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Have you ever been honored for your volunteer work?

The best honor I got was as a camp counselor was when a camper pulled me and another counselor to the front of the group and told everyone how much he appreciated us as counselors. It was a very humbling experience and a reminder of why we do what we do.

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Would you be willing to increase your taxes to add more police to patrol Lawrence?

I am surpised that no one has said "Taxes are so high that it is criminal!" Or "It should be a crime to raise taxes any higher!"

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Who do you think will win the Republican caucus Saturday?

The WRONG one will win!

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Have you ever donated blood?

I just drove to Overland Park to donate blood today.I then spent all my money at the hobby store nearby.

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Clamor erupts over teen’s tweet about Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

sounds like his name should be changed from brownback to blackboot. definitely sends the message that it is not ok to disagree. what is going to happen to those of us who thinks blackboot is the one being disrespectful?

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2 men taken to hospital after 2-vehicle accident on U.S. Highway 59

A left tun only lane would make this intersection considerably safer (when traveling south). As it is now, no one can legally pass to the right, because the right lane is a right turn only lane. Traffic traveling south comes over a hill and around a curve just before the intersection. In the mean time, slow down, have a little patience, and pay attention please! When the new 59 highway is finished, hopefully, it will make traveling between Lawrence and Ottawa a lot safer. I hope I am still alive and still employed when it is finished.

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Do you pay attention to your horoscope?

Zodiac signs have not changed. It is the one based on the sun's position, not the stars, that have changed. Zodiac is based on the stars' constellation and does not include the sun's position.

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Wheel Genius: Road work planned for this week

N650 at U.S. Highway 59
If this is the old Zarco gas station corner, I believe this is now open. Even the bridge is open. Maybe it is only temporary, I do not know.

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Garbage collection in Lawrence: Beware changes

Some automated trash pick up systems were designed to reduce injuries. They still required people to operate the equipment. The ones I have seen required a driver plus two people to roll the trash bins to the truck (one person for each side of the road). What is the condition of the current fleet of trucks being used to pick up the trash? How did you determine that the current system is working well? Just what costs are associated with the expected savings? Why were cities that are successfully using the automated trash pick up systems not considered in the discussions. Hays was mentioned as having problems with the new system. I found articles that stated Hays, KS had some start up challenges, but later articles say that it is working for them. Obviously, whatever Toledo did wrong should not be repeated in Lawrence. Lessons can be learned and better solutions can be found. Personally, I do not buy the logic that the city is considering a change just to displease you. The city of Lawrence is already doing something right, since you are happy with the service. As it is with most editorials, only one view point is presented and many details are omitted.

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Development of business plan an empowering move for young woman

That is so cool! Way to go!

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