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Walk wisely

Ok. I plan on following the "law" set forth in the Bible. I intend to see you and your family stoned to death immediately for everything you have done in your life. Ahhhh. Feel the love!

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Today is Suicide Prevention Day

So if you know anyone that is suicidal, make them sign a form promising that they won't hurt themselves and then send them home. They will be fine...probably.

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Sister delivers a powerful message

The platform isn't about rugged individualism. A more fitting slogan would be "You're on your own."

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Insurance company accuses apartment owners of fraud

The reason they razed the entire complex was because the fire showed off that the other buildings were death traps waiting to happen.

The owners are jerks. They got confrontational with the homeless tenets over comments they made about moot points months beforehand. They should not have received a dime from their insurance. They KNEW how deadly they were.

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Cyclist support

Yes it is.

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Concerned citizen

Mt. Rushmore is a work of art and a national monument. The Wailing Wall is a sacred religious site for both Muslims and Jews. There is no real comparison there.

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Valuing history


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Enforcement overstep?

Same rules apply to the medical profession. Found guilty before any sort of a trial, no appeal. Failure to follow their "suggestions" completely results in revocation your medical license.

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Concerned citizen

Perhaps we would have been more offended if he took a pee on the Wailing Wall?

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Cyclist support

Did you know that there is a special edition bike out there that is lightweight, extremely fast, and almost guaranteed to win every race? It's the Lance Armstrong Special Edition. It's held together with only one nut. Amazing.

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