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Today’s Big 12 games encapsulated

Eric, until last season the Aggies hadn't won in Lubbock since 1993. The road team hasn't won 6 of the past 7 in that series.

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Saturday afternoon parade planned as part of KU Homecoming celebration

Not trying to be a smarta$$ s please don't flame this post. But why is it that KU doesn't have a Homecoming queen? Just curious. Thanks, D

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Obama's idea to extend school year would cost Lawrence schools $6.5 million extra

The headline should read "would cost Lawrence homeowners $6.5 million".

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KU Band Day parade set for Saturday afternoon in Downtown Lawrence

Not a "Fail". I didn't specify the "band parade". They have been invited to participate in Lawrence's largest annual parade (think shamrocks) for years, and every year they decline. Another band from outside of DG county has to bus in b/c our two local schools won't participate.

Try reading before you pull the "fail" card.

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KU Band Day parade set for Saturday afternoon in Downtown Lawrence

I agree with kusp8, it really is a cop-out. Both LHS and FSHS bands have been invited, and in some years even been offered $$, to participate in a very large annual parade in Lawrence. Each year, the answer is no and the reason is because it's inconvenient logisitcally.

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Today’s Big 12 games encapsulated

Wreck 'em!

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Stay downtown

First off, a party on gameday is just for that.... the GAME. Why wouldn't you have something close to the stadium? I'm in favor of downtown street parties, as I think they would be very beneficial. But if it's game related, it needs to be at the game.

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James Naismith, Haskell among finalists for Eight Wonders of Kansas People contest

Haskell certainly does make you wonder. :-)

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City won't open outdoor pool Saturday due to lack of lifeguards

Sounds like poor management. Whomever is in charge should have done a better job of making sure there was enough coverage. What a screw job for the kids that wanted to swim this weekend.

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