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Five people injured in three-car crash on K-10, Highway Patrol says

Originally, KDOT wanted to close off Kasold completely. They wanted to eliminate the chances of accidents at this location. The right in/right out turns is the compromise that should have had a chance of being safe. It does not help that someone chose to disregard this completely. KDOT did listen and came up with a solution that was within the budget constraints of the current Republican regime.

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Fix-It Chick: Replace an electric oven element

Generally, Fix-It Chick articles tend to be too vague and hard to follow. This time, however, the Fix-It Chick was easier to understand and quite careful with a redundant safety step; ie. switch of breaker and unplug the stop from the outlet. The rest is very straight forward, unplug old coil and wear gloves when handling and plugging in new coil. If a person is not comfortable with these instructions, then it would be wise to call a competent service person. What I usually do is compare the cost of the replacement part with the cost of a service person's price quote and factor in how easy/comfortable I am in doing the job myself.

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KDOT shares safety concerns with K-10/Kasold Drive intersection during open house on changes

Since the state's funds for road projects have be re-allocated for non-road projects, short term fixes like overpasses are not feasible at this intersection. After all, the long range plan is to upgrade the SW portion of K-10 to a 4-lane road. For all we know, the predicted increase of traffic to 16,800 vehicles per day could be a conservative estimate. I have seen many vehicles pull slowly out in front of 65 mph traffic and a few actually wait for the 65 mph traffic to clear. With the increase in traffic, the risk of no safe changes being made for the intersection could be at the cost of lives. Closing the intersection would mean no lives lost at the inconvenience of local traffic. If you want more expensive solutions, vote for someone who is will return the money to fund the state's road projects.

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Sens. Roberts and Moran explain signing letter to Iran

I was not in agreement with President Bush when Iraq was invaded, but I still supported our President and our country. This backstabbing of POTUS is not acceptable. Even though I do not agree with many things that President Obama has said, I will not be supporting the GOP for a very long time! The GOP has been infiltrated with too many people against ordinary people under the guise of political causes when it is really about attacking people of different race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, educators, etc. This overt attacking of President Obama is an attack on our own country. If the GOP is not going to respect our current President, I intend to return the same show of disrespect the next time and every time I go to vote!

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Kansas lawmakers to hold informational hearings on marriage

I do not know who said this, but wow, is it ever true!

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Ramen bar set to open in downtown Lawrence

My first ramen noodles were made by some friends from Okinawa. So much better than the Styrofoam cup versions.

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Indian tribe that once proposed North Lawrence casino purchases large tract along interstate

Everyone seems to be fixated on the casino rumor. It was reported that the Delaware tribe's statement was "...plans are likely to include housing, child care and a medical clinic to serve the state’s American Indian population." I hope they are able to follow through on these things.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: A different round of golf

Makes me want to go golfing!

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Kobach considering filing charges against protesters who came to his home

Just how is the gun rights involved with the people on his porch? Is anyone even upset about its mention by Kobach? Supposedly, he says, he is not implying he would have used a gun, so why is it mentioned at all? Obviously, he does not like people from other countries. So is he now going after people for not agreeing with his politics? My parents, my grandparents, my great grandparents, etc. were all born in the country. Is my blood going to be on his hands for disagreeing with him? You think you are safe because you are legally in this country and not subjected to his views? I am very concerned about this. I obviously did not do enough to keep him from getting elected, just as it happened in Germany. Many people loved Hitler for having similar views, only it was supposed to be about the Jews, then it was the Poles, Russians, French, British, etc. This does not bode well for any Americans of any viewpoints.

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