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Lawhorn's Lawrence: 35 years after the tornado that tore through Lawrence

I'm not overlooking the J-W coverage, the seriousness of the damage and the tragic loss of life, but the newspaper owners and managers had worked with Kmart officials for months to create for them a non-subscriber product to augment the Journal-World paid distribution, and it was set to launch when the tornado struck. So... The best-laid plans, and all that!

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Here’s what KU’s new Central District student union and science building will look like

What is happening to the recognition of Frank Burge as this rebuilding of the student union takes place?

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$3.5 million gift to KU will be split between law school, KU Athletics

Wint was a great guy. Congrats to him and Nancy for their vision and generosity. We need more people like them. Hi fives to all the Winter children, too. Apples don't fall far from the tree.

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Suspended Kansas detective worked on more than 600 cases

Apparently a great deal of training and supervision goes on in the department.

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Justice Matters event to feature nationally known religious scholar

I believe that book is "The Message of the Psalms." Not Palms.
Good grief!

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KU athletics budget going up to $90 million next year

Meanwhile, on the academic side...

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Developer raising red flag about slow pace of East Ninth Street corridor project; plans for new East Lawrence microbrewery moving ahead

Picture: Bicyclist on the wrong side of the street. No helmet, mirror, gloves...

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New Lawrence law up for vote would allow goats, sheep and bee hives

Where does it say there's a public vote? I must be overlooking that. Seems like a decision will be made by the city commission, as I read this.

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Longtime Lawrence journalist, Journal-World executive inducted into Kansas Newspaper Hall of Fame

Richard Gwin definitely is one of those colleagues who made me look good!

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