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High school seniors, finished with classes, await graduation festivities

This weather has been pretty cool for outside graduations. I remember my undergrad graduation and 90 degree weather 5 years ago. Good luck and here's to a great future!

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Audrey Hughes

Congrats there Miss Hughes!

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A Wisconsin man claims to have eaten 25,000 Big Macs. How many total Big Macs do you think you've eaten?

Every time I eat one my stomach says "what the heck was that" and downloads big time. So not too many, thanks...

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KU proposes tuition increases for 2011-12 school year

My department at KU lost half of the profs and the current staff needs to be fluffed up and reminded they need to work. The ivory tower is getting pretty tall around these parts. If we pay more next year, I want the promise, of better teachers, to be honored or I'm going to finish at another school. I'd pay more tuition in another state but at least I can sniff out their departments for talent first.

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KU proposes tuition increases for 2011-12 school year

Our department at KU has lost half of it staff and it's very difficult to get the current staff to remember that students are there to learn and grow and get jobs when they graduate. If we pay more next year, there better be some new staff as promised or I'm cutting my losses and going to another school to finish my education...

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Hindu Wedding on the Kaw

Awesome, congratulations!!

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Ruth Turney selected by Douglas County Correctional Facility as Volunteer of the Year for Lifetime Service

Cool, Ruth. I still remember my dewey decimals. Books are fun and make great companions. They are like friends that you can fit in your pocket, only quieter.

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Do you wait until the last minute to mail your taxes?

I was expecting something like 'yes' or 'no', and I could have even accepted an 'undecided.'

But more importantly, how can all of those who voted to be last in line be the last person in line? Are they all standing on each others heads? Kind of like one of those amazing journeys we used to read about when we were kids.

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KU police release photos of person of interest in KU shower peeping case

I thought that these dorms try to keep out non-patrons. I wonder if the guy lives there or is a friend of someone living there. This one might be solved quickly if either are true.

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Two dead, three with serious injuries after accident on Kansas Highway 10 near Eudora

My point here is about seeing a flaw in the way K-10 is currently set up and I am demanding a fix. I don't have the money to make K-10 safer, and if those in charge don't have it either, then to me it makes sense to use what they do have to make it safer.

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