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Former Haskell student trying to change rule permitting only federally recognized tribes for admission to university

I think it's BS that they can go for free to begin with. No problem with the school being ran by the BIA and only limited to Native American tribes, but the rest of us have to pay for our degrees, so why shouldn't they?

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Will you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

No. It's holiday designed by Corona to boost sales in the US> most "whities" think it's Mexican independence day, which is not the case. It's not hardly even celebrated in Mexico. It cracks me up the way some people carry on, and have no idea what they're even celebrating. And of course my Latino buddies just smile and take their money, laughing all the way.

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City Commission denies razing request for Connecticut St. house

That's why that section of east Lawrence is such a dump. You have rundown properties that are to expensive to maintain combined with slumlords who won't fix them, and other owner/occupants who don't have the money to fix up their property. Yet when someone wants to raze a 100+ y/o old building that's falling down and build something new on the site, the neighborhood association hollers and cries about it and the city denies the permit. Wow.

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Town Talk: Tortas Jalisco looking downtown; city set to replace downtown street lights; Kansas per capita income grows in 2010

Tortas Jalisco rocks. Glad to see them go downtown. They are so much better than the "ketchup and ground beef in a tortilla" tha tthe typical Kansan considers to be Mexican food. I hope they find a good location and make a run at it. I will definitely continue to support them.

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Sweet-talking: KU's Marcus Morris has words of wisdom for Richmond Spiders

Totally agree. Roy might not have won a title like Bill did, but his players had much more class. The "thug" factor has certainly increased over the years.

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Lacey Henry crowned queen for 2011 Lawrence St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Prune... apparently you have the reading comprehension skills of a 5th grader. Did you not see where these ladies have been working for months at various charity events? Yet you somehow got that it was a "beuty pageant"? It's anything but. Try understanding what you read before you post.

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade benefit auction Saturday; trivia tournament Sunday


Playa del Carmen is not on the Gulf side of Mexico. It's on the Caribbean side next to Cozumel. This area is known as the Mayan Riviera.

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KU women fall in Big 12 opener, 61-57, to Texas Tech

This was a great game. The Big 12, with the exception of CU and MU, is loaded this year. I'm glad Tech was able to escape with a win. It's incredibly tough to win on the road in this league. KU has a good team this year, and should make the NCAA tourney. Good luck the rest of the way Bonnie.

And Ben,writers typically refer to "TTU" as Tech.

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