. When, precisely, will someone be here?
Bryan W.
5:03:01 p.m.
If they arrive today the latest it would be would be 8pm, if not then they would arrive tomorrow at the earliest chance they have between 8am and 8pm. They will call still before arrival, is 7857603237 still the best number to call?
Ralph Gage
5:06:52 p.m.
Has Midco done a "transition" before? Please give me a specific and reliable time between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. We have other appointments and commitments. And we're damned sick of Midco already.
Bryan W.

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Internet and cable outages reported as WOW services convert to new company

It was hard to imagine an operator more incompetent than WOW! but Midco has proven itself. Still waiting for a promised tech. Definitely sorry for businesses that depended upon internet connectivity. Makes me appreciate the expertise we had at Sunflower Broadband, and the caring and more-than-adequate staffing levels. So say nothing of local news and other programming. Midco-- you just don't get it.

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Lawrence residents on track to be hit with largest property tax increase in recent memory

So, what will the tax rate be, and how does that compare with previous years? I believe the school district has said that its levy will not exceed previous years' levies, even with the year-to-year increase...

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Former KU executive vice chancellor dies

Bob Cobb for sure was one of the good guys. RIP.

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Tom Eblen, mentor to a generation of KU journalists, remembered as 'old-school teacher'

A recommendation from Tom Eblen was priceless. He was a superb evaluator of journalistic talent and did not hand out praise like participation medals. If he said it, he meant it.

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