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Lion's leap

Lawrence05, you seem to make poor thought out judgements. While I do agree with your comparison a little. Dorian's carried LHS basketball all years he participated, just as Travis Spurling caried the FSHS JV team, and the Raiders when he participated on those respected squads. So that does make sense, but obviously the talent level was challenging considering Free State's bball record last year...

As we would all love to see him come home, he is enjoying great success in Colorado as a Division 1 athlete. Good job Dorian.

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Bombers’ ace shuts out Raiders

Grandma... You sure do know a lot about baseball. And with all the trash you talk, maybe you should get on your Rascall Scooter and help the Raiders play? You sound like you could help them

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Raiders tumble, 18-5

It's not about that Wizard. Whether you believe that or not. It's about hard working kids in the community getting the recognition they deserve. Bash kids all you want, it isn't getting you anywhere. Just because you never had your name in the paper is no reason to bash kids.. Jeez.

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Doug Compton goes up for a bucket in the Firebirds’ season-ending, 51-29 loss Wednesday at SM Northw

The Future star of yoooour KANSAS JAYHAWKS!!!


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Lawrence High players, from left, Landon Moseley, Tyler Bailey and Dorian Green celebrate their come

Tyler Bailey is sooo cool... Not. Pose for the camera a little more.

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Raiders run-rule Emporia, 10-0

Coach Shaun Edmondson has got a a solid squad.. Rock solid

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Raiders earn split with Capitals

Hunter Scheib is the man.. Good work Raiders!R4L

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Ben Wilson, right, looks to high-five Travis Spurling after scoring a run in the third inning of Gam

I happened to be at tonights game and saw Mr. Wilson just absolutely HAMMER two dingers tonight! Anyone wanna sign this kid?? He can just flat out swing it..

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Raiders batter Joe Kornbrust watches his third-inning triple sail into the outfield during the first

Joseph! Soon to be a Beaver down at good old Pratt! Can't wait to follow this young man even farther down the road! In this pic though it looks like he just saw a boob for the first time!! Go Joe!R4L

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Wilson sparks sweep of Emporia

Looks like another classic Raider performance! I hope they keep up the good work and show the real Raiders we all know and love!!R4L (raiders for life)

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