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Peaceful march kicks off week of Ferguson-related events at KU

LEO Darren Wilson destroyed forensic evidence (washing off Brown's blood spatter), improperly cataloged evidence (his own gun) and gave contradictory testimony to the grand jury. These facts alone would have warranted a public trial. Read his testimony:

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Peaceful march kicks off week of Ferguson-related events at KU

Poorly educated, underpaid police who tolerate rotten work conditions lead to disasters like LEO Darren Wilson. There are too many incongruities to list here about this case so here is a link provided by a KU journalism student. And it was good read this story from KU campus.

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Kansas regulation board, doctor battle over abortion case costs

Considering he is a landlord in over a half dozen properties in Wichita, and that an enormous amount of money is being shoveled into a Church memorial for the "unborn" doesn't it make one ponder how gullible the old and superstitious are being fleeced. Dr. Kris worked diligently in Lawrence, received support from Dr. Dale Clinton and many people in Lawrence, but it took one out of town landlord to shut us down. That building stayed vacant for years after she left. We love Lawrence and it's people but not the greedsters. Ciao! On to the struggle.

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Kansas regulation board, doctor battle over abortion case costs

4 of the 9 practicing medical doctors on KSBHA recused themselves from judgment on her. This was not reported in any Kansas news media. The world's foremost expert and editor-in-chief of the diagnostic manual of psychiatry, Dr. Michael First, wrote in support of her use of the computer software to document information about these patients. This was also never reported in the Kansas news media, or admitted as evidence in her defense.

Of the 9 - 10,000 women who received medical and surgical 1st and early 2nd trimester abortions, none have filed suit against her care. The complainant who filed the original paper with KSBHA is a convicted felon, part of a well-financed organisation successfully seeking to gain credibility in Kansas.

A solid majority of the members of KSBHA are either new political appointees by the current governor, or re-appointed, of those three are directly involved in, or financially derive support from the "pro-life" movement in Kansas.

The whole sordid decade-long persecution of her and my family are chronicled in the now public court records available at the "Welcome to Brownbackistan" wordpress site. Google, you know how to Google.

If the State of Kansas attempts to take our tiny 10 acre farm (15 years paid on the mortgage) we are calling on all free-thinking Free State people to stop the sale. It is all we have.

My name is Michael Caddell, sweetheart to Dr. Kris for over 25 years and I approve this message.

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Brownback mum on expansion of Medicaid under federal health care reform

This guy has a long history from the student senate at K-State of yucking and sucking with the most reactionary lunkheads around him. Run off the drug counselors, close down rape crisis centers and encourage binge drinking among the frat rats. He hasn't changed, just bigger and bigger, meaner and meaner a simpleton, a cornpone bully counting on his "constituents" being stupid and playing up his religion to draw in the old folks. This guy isn't even an intelligent conservative. What a sick, sick joke you mindless partisans have been made into. Read Thomas Frank's "Letter from Brownbackistan" in this month's Harper's magazine.

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Kansas still faces big bills in redistricting case

Add that to the $660,000 in lawyers fees defending the unconstitutional and draconian 2011 anti-abortion clinic regulations, and of course former AG Phill Kline's revolving door of lawyers to defend his law license after his witch hunts. Then Our Dear Leader Gov. Brownback experiments with Art Laffer's "voodoo economics" (according to Bush #41). Laffer's bill, $75,000 for a lay over in the flyover zone before he leaves to Tennessee. Art declares Sam a genius declares victory for trickle down economics and a "revolution in a cornfield" leaves.

Also that guy from Florida, hired to run SRS out of service and into the hands of some corporations, the bill for reprinting business cards, stationary etc. well who knows yet?

And then the little matter of sending off $31 million in federal funds for the health insurance exchange program. A million dollars or more of fed matching funds for the arts .... am I missing anything here.

Oh yeah, over 60 Kansas counties declared drought disasters, more on the way, and all those Kansas livestock feed growers, who loudly hate that n**** socialist in the White House are standing line with their hands out for cheap federal loans and crop insurance checks. No man made climate change here, just good old fashioned "free market" speculation.

It's getting dumb and dumber among the conservatives in Kansas.

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State seeks to control women’s health

A final link to this old thread:

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Voters will see big changes from new redistricting plan

The "revolution in a corn field" continues with some new strange twists. Old Art "Mr. Voodoo Economist" Laffer that advised Dear Gov. Brownback and untold numbers of Reaganauts in the state legislature may have got this one right, for $75,000 of taxpayer's money, of course. He gave this "revolution" it's moniker, and the caucazoid Neocon troglodytes are stuck with it, forever.

Between the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) stooges passing cookie cutter laws, the church lobbyists and "pro-life" syndicates pushing anti-women laws and witch hunts, the Koch billionaires lavishing lard into most every conservative's campaign coffers, and a solid voting base of paranoid suicidal geriatric pensioners - is it any wonder this happened?

The "revolution in a corn field" is now apparent, let the stampede begin.

Dig that quote from SoS Kobach, the loyalty oaths he demanded from the GOP members a couple years ago are paying off now.

The "revolutionary" slogans:"limited government" and "economic freedom" and "free markets" really make a lot of sense now. Soon it will be time to run every Koch Libertard out of office. Hopefully some firebrand progressive populists will make it to register and run against these fools by Monday.

Listen in and take a "Wisconsin Break" today on RFK:

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Several major changes in Kansas alcohol regulations becoming law

Everything is just fine in the land of the Christian Koch Libertarians also known as Brownbackistan. There are some undefined areas of this Big Booze Bill now quickly becoming law of the land.

Qualify the carrot and club factors of "limited government" in the Big Booze Bill:

- First time DUI now a felony (is this part of the SoS Kobach vote suppression strategy)?

- First time DUI now mandates the "blow pipe" hook-up on those convicted who need driving to and from work to live?

- How many companies sell and maintain the "blow pipes" in Kansas and would the $2000 plus yearly fee be tax deductible, since most Kansans with any money will no longer be paying taxes?

- Does this have anything to do with the new prison being built at a former religious retreat?

Clarify the Koch cockroach capitalist factor i. e. "economic freedom" aspects of the Big Booze Bill:

- Will the state-regulated liquor stores be able to as Gov. Sam likes to say, "push the accelerator to the floor" and hand out unlimited 2oz. shots of liquor too?

- Will pregnant women unable to find a drug store with the morning after pill, or an abortion clinic, be allowed to booze it up free of charge at the liquor stores too? And as a side bar question in this "economic freedom" subset: Why not licensed brothels?

- Will the 3.2% cowboy kool-aid dispensers now be able to run their own corn mash whiskey stills in the back alongside their oil drum meat smokers? How about the proliferation of Big Booze Trucks complete with smoking stills at the Hutchinson State Fair, or possibly at the Douglas County 4-H fairgrounds?

- And finally in the Koch Libertarian matrix of Brownbackistan, will any federal regulations in conflict with the Big Booze Bill be enforced by Kansas law enforcement officials?

Just asking ....

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