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Modesty issue

Most parents take parenting seriously and enough even plan their pregnancies. But as a school social worker I am sorry to say that I see way too many parents not parenting at all let alone modeling modesty for their kids. Sadly these parents lack the skills to be positive, proactive models of appropriate thinking and behavior. Often as not these parents struggle with the oppression of poverty and poor education. These families all too often become multigenerational families of dysfunction that include pregnancies of impulse rather than planning. It is a complicated issue, but when parents live in survival mode most of the time there isn't the capacity for the level of thought required to attend to anything other than the bare basics and thus become models of a chaotic lifestyle. And as with everything there are always exceptions. Whatever the case my colleagues and I work willingly and diligently with these families and the children to help create opportunities for forward progress. I wish we succeeded all the time. Your statements assume too much in our present society......I am sad to say.

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It's too damn crazy hot!

OMG best yet....

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It's too damn crazy hot!

It's so hot I heard the squirrel in my front yard chatter to his compadres, "nuts to this heat, I'm outa here.

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Library leaders unveil new design for $19 million expansion

Yes i use the library and I agree that it is in sore need of improvement....just not now. How can Lawrence claim responsible citizenry and spend that kind of money now. It's the timing not the need.

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Library leaders unveil new design for $19 million expansion

silly me, now that i have my glasses on I can see that now. and you are welcome!

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Library leaders unveil new design for $19 million expansion

I believe I did note that the library was approved...i never mentioned anything hinky about the vote or community forums prior to the vote. And I did say that a library is an important asset to its community. I voted against it only because its the wrong time to spend this money. I am whining about how egregious it seems to spend that amount of money at a time when so many of our citizens, more than in the past, are suffering. And I am whining about how developer-happy our city leaders (a term i use loosely) are. Perhaps it's a digression.....just thought i'd throw that in for good measure.

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Library leaders unveil new design for $19 million expansion

beautiful white people.....with some token people of color....shame on the architects...especially since Lawrence likes to claim diversity as part of its identity.

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Library leaders unveil new design for $19 million expansion

True that the state closed our SRS, but as a community who claims to care about its citizens we could provide a location to keep our SRS local and set a new trend about how communities can demonstrate concrete compassion for its most vulnerable citizens.

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Rendering of Lawrence Public Library plaza view of southwest corner.

PS....there sure are lots of white people in these renderings....a few token African-Americans if you look hard enough......shame on them.

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Library leaders unveil new design for $19 million expansion

Ugly or savvy, like it or don't it is, in the face of these protracted economic doldrums, irresponsible to make any improvements to the library - and yes I voted against it. But don't mistake me as I do believe that a good library is very important to the quality of life of its community,,,,just not now. Improvements are needed; just not now. With the reality of more people truly suffering from our economic disaster; more people in need of community services; more people whose suffering will grow exponentially due to SRS closing it is completely self-indulgent of our city leaders and the, relative to the total population, small percentage of supporters to spend this amount of money in this way. I know the expansion was approved, but I'll bet if the city leaders worked really hard (Ha!) they might find an option that would allow a postponement until the economic climate is more tenable. Sadly that won't happen. We should be ashamed of proceeding when $18 mil. could be more responsibly spent at this time and the supporters should be ashamed. But it seems that the city leaders like having developers in their pockets and we'll likely see more selfish and repugnant ways to spend our money carelessly.

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